Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay!


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    Give an allay a collectible and it will come back with matching items or more of the same! It also loves to dance and will drop your items by a note block if there’s one nearby! Vote for the allay during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

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    1. littlebadguy

      i love it😁

    2. Qaali Qalanjo ladan

      Me:give,s:* an enchanted golden apple to an allay* Notch:wait this is illegal

    3. Techno Aabhu Gamer 2.0

      I Vote For Allay

    4. MrDodge

      Does it work for diamonds ??? or netherite ???

    5. Russian Grunt (S-3LF Unit)

      allay :D


      Allay I vote

    7. 1UP Gaming

      Just like a duper - but cuter :D

    8. congestedmagic 5

      Admit it you thought the allay was going to duplicate items

    9. Louie lally

      Tiny Jens needs to drop an album

    10. Haru Kentaro

      I voted for allay because allay will collect matching ones for you and its so cute it also has a halo in her head so cute can you add it to minecraft october 16th 2021 also the allay can dance and if theres a note block nearby the allay will drop in the note block press the note block 3 times and the allay will dance ☺ you see that dirt breaking sound that must be tiny agnes and the glare and when tiny jens come down to the dirt hole tiny agnes and jens saw a copper golem got feeze out am i right?

    11. Yuan keisher Ibanez Garcia

      I vote copper golem

    12. Umait Althaf

      Like allay

    13. Sparrow_

      Definitely choosing this one! Mostly because theres a huge buff and my luck with getting items is pretty bad, weather it be th splintery wood, rough stone, or glistering diamonds, this little bundle will be my bestie.

      1. King Boy

        You're a bit late to vote, but dont worry, it already won the mob vote

    14. Damian Bonnie Pants

      or copper glare and allay got added cause they tie

    15. Damian Bonnie Pants

      i like glare and allay they would both be added if 20 other mobs are in mob vote

    16. pro gaming 1 vn


    17. Elizabeth Egusquiza

      vote for allay

      1. Sparrow_

        Yes please!

    18. GuzzyRush E

      i like allay in the mob vote, and glare is down.

      1. Sparrow_

        Yes, But the glare is cute.

    19. oreo

      I love this mob

      1. Sparrow_

        I love this mob too!

    20. ZDN RBLX

      I vote alley

      1. Sparrow_

        I agree

    21. AgnesOtaku sam


      1. Sparrow_

        I vote voted that voted the vote worthy that was voted by the votable voted voter.

    22. 21st century plauge docter

      *Proceeds to look at dragon egg*

      1. Sparrow_

        Proceeds to know what your thinking.

    23. Get_Gnomed


      1. Sparrow_

        Most of the community thinks its more useful, but why do you want the golem?

    24. wallewalle 777

      Ironcly i got up at 11 am waited til 12 pm watch the live stream and sped ran making a twitter account. Voted for allay then it looked like copper was gonna win but then the allay played uno revesre and won. The end

    25. flame RBLX

      i choose this mob

    26. Mr. squish

      Hey guys I got vex of wish

    27. Astra

      this needs to win asap


      Add it 4 sure

    29. Valcon

      imagine if you gave the allay a flower then you quit the game then you return to the game 20 years after and the allay just came and gave you the flower back 🥺

    30. Valcon

      imagine giving a block of diamond to the allay and he never came back

    31. Mauricio Pimienta

      So it you give this little guy a netherite ingot he will collect many more for you? Wow that's balanced

      1. Sparrow_

        thats why I want it.... :L

    32. alexva.

      It is a cute❤💗💝💓😘💘❣️❤💞💕❣️❤💗

      1. Sparrow_

        Yes, but the glare is cuter. I still choose Allay.

    33. Alice Cavaleri

      2 Is a lovely mob and a very nice for Survivol mod

    34. YoBaconHairFan

      Allay won the vote yay!

      1. Sparrow_

        We win!

    35. ycaro abluba

      Me vote allay

      1. Sparrow_

        Me agree

    36. Alex AAG

      Allay allay

    37. Jó Maia

      l vote in alawn

    38. Ava's World


      1. Sparrow_


    39. Randomplaze

      I vote ally

    40. Gedit

      when you fix cheating in hardcore

    41. °•Brabuleta•°

      precisamos demaiss desse Allay

    42. °•Brabuleta•°

      eu ameiiii o Allay mdssss

    43. TANO TANO


    44. Samuel Alvarez

      Es mejor el copper golem

    45. NehiNtoo


    46. Not_Dakota

      i vote

    47. Leila adrinne Base

      ok 1 its cute 2 it dance 3 it gets what ever item you give i 4 can we tame it do

    48. Yunus Bilgiç

      i voting for glare.

    49. S3AuP

      T I N Y A G N E S

    50. Joy Cantabaco


      1. Sparrow_

        YOU GOT ALLAY!!

    51. Ana Luiza

      So now i can make a free range chicken farm and let the Allay collect the eggs for me (And pretend i don't have an automatic egg/chicken farm on the verge of entity cramming underground)

    52. i dont want a name so this is it goodbye still dk

      Yeah every owner will probably disable the allay in their server but i mean its their choice if they want chaos or not

    53. Ahona Binte Ahsan


    54. HABIB

      No me la contes

    55. HABIB


    56. Army 0227


    57. Army 0227

      I vote copper

      1. Sparrow_

        huh. Id like to know your opinion on the allay.

    58. bleumincraftyo

      Il a gagné !!!

    59. Mickey mouse

      You know what have you done the speedruns will find allay and put some ender pearls and blaze rods and it will make allay replace by piglin enderman

    60. sajish kb

      I am going to give 9999999999999999 vote for allay

      1. Sparrow_

        You can't really do that, not in time

    61. Paul Stg

      I Had no choice 😡😡😡😡😡😣😣😣😠😠😠😠😠😠

      1. Paul Stg

        If you bully me, I report you account

      2. Paul Stg

        So don't bully me

      3. Paul Stg

        Because they not adding copper golem with allay

      4. Sparrow_

        Errrrr, why mad?

    62. Allay

      Sheeeeeshhh 🍪

      1. Sparrow_

        @Allay yes

      2. Allay

        @Sparrow_ want a 🍪?

      3. Sparrow_


    63. Paul Stg

      You destroy my comment

    64. Legend Gamerz

      allay is the best mob it will dupelicate all of the item like netherite!

      1. Sparrow_

        It won't be *that* overpowered, they probably will add limitations and completely nerf it.

    65. Nguyễn Hiền Hậu

      imagine giving it a player head

      1. Nguyễn Hiền Hậu

        @Sparrow_U get the joke?

      2. Sparrow_

        You can't obtain player heads.

    66. Calebe Dantas

      I hate this so much

      1. Calebe Dantas

        @Sparrow_ agreed

      2. Sparrow_

        @Calebe Dantas No one said that.

      3. Calebe Dantas

        @Sparrow_ wow you are so cool

      4. Sparrow_

        I love it so much

    67. Annette Findleton

      Me:**gives allay ancient debris and diamond** *DO AS I COMMAND*

      1. Sparrow_

        Hmph. Seems like slavery to me.

    68. farinha 360

      I hate you Ellay

      1. Sparrow_

        I support all opinions, and I'm asking quite a few commenters why do you think this?

    69. ArdyKyronGaming

      That Allay mob is really useful!!!

      1. Sparrow_

        I think so too!

    70. Samuel Young

      I can give it netherite

      1. Sparrow_

        Well from what we know yes, but I guess we have to stay tuned.

    71. The Netherite Gamer

      I choose this it will be easier to make netherite

    72. 정다민

      The Allay is so cute it will be useful for collecting blocks

    73. jose gonzalez

      I am still voting for the allay

    74. elaine teh

      Do all the votes in 2021 match up?

    75. venom_322

      Diamonds, Netherite. Enslave the ALLAY!!

      1. Sparrow_

        While its nice we get rare materials, I'm not sure about *enslave*

    76. Luciel

      They could just add all 3.......

    77. ray12 x

      vote allay

      1. deo

        a little late

    78. Defina erlina

      please mojang all added


      I don't like allay we need copper golem

    80. Fing's N Stuff

      Could the Allay be over powered if it gets items for you

      1. Sparrow_

        Trust me, if they care about Minecraft they will nerf it.

    81. Rebecca Quigley


      1. Sparrow_


    82. Slytherin_Mads

      I think Minecraft should have the Allay

      1. Sparrow_

        I agree!

    83. Bluu

      The allay is amazing!

    84. Earl taking a break

      Well I need a friend in Minecraft tho(actually my brother and friend lazy to play with me bc I make farm to many even in the house-) and here goes the eye again

      1. Earl taking a break

        IS MY EYES-

      2. Sparrow_

        Your profile picture is creepy.

    85. Alif Zakaria

      I'm vote allay😇

    86. tacoD PLAYS

      me: gives the allay a netherite block the allay: :(

      1. Sparrow_

        It is what it is...

    87. The Flash GOS

      Uh. Here. A mending book

    88. Mando brick studios

      Mojang could randomly say it does not duplicate items

    89. Justin Spears


    90. Кирилл Трифонов

      Я голосую за элэя

    91. Der random gamer typ

      I want this

    92. Ithatgirl

      I vote allay

    93. Ywu Qu

      Please mojang free to play minecraft

      1. Sparrow_

        Dude. Pocket edition is $ 5.00, just play on your moms phone or something.

    94. Helen Atherton

      Me gives it a diamond 💎

      1. Sparrow_

        Maybe, no one said its a duplication machine. Mojang may nerf it.

    95. Dragon Dude

      * gives allay a player head *

    96. prodbyLagos


      1. Sparrow_

        It's not, they will most likely nerf it.

      2. Andres Rairan

        is not duplication

    97. cod zombies is the best cod

      Hey mojang u should add items in ice

      1. Sparrow_


    98. 💙ALLAY💙


    99. Pawan Gamer

      Allay best

      1. Sparrow_