Manchester United '99 vs Bayern Munich Legends 5-0 All Goals & Highlights •HD

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    1. Mystical Me

      Should do United legends vs current squad

    2. Lord Stadtguerilla

      Roy Makaay was not in the 99' Team of Bayern München!🙈

    3. Paweł Borkowski

      Thank you.

    4. arf fdhlullah

      thank you for brings the memory. always smiling from the beginning of video til the end. thank you

    5. Victor Rex Magomane

      Live is never simple to any normal being on the streets of our beautiful Zimbabwe,but God is seeing the culprits.

    6. James Kamunge

      Yorke playing like he's in his 20s

    7. Binod Rijal

      We love David Beckham

    8. Dan Surprise

      I'm 40 this year, brings back the good ol memories. OG United fans will remember 1999 May 26, it was around 5am-6am in Singapore. My friend and I screamed when Teddy Sheringham scored the equaliser, my parents came out from their room and scolded us for shouting. Before they could go back to sleep, they stormed out the second time when Solskjaer scored the winner to scold us yet again. I was grounded for the week but it was all worth it.

    9. pg

      Amazing football game !!!

    10. Tri Harmony


    11. Nathan Damasceno

      Zé Roberto🇧🇷⚽

    12. Micheal Ndife

      Eagle Ndife

    13. Teddy Bear

      Beckham still has magic in that right foot, 👏👏

    14. Awais Elahi

      Beckham's spinning kick is still working

    15. Pillar trader's

      Video link

    16. Fiz Defiz

      Beckham like a Beckham in Ac Milan

    17. Mogi Soeseno

      1:43 Was Bayern playing with 4 strikers?

    18. xxyanlixx

      schimeckel is still better than 90% of the current goalkeeper

    19. BW Music

      Wow what a game by the legends, I've remember watching them when I was small.. Big fan for Man United, all the way from Png🇵🇬💯❤

    20. Football Channel Mz

    21. aliey 93

      Beckham is the only one who is still like a early 30plus player here and with his fitness. No one can beat him.

    22. Aga Adinegara

      They played better than current Man United squad.

    23. Ronix

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Cristiano Ronaldo

    24. morris mwenda

      Old players making us proud in modern times while modern players are making us a laughing stock.... great entertainment from these legends

    25. Alex Românu'

      Dude if Manchester United legends will play in Romania they will surely get at least 3rd place

    26. Kabeer Ahmed

      Idk but so many of us just wanted Beckham to score

    27. BECKZ

      "Darling of his club, darling of his country" David Beckham 💝

    28. True 9 View

    29. 😎TRY to LAUGHS😂

      തൂണിലും തുരുമ്പിലും മലയാളി

    30. Asep Naker

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    31. Sabrina Mutiara safitri

      Man united 99 Munchen 88..😂

    32. piers dillo

      Es preciso crearlas, y las soluciones vienen”.

    33. abay gaming

      no Ryan Giggs

    34. huyen nguyen

      Comment le climatiseur refroidit-il ? Le mystère de la climatisation

    35. huyen nguyen

      Lernen Sie die Wirkung von Kaffee kennen - Kaffee richtig trinken

    36. mario10zeus

      Maybe Ole should offer a contract to some of these old-timers. They'd be better than the current squad..

    37. dee kim

      Jaap Stam lmao

    38. Mpumelelo Beyers

      99 Manchester United team 97/98 Chicago Bulls team *It'll never get better than this*

    39. Mpumelelo Beyers

      Is yours gold!?😜... As Arsenal fan this is beautiful and lovely👏💯🙏💐👌

    40. Nguyen Trong


    41. philsoc11

      Si on oubliait pas que le sport n’est qu’un jeu et que tous les matchs pouvaient se passer dans une bonne ambiance comme ça 😇

    42. Nima Dima

      Bayee without coach?

    43. PES - HEHE🗿💫

      the pass from beckham every time the best

    44. Faz Fazal

      The legend doesn't even give a f**k. Look how chill he is. The great Sir Alex 🙏

    45. Medovich

      I think that UEFA can do the Champions League for the legends and enjoy some of the techniques that we are missing now. But with different rules due to the age of the players. It will be a marketing success for the clubs as well

    46. Andres Rincon

      Nicky Butt lmaoooo what a name

    47. Shashi

      Stam was magical...gave Olic 4 legs for 2...


      We need sir alex like coach now

    49. Raven Chamupathy

      A legends match is the only win MU are going to get against Bayern LMAO

    50. creative express

    51. InTeRiTuS

      This brings back so many great memories

    52. Mr. GameOk

      they are even better than the current team of man utd plus ole is playing like Fred

    53. COYI

      These midfielders can still breakthrough to the current United squad especially Fred. The strikers are way better than Martial

    54. RoShi

      Best team of generation

    55. Lalkungpuii Lki

      I see jack grealish's mumps,lips and nose shadows on David beckham's smile 😂😁... wow, ïts not Amazing... Manchester Unïted and Bïrmïngham city's had pĺayed PL match in Birmingham on september,1995.... 🤑🤑

    56. doc

      These legends can still beat the current Manchester United team

    57. kralj kralj

      Nemanja vidic❤❤

    58. Arka Biswas

      Beckham is still bending like Beckham

    59. Arka Biswas

      Jaap Stam giving "blow Jaap." Is alternative title

    60. FarhanSafiHD123

      Imagine if cristiano plays at his 50's..... I think it would be the same as he plays now a days ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    61. official mahdi

      Oleeee out

    62. Serbian347

      Buffon said : I'm still on the pitch !!!!

    63. Luke Matthews

      zeRoberto played so well.

    64. boosie 4l

      Beckham still got a lot left

    65. Solomon Debesu

      I really wanted to see Samuel kuffour in this match

    66. Desmond

      I never seen a veteran team play like this enire my life. If they were trained for 3 months, could play easily for a championship division.

    67. Poco F2pro

      this legend team play way better thn my country under 21 team.

    68. ทํานองหลักเพลงไทย

      where is Ryan Giggs ??

    69. Aldilan Noorman

      Beckham still can be most assist today :D


      Beckham shouldn't be retiring 😂👍

    71. Dovendriet

      Current Man utd team dont know how to cross

    72. Sudip Sunar

      Beckham is still better than man utd current player😚😂

    73. College in Europe

      No Roy Keane wtf?

    74. Rocket Man

      I miss this team and these times

    75. kyaw zin

      j stam. still better than migure.

    76. Yashwant Sujith

      This is very very impressive for people their age

    77. Ismaïl

      Omg they are good

    78. gerry bell

      Where is Roy keane

    79. Ipannn

      Iconic momentt❤️❤️❤️

    80. Namrata KAWLEKAR

      Fernando9omey football match

    81. Jens Lexmark

      Damn, Olić was an active player not so ling ago.

    82. Nam Ly

      They r all stll sharp !!

    83. Marco Amoogus

      Playing better than 2021 Barcelona

    84. BakedandHectic

      There is no seat for Ole.

    85. conor carroll

      What a game lovely that you guys came together i would say you guys had a blast all your ex teammates in one spot

    86. Samir Veli

      Die roode Tim is goed 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    87. giorgi zarnadze

      Hnookjjhhhrrdaaqq Ppppppppppop

    88. Che anjas

      any team with sir alex will win

    89. ༒★Ň̷Δ̷Ĵ̷Μ̷Ữ̷ ̷ ŁØV€βAL

      *Beckham's team is better than the current United😁😁😁😁😁😁❤❤❤❤❤*

    90. ༒★Ň̷Δ̷Ĵ̷Μ̷Ữ̷ ̷ ŁØV€βAL

      *Tanta Ara who scored United's first goal .. Not the current United manager🤒🤒🤒*

    91. ༒★Ň̷Δ̷Ĵ̷Μ̷Ữ̷ ̷ ŁØV€βAL

      *beckam fans 😌pleas cone❤❤❤😌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤*

    92. andrrr andrrr

      Beckham can easily playing in Championship...

    93. Noah Kim

      To be honest, the current Manchester United is no where near is good as this FIFA dream team

      1. JM #7 RACING


      2. Daster 123

        Well no shit

    94. Rattenhoofd

      I was laughing my ass off at Stam's performance here. Not because it was bad, mind you, but because he literally plays like this is a Champions League final. Which is how he played every single game of his career. God I love that man. Others are kind of taking it easy, Stam is taking it dead serious.

      1. Rollupgang gameplays

        Amazing gameplay from Manchester United full simulation match

      2. Shashi

        Hilarious... Shattered Olic's bearings..

      3. Efren Bata

        I thought that watching it lol 😂 One of United's most underrated players ever

    95. prodigiii712

      Rolling back the years.

    96. cj18

      ofcourse this was not advertised for the rest of the world enough, cause the shitty industry doesn't profit from it. so i bet a lot of europe didn't even know about it, unless you are a hard fan

    97. Amaçsız Motorcu

      Koy şu M.United'ı süper lige ilk 3 garanti :D

    98. Time Traveller

      When you realize Man united's 99 class team of 45 year old players dad bods play a lot better than the current team

    99. Przemek M

      Yeah, go on, relive the past. We leave the present. Bayern Fans.

      1. Przemek M

        Nooo. Yeah, go on, relive the past. We live the present. Bayern Fans. :)

    100. brodemonz

      I'm just throwing this out there, but Paul Scholes can still ball. 🤷‍♂️