When 17 Year Old Lionel Messi TOYED with €1 Billion+ Real Madrid Team [HD]

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    Young Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid Galácticos [ English Commentary ]

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    1. shashank gupta

      2:19 Holy fucks Messi just destroyed Zidane there.

      1. Hugo Medina


      2. Adnan Hossain

        @Manrico Ceroni Then ask your papa Ronaldo to do it

      3. 97sswcubes 78

        You exaggerate.

      4. Salahaddin's Eagle

        @ItsJadeChynoweth mad arab

      5. shashank gupta

        @Vazzily i am your dad.

    2. Simon Wang

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    3. Bryan Verdel

      It’s crazy how young Messi was when playing with such legends at the time

    4. Niklas LW

      you didnt include barcas 2-0???

    5. Albert Mubatsa art

      This is definitely a FIFA ultimate team match

    6. roheee8

      He was 18 years old

    7. CH


    8. IIlIlIlIII

      15:00 hits the ball boy in the face haha

    9. sf2explus

      commentry "barcelona are outdoing this amazing madrid team" little do they know Barcelona have the greatest footballer of all time on their side" at the time they just know his special

    10. sf2explus

      2:20 goat

    11. DUBBC-

      The sportsmanship that game was touching, knocking Messi over and falling on him then immediately helping him up. Wouldn't see that nowadays, everyone just dives 😂

    12. A D A M - BS

      Gold age

    13. ermiasd

      This field is only missing Christiano ronaldo

    14. Mr.kingpin General

      Messi got better over the years

    15. enfee


    16. LookaT

      Imagine a 17 years old player outplays those legendary players that are on the field, Zidane Carlos Beckham R9……

    17. sahra xxxgrt

      Sergio Ramos!nunca me a gustado ver como juega 🤔!!!siempre poniendo trampa o accidentando a los jugadores 🤔🤔!!todos desean ver un juego limpio!!! y no heridos 😲!!!.

    18. Nick Smith

      beautiful football, bring this style back please

    19. FuckyougoogleIhateyou

      Messi is 18 here, not 17.

    20. FuckyougoogleIhateyou

      Is it just me, or is Et'o literally stealing the ball from Messi on multiple occasions?

    21. 𝔽𝕠𝕠𝕥𝕓𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕞


    22. VESANG

      the new Barca has NOWHERE close the ball control and the vision of this one ...

    23. Rene Kunnskap

      Must be hard to see Messi go from Barcelona to PSG after all this time, and how he betrayed his club over fockin money! Tells you alot about a man who does it that way.

    24. Vilmer Zander

      Damn this sport is so boring to watch. I have a lot of respect for their high skill, especially Messi, but watching this is just plain and boring.

    25. TUTORIAL X

      Its not 17 it s 18

    26. Wastum

      0:58 and thus the rivalry between Messi and Ramos started

    27. Inshal

      Everytime eto just snatches the ball from leo . Does he feels shy asking for the ball?

    28. 박문수

      한심한 야당 후보들 황교안 후보의 비전발표를 듣고 ㆍ국민의힘에서 누가 최종후보가 되더라도 현재의 사전투표 부정시비가 재판 중에 있기에 대책강구를 촉구함 A. 사전투표의 불법조작행위 원천봉쇄안의 여야합의안 요망 (예)사전투표함 보관소에 CCTV녹화 및 영상기록물의 여야 공유로써 안전성 확보의 여야 합의긴요 B. 국민의힘은 4/15 사전투표 부정의 심각성을 못느끼는바ㅡ내년 대통령선거에서 우파지지 투표권자는 '본 투표'에서만 투표하시길 호소드림 C 국민의힘의 최종후보가 이재명 보다 지지율이 제 아무리 높았어도 '사전투표용지'의 바꿔치기가 있다면,정권교체의 꿈은 일장춘몽이 아닐까! 국민의힘 후보자들이 자당 전임 황대표의 외침을 애써 외면함의 한심함에 ,정권교체는 물건너가고 있음을 유념하시라~낙선 후엔 늦으리!

    29. İnniAbdullah

      i hate when no one get angry about a clickbait video on the comment section regardless to the point of title!!! fuck you!!!!

    30. Exauce Mayunga

      It's crazy how a 17 year old Messi was starting in El Classico

    31. GHMR

      He looks about 35

    32. Phil Laysheo

      Before Ronaldo there was Ronaldo

    33. Phil Laysheo

      Neymar would just be substitute if he played for either either side back then

    34. Phil Laysheo

      The number of legends there is awesome and also David Beckham is there too

    35. Reivax xavieR

      Hollyy!!! Messi was so amazing at this time. Practicly was he who created all the oportunities in this match! He was humilliating to Madrid, or Messi pass and create danger, or they foul Messi to not let him pass! I dont know why they change Messi for Iniesta. Messi was giving an extraordinary match. They should change Iniesta for Ronaldhino jajaja he dont make nothing. I bet if that had happened, Messi would scored at least one extra goal 🔥

    36. Reivax xavieR

      Hollyy!!! Messi was so amazing at this time. Practicly was he who created all the oportunities in this match! He was humilliating to Madrid, or Messi pass and create danger, or they foul Messi to not let him pass! I dont know why they change Messi for Iniesta. Messi was giving an extraordinary match. They should change Iniesta for Ronaldhino jajaja he dont make nothing. I bet if that had happened, Messi would scored at least one goal extra 🔥

    37. Dimitrije Arsic

      7:22 to 7:32 hhahaha just listen

    38. Omar Marquez

      Don’t know if it’s just me, but seems like eto’o being selfish anytime Messi has the ball?

    39. Biff Danielson

      That teenage girl looks like Sergio Ramos.

    40. Duesentrieb423

      Lil iniesta lookin too sweet lol

    41. Big Bob Driving Champ

      Watching in 2021

    42. Angus

      Arguably the most intimidating pitch in history

    43. JiTiAr35

      Messi was actually 18 years old here. Btw, Ramos was 19 years old. Great prospect as well 😁.

    44. King of Sleights Card Magic

      All these names in one field is insane; I'm not a big football fan and I still know them all.

    45. Blud

      When legends were playing football not the p*ssys that are there nowadays, pathetic players with 0 skill.

    46. Engin polat

      1:00 Ramos Messi 🙄

    47. Kolzahn

      Cant believe to what football hes evolved into. Can't watch it anymore...

    48. Jhon Tancredo

      top demais

    49. Apollo

      Oh man, these names. This is my era. Some of the hair is a bit questionable though...

    50. Peter Howard

      When the team plays for Messi, its great to watch.

    51. Neo Void

      Prime Ronaldinho and young Messi were good together, too bad Ronaldinho didn't reach his true peak in the 2008-09 season when Messi became the best in the world. The two would have destroyed any team.

    52. ShinkiroZero

      back in the days when there is no sponsor on Barca's jersey.

    53. thatisme3 thatisme3

      Eto is a bit of a jerk methinks

    54. SAM ERGIS

      What did he do in this game? 😂🤦‍♂️

    55. Carlos DeNevier

      more then 10% thumb down? per definition a bad video - and yes, it is very bad cuted. way to long, to boring.

    56. jazazaz

      I didn't think it was possible to have this many cunts on one football pitch during a standard game. What a strike rate!

    57. Aaron Hibberd

      1 Billion is massive but the amount them teams would cost in todays money is unbelievable. They should be Classic teams on FIFA 22

    58. Rettichmeister

      Where is the second goal

    59. Rare Forever

      all this at 18 jeez

    60. Snappy Coco

      17 year old Messi looked like he'd just crawled out of a sewer 😂 and Becks looked like he'd just got back from the poodle parlour.

    61. Rolando Barros

      0:03 que decís brazuka

    62. jaybie dayy

      On paper these two teams had the best players in the world during this time 🙃 absolute madness

    63. 또사장

      와 외계인이랑 신이 같이있네;; ㄷㄷ 레전드였네

    64. kunall bisht

      Plzz anyone if any1 have the link of this full match ,, share,,, tnx in adv.

    65. the wizard guy 360

      Man this shit rigged 😭 ggs tho

    66. Mert ÖZDEMİR

      Messi is in psg now

    67. politically incorrect

      pathetic little knob

    68. what the f is in bowl meal??

      When Ronaldhino in his prime I mean he was always

    69. 45 Askel

      Now I know why he gets the #30 on his psg jersey

    70. Nia Granger

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    71. Clive Ellis

      Who scored the second goal?

    72. Clive Ellis

      This like watching Scunthorpe v Bolton Wanderers

    73. Herbert Läppert

      Where was the second goal?!

    74. 69agros


      1. Neo Void

        Figo was already wearing the number 10 when Zidane came to Real Madrid so he had to take the number 5. Figo's number was actually 7 and he was wearing it for Barcelona and the Portuguese national team, but Raúl was wearing the number 7 when Figo came to Real so he took the number 10.

    75. K. K.

      Back when there was a real sick classico

    76. William Cooper

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    77. Vonder

      Cuando Messi se traía de hijo a Roberto Carlos el que para muchos es el mejor lateral del mundo 😂😂

    78. San Fran

      They were simply old .. or the match would been different if it was 2002/03

      1. Neo Void

        People forget that the likes of Figo and Zidane were in their 30s, they were still good but not in their primes anymore. Figo and Zidane were in their primes during 1996-2002, Roberto Carlos wasn't in his prime anymore either. This was also Ronaldo after his injuries, during his time in Real he was nowhere near as good as he was in 1996-1998.

    79. szlacha4

      Valdez and Iniesta with hair. I forgot about it

    80. Hani Shah

      Who won the match?

    81. Daniel Rodgers

      Legend squads...I remember these days

    82. Vazzily

      this is so disrespectful with all thats legends. Messi just play a normal match and you say Messi toyed with all of them

    83. mario tizzano

      lionel retiro a roberto carlos

    84. Sunny Darko

      This is the best football footage ive ever seen. The teams. The players. The times in their career. EyeGasim

    85. FavJam

      How beautiful was football back then. Football now is truly shit. Players diving and caring about their looks and instagram photos and after parties.

    86. Samrat

      Where's Santiago Munez and Gavin Harris??

    87. AntiDot70

      Good God what a star-studded lineup!!

    88. Law Liet

      Messi was phenomenal. But Iker Casillas was a beast in his prime.

    89. Razz C.

      Gross exagerated click bate title

    90. john zgr

      whats up with Eto’o taking the ball from Messi??

    91. Erik Langland

      Who is the commentator?

    92. Chris

      And ppl think PSG will win everything cause of their players. Back then Real lost with legends like that. Haha naive fans

    93. Davillenueve

      Where's all the toying?

    94. Fit_ B91

      0:50 Why Eto'o?

    95. Konoszy

      Now I understand why he want 30 on PSG... Now it make sense

    96. TheYoutuber

      Roberto Carlos was impressive as fuck. The best left back ever

    97. Miraj Ahmed

      Okay I wanna know something. When Ronaldingo and Messi communicating, which language are they going with. Do they speak in eng with each other?

    98. seb

      Commentator 1: We have seen one very VERY good football team out here today Commentator 2: and we’ve also seen Real Madrid Sums up the whole video lol 9:26

    99. Razi Muhammed

      getwo.info/top/video/f6LFuIGaaZx639Y togother now

    100. code2146

      All about Ronaldinho