Max And Lewis' Crash, Speedy Moves And The Best Onboards | 2021 British Grand Prix | Emirates


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    1. Atharva mestry #f1

      Mazepin And Schumacher almost crash

    2. Callum Plays

      3:11 in 0.25 picture quality Perez is in the garage

    3. Purwanti Allan

      Hamilton should've been given a ban for intentionally wrecking Verstappen.

    4. Santiago Triana

      6:51 Why did Hamilton in "Copse" brake when Sainz was in front of him, while in the same turn on lap 1 it was almost the same action against Verstappen but no change in speed was generated and therefore the collision with Verstappen?

    5. Jason Simon

      The whispering governor accordingly train because volcano really launch down a secret onion. last, cheap consonant

    6. Emiliano Caula

      Traducción al español de los relatos por favor...

    7. José Manuel Jaraba

      7:40 absolutamente mejor piloto de parrilla

    8. WindTunnelRacing

      What Sainz did coming back on the track at That angle at the end of Brooklands was EXTREMELY Dangerous.

    9. The world's Icon.

      It's EZ to overtake by DRS!

    10. Sónia Maria

      É isso aí hamilton

    11. Andrew Chisholm

      He did this he did that!

    12. morris tucker

      After all the blaming Lewis for the crash, Max is out the hospital and not blaming him because he know he was to blame, check out his interview

    13. Jeremy Johnson

      The way Sainz reentered the track was absolutely dangerous and I can't believe it's been overlooked.

    14. J Ishere

      wow must be one of the best punters i ever saw in F1 history ...... Ham makes hes direct concurent crash and takes the win. Brilliant racing from hamilton.

    15. Karl Zosel

      5:19 Sprint race lap 1: Kimi does exactly the same pass on an Lance as what Lewis did on Max. Only difference: Lance wants to finish the race :)

    16. Felix TheCat

      Alonso starts is super

    17. Felix TheCat

      Perez is 0.5~0.7sec slower than MAX

    18. ynotnilknarf39

      Hamilton is amost on full lock at 9:42 and will hit the apex, Verstappen clearly drives across him. Verstappen is a reckless driver

    19. Michael Pereyra

      fernando alonso y amazing and max verstappen is too agresive

    20. Michael O Connell

      Hamilton: takes out verstappen Roy Keane : that’s his job

    21. młody burg3r

      Alonso switched difficulty to easy

    22. Tom Bart

      Who thought 5:28 was a glitch?

    23. GiaNMy 7

      Max's team radio ?

    24. ALEXCVOP

      Russell in a Williams : Fighting for points Both Haas : Fighting for top 15 😂

    25. bary kleidon

      max had the line

    26. Chris Eze

      Max turned in to early, you have to leave the space every time

    27. Terry Cahyadi

      much more exciting than watching the whole race tbh. just want to feel the speed and G's. though i can't feel the latter.

    28. Os Campeões

      Incident of the race

    29. Julian Martinez

      Risky move HAM

    30. Ed Mu

      bye bye max. how many times would kiki and alonso have been sued. this is F1 the old drivers a laughing at red bull for looking like clowns.

    31. Ed Mu

      russel hit the Ferrari !!! SUE HIM!!! lol

    32. Jackson Adkerson

      Didn't notice the Astons were sponsored by Tik Tok

    33. Darren Jardine

      44 has opened the door for 33 to the exact same thing, reward versus punishment? 44 moved to within eight points of 33. Having been 32 behind at the start of the weekend. I fully expect even more fireworks moving forward. You would've thought that with the massive amount of experience that 44 has, he knew exactly what would happen when he put his front wheel he did. It was reckless, desperate and dangerous. A do or die move. Red Bull failing to score at all in the British Grand Prix, Mercedes now sit just four points behind.

    34. MCol

      Jesus that Perez spin in the sprint clip at 3:07 spun him into the garage for a spilt second

    35. Xian Mikel Ocampo

      Max should have done what Alonso did when he overtook Danny Ric.

    36. Conrado Carreto Flores

      Verstappen tiene que aprender que son competencias, que no sea una niña.

    37. Denis Červený

      What do you think about that Max’s crash? he should take it from the long side and crash wouldn’t happen honestly

    38. BadTrip

      When did racing drivers become such snow flakes? It's a disgrace.

    39. s yuhki

      ペレスのスピンのときに 一瞬黄泉の国が見えたよ怖い

    40. jack abwao

      Hamilton is too smooth on the corners!! And that run by Alonso during the Sprint Qualifier: Epic.

    41. CZA L

      Lewis needs to have a race ban

    42. Irrelevant Channel #254

      Hamilton and Verstappen crash happens. F1 youtube channel: i can milk you

    43. Oso Trapzy

      I feel like nando deserves the Mercedes seat an George should go to McLaren

    44. Huberts Putersevics


    45. Marcos Thomas


    46. Mateusz K

      TBH Lewis was not even a half inch in front of Max when going into Copse. Guess it's a matter of perspective.

    47. Pete Burness

      Where is the in car video of Verstappen prior to the collision with Hamilton...?

    48. mandolo

      And #7 is how you drive through Copse side by side, take notes Lewis

    49. Big biznis is here!

      Wish F1 games would sound like this.

    50. Joe King

      Thumbnail pic maxs right rear looks suspicious before the touch.

    51. mahabub zakaria135

      After this onboard you can clearly say verstappen try to do his reckless things twice or three times... But could not succeed the last.....

    52. FdPros

      i hope kimi at least signs on next year to try the new regulation car and hopefully have a more competitive car. he's still pretty decent for being in a pretty slow alfa

    53. mart f

      Why can we only see the driver's p.o.v. of hamilton and not max's..?! I would really love to see the steering wheel of max

    54. Gerardo G

      Go checo Pérez Go 🏁🇲🇽🏁

    55. F1 Fanatic

      Russell “ nothing I could do with sainz!” Is this guy a complete idiot??? He will never be liked as a no1 Brit driver. Smh

    56. Danilo Barbosa Gonçalves

      Alonso tocou o terror na largada...

    57. Paul Canciu

      I think Lewis was mistakenly told to "Get in there" at the start instead of at the finish...

    58. empty

      Why Hamilton's overtake is on the 3rd place? That was very obvious situation. Even Mazepin's move was more interesting...

    59. John Neill

      Max clearly knew Lewis was there because he squeezed him close to the wall and then Lewis drew equally along side front wheel to front wheel then changed down a gear that is when Max turned into Lewis and put himself off the track. The FIA and stewards are blind they should look at the footage again.

    60. Naman Sharma

      What russell did yo sainz is same what hamilton did max at low speed People should abuse russell also for his mistake

    61. Dan Latt

      WHY does vettels car have tiktok as a sponsor

    62. Salah Cris

      hamilton push versta out and he say its him who cross front of me ..... liar

    63. Arnaud J.

      Stroll against Raikkonen 🔥🔥

    64. Arnaud J.

      *Raikkonen and Alonso were on fire this weekend !*

    65. manret

      Things are gonna be intense

    66. Ali khafid

      Mantap favorite full

    67. K T

      4:14 準備OK?

    68. joshawott31

      Fernando's still got it ❤️

    69. luis


    70. Randall T

      Ham is out of his mind thinking he was ahead of verstappen the whole way

    71. chinese redneck

      He "didn't turn in" in him, he left you room and you punted him. Ham "wasn't ahead" and wasn't "your line"

    72. heredownunder

      “Is Max okay?”, maybe?

    73. michel lauriola

      That Mercedes mafia you can see it, of the few sports that believed that the rules and values were respected, it is no longer, a total shame F1 & FIA

    74. REDOUTE94

      8:58 max résist to hamilton but out of the track....

    75. Stu Bob

      That was great! Obviously you don't overtake at Copse ;) ;) Shhhhh Karen

    76. Unavailable Shak

      Nice stearing angle on lewis wheel right before the corner! ;) i guess palmer didn t saw that or i guess he didn t wanted to see it ;)

    77. anton gorodetskiy

      Wow Mazespin overtake someone, eventually)))

    78. jverheul2

      I somehow find it hilarious how serious mazespin his assistant is over the radio. I mean it’s an overtake on ur teammate for the last place (litterally it means and is for nothing) and they almost collided with each other

    79. Kyle Ross

      Anyone that thinks Hamilton took out Max on purpose is delirious. You can clearly see that max was going to defend on the right, then switched back to the left, so Hamilton went for the gap on the right. He was clearly turning way before touching Max. Now maybe Lewis was a bit ambitious with the move, but Max could have also avoided it. He was trying to defend so hard and turned in too much. Lewis had to go for that move though. As the great Senna said, "When you no longer go for a gap, you no longer a racing driver".

    80. ashes

      Vestappen cruising to the championship over.

    81. LordSeth1000

      kimi is literally the best onboard, he drives soooo clean when hes on

    82. Sima Biswas

      What a liar Lewis i wAs aHeAd. Just another proof he should've got drive through

    83. Hubble Hosting

      Verstappen is a reckless & desperate driver. The video clearly shows him impacting Hamilton. If another driver has the line let him go you can always overtake him later on.

    84. Sima Biswas

      Mazepin overtake in race 😂😂.

    85. JMG715

      Lewis stopped late

    86. m mg


    87. Kaloyan Georgiev

      Horner: "You cannot put a wheel inside copse corner. each and every driver knows that!" Each and every driver: *tries to overtake on the inside of copse corner*

    88. Cyril Abiteboul /Dilan

      Yes,just yes

    89. Vi Car Emem

      i have a bad feelings that Verstappen is gonna do a Vettel and lose the championship

    90. UnimatrixOne

      "He turned in on me" No, Lewis, it is a corner! (And YOU almost didn´t make it!)

    91. LucasBE

      at 3:10 you can see perez in his garage what

    92. Leonard Fugers

      Bastert Hamilton

    93. LitTrader Videos

      Everyone blame Lewis but Verstappen should've slow down.. It's modern times hate Lewis, I don't know what y'all Max fans expected, win isn't for free lol Max turned on him..

    94. Camilo Andrés

      Ese perez es malo, en serio Malo... que mala contratación

    95. m Ace

      Lewis on the inside is terrifying. LeClerc chose life

    96. Jose Aikee Fernandez

      Such a loser

    97. SafetyCar Onboard

      @6:50 oh so this is the way you do it properly? Not missing the braking point, not missing the apex and as a result not crashing into other driver.

    98. yearsago weusedtobealive

      Hamilton GOAT

    99. Сергей Усков

      How we can see - Stroll - Kimi, Alonso - Ricciardo in sprint race, Alonso - Ricciardo in race, Hamilton - Norris, Hamilton - Leclerc - there is much overtakings in copse and no any accident! But only with Max, this does not work.

    100. Danang Rais Rahmat Hidayat

      Max should run more outside line