Top 10 Battles For The Lead Of The F1 Hybrid Era


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    We've witnessed numerous thrilling battles for the lead in the infamous hybrid era and have narrowed down ten of the very best so far. Buckle in!

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    1. Sarbashis Kahali

      I love mercedes but Due To Their Partiality I'm Startin to Hate Em

    2. Pedro Henrique

      "Hold your position" "Fernando is faster than you"

    3. Aarya_1512

      3:02 looks like the car is flying

    4. Juniper SRX

      Does anyone know what soundtrack was used as the BGM ?

    5. 2Donuts

      Proven that Bottas is better than his teammate and can be more than just a wingman.

    6. Mundo Lloros

      Fernando alonso vs Schumacher?

    7. Mohit Dhameja

      Valterri, it's James 🤡

    8. Goober Face

      2018 Italy notice how Kimi gave space in turn one

    9. Nam Phan

      3:01 I first thought the Red Bull was flying on the track

    10. Niels Leenknegt

      Honorable mention: Verstappen vs Ricciardo Malaysia 2016.

    11. Siladitya De

      Nico's face says it all

    12. Youssef Shmaysani

      3:02 , car flying illusion

    13. ElitexKaoz

      You can just see Nico's disappointment at 2:45 i think alot of f1 fans could relate in these moments with bottas let them race!

    14. Gaston Campos Hee

      3:01 Redbull literally flying

    15. Tarik

      Please give us the 2014 Bahrain 🇧🇭 Full Race. Pleeeaaaaase 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    16. it's Kimi

      2:40 best radio of all time maybe:v

    17. LIPO TV

      Bottas is best team player

    18. Dave Mieze

      I absolutely love Formula 1. Nothing else comes close.

    19. Soheil Tr

      Abu dhabi 2016?

    20. Baked Potato

      It looked like there are only 2 cars in 2014

    21. proxactual

      James: The other guys behind Lewis had newer tyres on... but I guess for those that don't know me, now you do

    22. Bülbül Boş God

      bağırma abi

    23. Physics

      Hamilton v. ___________ compilation

    24. Alpha Bravo555

      9:33 9:35 rap song?!

    25. Luke Timmer

      Alternate title: the ten battles for the lead in the hybrid era

    26. Gamer 3995

      Monaco 2018 all the way to Italy 2021! The drought for 3 years comes to an end for the Aussie

    27. Luhan Mud

      3:00 Vertapen Looks like his literally flying

    28. JoshyyYT

      oh danm, why James always make Bottas hold positions

    29. shotiCko

      So basically its hamilton top ten battles 😁

    30. Kayo Langame

      Seriously they forgot Verstappen vs Leclerc in Silverstone 2019????? 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

      1. Kayo Langame

        @Marck Joross Boc ah Yeah true, o got excited 😆😆😆

      2. Marck Joross Boc

        Its for the lead, not p3 battle

    31. tsuton 222


    32. A H

      That Hamilton vs Leclerc & Hamilton vs Raikkonen is how you do it in Monza. Not crashing to each other. Take note, Max.

    33. Janven Mill

      Hamilton vs everyone

    34. Mr. Leroy

      8. Raikkonen vs Hamilton 2018. This is a perfect example of how Kimi gave space for Hamilton when going into Turn 2. On the contrary, Hamilton after yesterday's race says that he gave space for Max but that wasn't clearly the case. Seeing the many races in Monza, it's clear how Hamilton drives when approaching turn 1 and turn 2. He does a zig zag not to avoid others from braking late and get an advantage.

    35. sanketh m

      Could someone mention the BGMs please

    36. ThePlayMaker

      Team orders are ridiculous sometimes. I'll never agree with teams forcing drivers to hold position or give up position. That's not racing man.

    37. Oliver Sudar

      WHO also thought verstappen was floating

    38. Rohan

      3:01 - Looked like the car was floating in the air cause of the helicopter shadow!!

    39. Keyro Alfonso Mercedes Hilario

      Alonso vs vettel 2014 where is?


      Rosberg is the man.

    41. Fakhrul Islam

      2:43 roseberg's face tells it all. Gotta feel bad for valterri And i dont understand whats hamilton's ego is all about. Vb could have overtook him easily

    42. Barış Özkaya


    43. Hepta Rusdi

      Verstappen vs hamilton....big rivalitas


      Valteri, its James :D

    45. David Hutchison

      "No team orders at Mercedes." "Valtteri, it's James. " Oops. 😄

    46. Cade Parker

      For a split second at 3:01 it looks like the red bull is floating

    47. Andy

      3:02 anyone think the Red Bull was flying and that the help shadow was the cars lol?

      1. Africano Su internwt

        What makes You fly is that music. Do you know the name please?

    48. advaan gobind

      What does it mean in the first clip when Ricardo has "no power"? New to F1

    49. Gabriel Minckler

      The invincible babies affectively suit because lamb socially saw at a eager play. unbiased, elastic taurus

    50. Shinju Shaji

      3:00 *What was that?*

      1. Africano Su internwt

        An helicopter

    51. Adventure It Out

      Love how bottas made the cops overtake look way better than lewis this year lol

    52. Jeric Slater


    53. aksel paranoan

      on the 8th i thought that was an animation

    54. Chrstn

      Not surprised at all to hear "valtteri its James"

    55. Jhonatan Felipe Ferri Leite

      I miss the times when team mates were rivals and not just obeying what the team says...

    56. Zocker marcel

      Einfach so schöne Duelle

    57. T Dimitrov

      Does anyone else see how the cars look like they are flying at 3:02

    58. Fxrris

      Anyone know the name of the first song

    59. liam georgie

      that monza race is proof the re tardis who claim fia favour mercedes are thick. leclerc cheated twice, went unpunished.

    60. Clown :)

      Noticing a lot of Verstappen and Hamilton in these 👀

    61. MAXNOWEN GAMERS AT 247 2

      Well it just going to be Seb Charles max Daniel Lewis and maybe bottas

    62. Meltingbadge

      3:02 I thought the redbull was floating

    63. Litthowius

      Valtteri its james

    64. Kay Overmars

      Bring back silver mercedes

    65. Carnell

      imagine having this kind of commentary in the game ...

    66. MASTARI Abdessalam

      3:01 a flying car from Redbull haha ( a live example of shadows effects on the brain perception:p )

    67. Andy Boyd

      "Greatest battles" "Valtteri, it's James."

    68. Yael Brown

      I thought the red bull was floating at 3:02 but it was the shadow of the helicopter

    69. Hakar Doski

      yo I legit thought Verstappen's car was flying at 3:01

    70. Ollie Barker

      I was going to rage if Bahrain 2014 wasn’t top

    71. Riegel Vega Аι.τ

      Everybody is enjoying the fight until realize the cars on 03:01 were flyin

    72. Alysson Fernando

      Is time to retire the hybrid era, no?

    73. Ladanas


    74. Nemesis Football

      I feel so bad for bottas I would rather be in an aston martin than being treated like that

    75. Nemesis Football

      I feel so bad for bottas I would rather be in an aston martin than being treated like that

    76. sabu Dhungana

      Why did verstapen gave lewis his position back?

    77. JRN retired

      cant say i care ab any 2019 fights against a ferrari cause cheatcheat

    78. Kiril Petrov

      If Lewis wasn't complaining about everything all the time, he would be the GOAT.

    79. Zegarek 14

      Looking back on this, how dare you to put Bottas vs Hamilton in 9th ffs, with team orders Just no...

    80. logan tosh

      verstappen just pushes people off the track his overtakes are horrible

    81. R.O.A GAMING

      i can't tell if lewis and rosberg were fighting or hugging each other

    82. Aaron Shattuck

      Hamilton vs F1.

    83. 5hiv4Hulk

      3:00 to 3:04 it feels like star wars

    84. Christo Natanael

      3:01 flying RB

    85. The Devil

      you know the sport is broken when your highlight reels are 90 percent mercedes and red bull

    86. Sérgio Luís

      Hamilton is the cleanest driver

      1. Africano Su internwt

        Nah its mazepin

    87. GoGo_DIABETO

      Max doesn't hit apex, knocks Charles off the track Redbull "racing incedent"

    88. Robert Bokslag

      What a terrible choice of fights

    89. E-Mal

      3:03 why the cars are flying?

    90. Shashwat

      3:02 flying cars.

    91. hendyk eko saputro


    92. Rblx_Fighter

      "No team orders here at Mercedes" "Valtteri its James please hold position" **They had us in the first half, not gonna lie**

    93. LooW_FPS

      Battles for the lead in hybrid era: cars battleling through some corners than DRS zone then push a button hahaha passed by you

    94. Giant Waddles

      'For those of you who don't know me now you do' The man that only won because bottas is told by the team to not overtake you

    95. Chartes

      Nice Hamilton video...

    96. Jorge Salvador


    97. PenguinAssassin

      No 2018 USA. Disappointing

    98. Frank Jacobs

      Feel so bad for bottas, he just has to let Hamilton win

    99. Eayon Ntalekyembe

      9:32 with the music it sounded like he was doing a rap with hamilton and verstappen

    100. Nimitt yt

      3:02 how is the car flying