Race Highlights | 2021 Turkish Grand Prix


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    Another name joins the winners list for the 2021 season! Catch up with all the best bits from a wet race at Istanbul Park.

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    1. Frontiers of Freedom

      Max whatever you do don't go woke and take the Crown!

    2. Francisco Delmar Kurpiel

      Incredible! Even more boring than last time I watched it. Any news of getting back the V10 NA engines?

    3. Aleksander Biniek

      we will probably go back after Abu Dhabi GP and say: „that defence has won Max the title”

    4. JustDragClick

      Gostaria de estar na F1 eu treino desde os 10 anos e penso que nunca vou conseguir, porém tento toda hora, sou top 1 do kart em shopping estou correndo até no Velopark em kart a 100 por hora já peguei 2 lugar. Corrida é uma ligação que tem em mim, é algum tipo de VÍCIO que nunca vai parar, e é algo que quero no futuro, não sei como, mas vou tentar.

      1. JustDragClick

        Nunca desista

    5. Carlos xv

      What's up with the other drivers bending the knee for Hamilton ? Geees ! It almost looks that Norris and Gasly wanted to pack him lunch and tea for the road ahead. Have some self-respect for God's sake

    6. Jax WAteridge

      what is everyones thoughts on the moves

    7. Ugo Udi

      Hamilton's hesitant in changing his tyres from the initial due time worked well for him in the end. Based on the degradation after the change, he would have been passed by lots of cars had there been more laps to go. So his tyres were changed at the sweet spot. On the other hand, he should have understood the risk of no point if he stayed out.

    8. sunil Nale

      2:57 how I eat when late to school.

    9. Joe Alsbury


    10. gioyu comi

      Hamilton thought twice with Perez. Perez gave Hamilton more than enough room. Very generous. But then showed Hamilton eye of the tiger

    11. Boiwhatthehellboi


    12. [EXIT Records]

      Кто приехал последним? Оу, єто же Мазепин! Черт! Когда уже деньги прекратят управлять єтим видом спорта?! Я хочу болеть за "своих" но Квята вы убрали, прикрываясь тем, что он не нашел нового контракта для себя. Я так был рад когда узнал, что есть новый русский гонщик за которого я буду болеть... Но черт. Это просто парень у которого крутой богатый папаша, и в который раз я убеждаюсь,ч то формулой правит "коррупция". Ведь в боксе такого бы не случилось? так? Я и мои друзья в недоумении, мы даже не пытаемся уже предугадать, какое место займет Мазепин в след гонке. Это вообще гонщик?!Это вообще спорт? Какая интрига? Черт !

    13. Mac Slimet

      marceds benz honda toyota

      1. gioyu comi

        I love these races and I am supporting Hamilton, he is supertalented and reminds me of A. Senna

    14. Mac Slimet

      fac book broken destroy damge

    15. Ginger Vettel

      Lewis Hamilton never lost a race before!

    16. まえたかずき

      6:22 ここ「ありがとう」ってあるのよき

    17. Samet Esen

      Silver 7 candır


      Bottas 👍

    19. Timmy Beard

      Man I love F1

    20. WOOLLS Not about

      look 👄 test spaek silent L R time

    21. Ryan

      i dont think a single red bull has locked up this season, wont be surprised to see if they had some new tech on the brakes this year. We will find out in a few years i guess!

    22. Alexis Beltran

      That defending from Perez is the most exciting moment in F1 I ever seen

    23. M

      Agora sim está disputado.

    24. bodoti qwiu

      Not only did he defended against the mighty Hamilton but also went on to take the final podium. Brilliant Checo

    25. GuruChaz

      Let's Go Brandon!

    26. Albanolopolis

      Perez was like: Ok pass me Hamilton Perez 2 secs later: Sikeee

    27. Augusta Esteves

      Maravilhoso lindo demais Amei o Cricri do Amilton não ganhou Bem feito Margarita Rosa 🌹🍀

    28. maria fietta

      I love these races and I am supporting Hamilton, he is supertalented and reminds me of A. Senna 🎶🏁🎶

      1. bodoti qwiu

        That Perez - Hamilton drive along was the most exciting thing in F1 I have ever seen.

    29. Lukas Mihara

      Did Gasly get a penalty although he got sandwiched, but Sainz did not although he just ran into Vettel..? Weird.

    30. Kadir kum

      Perfect race 🇹🇷

    31. 三浦昭文


    32. aswer huio

      Anyway, wonderful racing!

    33. APN24 channel

      Ferrari cupu....

    34. Simply Different

      I hate the white cars and suit of Honda RB16. Why are the colors changed? :/

    35. Ramiro Alesandro

      Lara te amo

    36. joseph ranjith

      Now the whole honda powered unit is blocking lewis just to make max win.. which means max needs every bit of help to win which he can't do alone. Lewis will be champion since max started believing he needs all support from other honda powered teams.

      1. aswer huio

        mercedes is a rocket ship...

    37. T bone

      Checo propiaso defendiendo! Es el año de red bull.

    38. Tormási Marci


    39. Tenzin Rigdol

      Charles is such a loser.

    40. Giridhar Raju

      I love formula 1

    41. Titan TerBurgh

      Hamilton should have gotten a penalty for forcing Sergio into the pitlane

    42. chding zuure

      That Perez - Hamilton drive along was the most exciting thing in F1 I have ever seen.

    43. EdEddandEddy TV

      Y’all are fake for not telling me how sick Formula 1 is

    44. Tony

      Bottas drove perfectly. Kudos to him.

    45. Tony

      Why wasn't Hamilton given a time penalty for pushing Perez off track at pit entry? Not blaming anyone, i just want to know.

    46. murat çakır

      Great 🇹🇷🇹🇷

      1. chding zuure

        Toda América Latina con Checo Speedy GONZÁLEZ Pérez ❤️

    47. Nigel Tabb

      Oh Mercedes, what have you done?!😀

    48. Eric

      Yikes Super Max!

    49. Stylick

      Perez and hamilton are crazy beasts

    50. Walton Goggins

      mercedes is a rocket ship...

    51. Savaş DOĞANER

      Perez redbull da kendini buldu ✌️

    52. esh sun

      Great race overall, sad max did not have the pace, Redbull need to give him a car that's on full power must have had some problems as he was even slower than his teammate Perez whom he is usually faster than by a second or so in that car

    53. esh sun

      Yuki Tsunoda - fantastic after all the criticism he decided best to prove his skills Vs Hamilton over 7+ laps ..ha ha

    54. esh sun

      Super drive from Sergio Perez, great fight, it was so dangerous when Lewis almost pushed into the pit lane - great bravery from Sergio to defend and win

    55. esh sun

      Loving Fernando Alonso's return - finally some flare back in F1 - he is a great judge of character, he is perfectly right when he says Michael masi is entirely biased towards Hamilton, Wolff - it's blatantly obvious! This race also proves what Alonso said that Hamilton is not unbeatable it's been his car, as soon as he has had competition this year from Redbull they have been falling apart, one is able to see and hear it!

    56. YaBoiNico 33

      Nice race. Sergio Perez had some nice defending!

    57. Pouya Petg

      Amazing start and a full race with almost no mistake by bottas was enjoying to watch. He should've a race win this year.

    58. gtoss chddy

      That Perez - Hamilton drive along was the most exciting thing in F1 I have ever seen.

    59. Augusto Enrique Barreto Reyes

      20211015:2030 Una carrera para los detractores de Hamilton, Bottas, Pérez y Yuki Tsunoda. Pocos "comentaristas" (o youtubers "influencers") han expresado su respeto a éste último, un "rookie" de gran calidad. Cierto que a el otro piloto de la misma escudería, Pierre Gasly, en ese equipo este año le ha ido bastante bien, pero no es "principiante", lleva más de dos años y eso en esta categoría es un universo de distancia.

    60. Ghiridhar Mandir Tepoztlan, Mexico

      Toda América Latina con Checo Speedy GONZÁLEZ Pérez ❤️

    61. mata232

      Gledao sam

    62. Om komet

      I want to see Mercedes get lose

    63. h3bdus

      I need something like week hilights

    64. Vril 1208

      Mercedes is the best...

    65. koiun dwrru

      I think tsunoda should get more attention for keeping Hamilton for more than 8 laps behind, that was brilliant. Anyways amazing drive and defence from perez

    66. Seledynowy 126P

      3:02 Haha look the guy with the camera!

    67. Aditya Ram

      Lewis forces Perez wide into pitlane and everybody saying Lewis should get penalty...meanwhile mafia racing director masi saying Perez lucky that he avoided penalty for running in pitlane line..... Are serious useless masi😳

    68. Steven Mc

      surprised you were able to find 7 minutes of highlights from this bore-fest

      1. koiun dwrru

        All kinds of new things have been happening on this track for 2 years.

    69. vinasu maaj

      Hamilton thought twice with Perez. Perez gave Hamilton more than enough room. Very generous. But then showed Hamilton eye of the tiger

    70. Κωστας Κ

      Why Aston Martin really picked this strategy? They destroyed Vettel

    71. Trabzon 61


    72. Baboshkarita


    73. Alexander Ollivant


      1. vinasu maaj


    74. Rosa Garcia


    75. sotuur aeei

      absolute commitment into that corner for Perez. brilliant

    76. Black Hair

      I heard Micheal shoemaker is making a return to racing. Any one know if this is true ?

    77. iL Gommista

      ferrari engine fast wao

    78. Johan ten Hove

      3:54 I think i have heard the whining "why" for at least 20 times now and i never get tired of hearing it :D

    79. Benny Júnior

      Come on, Valtteri! 🔥

      1. sotuur aeei


    80. Full Throttle

      4:15 Ferrari's keeping up with Merc's top speed at the straight... wow, not even the Bulls done that on the race...

    81. juan jose pelaez

      Imagine being part of the Mercedes team and put effort, blood, and tears to allow Hamilton to gain 7 titles. Yet every time he arrives 1st he's like "I won" but if he doesn't get 1st position he is like "the team failed". Hamilton is one of the best drivers ever but man what a selfish person. Ps I am a big Mecedez Benz F1 team fan.

    82. MERT

      All kinds of new things have been happening on this track for 2 years.

    83. Lodos Denizcisi

      Hadi koçum ayrılda gel🐎🐎🐎🐎

    84. yaliso gioouy

      There was something very moving about Perez's driving today. He's the driver of the day for me.

    85. Salvador Valle

      Masterclass of Sergio Pérez !!! Brilliance onboard to Lewis, AND marvellus podium. Viva México cabr..... Hahaha

    86. Morino Kinoco




    88. S S

      Let's cross F1 with archery to make it more interesting!

    89. Kay B

      Why is the video unavailable

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Giovinazzi Schumacher Team Lewis Ramilton 🐐 Leclerc Mazepin

    90. Tugberk Cosgun

      Bottas kim amk

    91. mango jassal

      What a boring race

    92. Supergeroi


    93. Blake Stout

      The white Red Bull livery is clean af 🔥

    94. Super Humanist

      재밌었겠다..ㅜㅜjtbc 나쁜넘들..ㅠ

    95. michael martin

      How many more races would Bottas have won with Mercedes if he hadn't been ordered to let Hamilton get by him?

    96. Dr Franks

      hard to enjoy the cars, all we can hear is the yelling morons.

    97. Mateo Muniz

      And again Checo demonstrating he works as a valuable teamate

    98. The smartest man according to Papa Joe!

      "Let's go Perez"

    99. Nezioo Araujoo

      Hamilton being sassy over the radio.. he's toxic out there

    100. No Name

      2021 Red Bull Honda Maximum Verstappen Sergio Perez World Championship team: Verstappen Bottas Perez Norris Sainz Gasly Ricciardo Tsunoda Vettel Alonso Raikkonen Giovinazzi Schumacher Team Lewis Ramilton 🐐 Leclerc Mazepin