Måneskin - Beggin' | X Factor Italia 11x02

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    X Factor Italia 11x02 live - Måneskin cover of Madcon's version of Beggin'

    * I do not own ANY of the music/video. property and rights for audio and video go to Sky Italia / Måneskin *

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    1. Makayla T

      So so so impressive. Came looking for an earlier performance of this since it has now blown up, and what stands out to me is how much his English pronunciation has improved (particularly in the 'rap' sections). Not only does he sing in English and sound amazing, but the difference in the rapping in this one vs current one is just insane. Mad talent.

    2. Anthony Sanchez

      Skip to 3:22 for the actual song

    3. SeleckPlays

      I can't understand what the judges are saying, but I think they're saying good things!

    4. Allyson Powell

      Instant stardom!! The raspy voice, the swag, the badass band!!

    5. Rob Vice

      If that band was active in say 60's or something, they'd be world-class and we would keep on playing their songs every day in 2021

    6. Eileen Carvill


    7. ทักษิณ ฤทธิธรรม

      2021 this song is very popular

    8. wildfire -s

      i love their 'i wanna be your slave' song.

    9. TIEZ CIEM

      Severus me cae bien jeje

    10. IYAN IYAN

      Aku suka,tpi aku gk ngerti

    11. Shreyash Dattatraya ubale

      Dhinchak pooja ne try krna chahiye ye song 💪

    12. Lydia DC


    13. fer30 rua

      Hola Buy bueno

    14. Jess D

      Pathetic when they start name dropping American musicians and singing the songs as if to desperately trying to fit in. Like look at us we’re cool we can repeat American music. Be your own individual. Make music that’s original and authentic to your country rather than be a copy cat with lesser quality copied song please

    15. Jess D

      Why do they keep quoting diff American songs and talking about Gloria Gaynor etc. as if they’re trying to fit in with American ppl. Or trying to be cool. It’s annoying. Make your own authentic songs. Stop copying and imitating us. All countries in the world think of themselves as worthless as it American music and culture it’s the best thing ever. They copy our clothes, our songs, everything. It’s annotating and sad. You go to Europe to learn about their culture songs etc and all they’re trying to do is be us. We’re flattered y’all trying to be us but don’t lose your own heritage. It’s so sad.

    16. Яна -


    17. L. Lawliet

      je prefere l'original.. i prefer the original

    18. kake Sugiono

      Bangsat napa gw di bawa kesini ngerti juga kgk 😂 Woy aku tersesat

    19. NKMR

      16years old!?

    20. Lexi Grimbrooke

      Oh my goodness they're all such babies 😍🖤

    21. Flavio Marza

      Ciao belli

    22. Janice Perez

      Unique vocals bravo❤❤❤

    23. Dasun Nirmitha

      1:41 Those two have such great chemistry ☺️

    24. Ekin WDLC

      ohh this is a cover

    25. Jess D

      It’s amazing how Italian is such a beautiful melodic language while Spanish is so beyond ugly and annoying.

      1. Katalina Carvajal

        El italiano es derivado del español, hablo español e italiano

      2. Katalina Carvajal

        si y el ingles una mierda también

    26. Rosalba Morales

      Speaking spanish in italy

    27. Medas Laufs

      Winner of the eurovision🔥

    28. CyberNeko

      3:42 i literally fell of my chair- w h y

    29. Darius Grant

      4:34 Who's that Pokemon?!?

    30. Rhaieny Silva

      Falar português ajuda em uma hora dessas

    31. Stijn de jong

      Is it just me or is it a lil off like his twin brother killed him and then tried this lol crazy thoughts i know

    32. Ezequiel Sanchez

      Quizás no se dan cuenta pero están salvando al rock en forma global

    33. Margo Sokol

      Ваши голубки весь мир засрали! Тьфу на вас!

    34. jon Doe

      I just came to see what's all the hype about.... they did ok but I still prefer madcon version but I wish them success in their career

    35. Curiosidades ss


    36. Эрен Абобрес

      Блин, мне нравки

    37. Deebnoff

      When I heard this song on the radio, I wished Miyavi had done it. This would sound awesome as a Miyavi song. Happy I finally found the real group! This version is surprisingly refreshing 😊

    38. Dolores Rivera

      Something that I love about this band is that their soloist does not need autotune to hear well why he sings super well ✨

    39. Markos Diedrich

      c é looookooo, q shooowwwwww

    40. Anish Portel

      3:26 You're welcome

    41. Thalita Dona

      Try you lissen this song in another version... From Indonesian... Novia bachmid... My Indonesian idol

    42. Marcelo Cosmos

      Los Renacimientos ahí estan

    43. Steel prime King of Dabbleyoo

      Cover of frankie valli and the four seasons' song beggin.

    44. Cristian David Diaz España 8-01

      Show me beggin!!

    45. Pauline

      Vi adoro !!!!!✨⚡💥

    46. Jas Vice

      I needed a camera only on ethan...it's the way he plays

    47. game world

      Ya mone pavaresh malyaikal keriva

    48. Flores Bella

      Amo ❤🇧🇷 SHOW 🎶😍

    49. hermana de jeff

      Que buen grupo ✌️ lml

    50. J.A.G.H

      Hay alguien que hable español???

    51. H Harris

      It’s amazing! Love the vibe/music/ENERGY!!!!! The band looks like they’re having SO much fun (me tooo!) keep rockin’

    52. H Harris


    53. We As One Rise


    54. Luis de Jesús Ovalles


    55. diqta

      Nice Ratatata

    56. Cluti クルティ


    57. Majorfeelgood Records

      It’s so wonderful to see where it all started 🤘 I’m so glad to see success 🎼

    58. theogro100


    59. Alphakenny One

      Coolest cover of this song I’ve heard!

    60. Ara Gemilang

      tau lagu ini dari tiktok . salam dari Indonesia

    61. Nike2show

      Судьи еще не знали, что они выиграют Евровидение через 4 года!

    62. robyn tringrove


    63. Hobbi Dekor Lia Kreatív

      Jobb mint az eredeti :)

    64. fainty03 dagami

      I don't understand why are they seapk that

    65. Elizabeth Clothier

      Ugh, my husband has to brush up on his Italian! 😳. 🥰💖

    66. Yesi Indola Official

      Wau keren

    67. Abel

      Sep. 2021

    68. Beo

      Weird to think Damiano was 18 here

    69. Rusli Nurdin

      Ooohh ini sound yg lagi viral di tiktok 🤣🤣🤣 this original is crazyyyy man 👍🏾👏👏👏

    70. El Kid


    71. mïchã

      Omg 😯😯😯

    72. Melisa Mel

      Inikah penyanyi aslinya?😳

    73. Herit Last

      Unique man

    74. ÇєяøηŦη

      I, am latin, but I don't understood 1 word of this ''Italian's'' people

    75. Kerrytoby

      2021: When the people on stage are more famous than the panel!

    76. ⵏⴰⵡⴼⴻⵍ ⵃⵏⴰⴳⵔⵉⵢⴰ

      106 😒 🖕

    77. Viktoriya Huseynova

      Он для меня говоиит так в начале slchnsmlaabdjcjdbxj

    78. Victoria Parker

      I just love the song. Didn't know they were 3yrs in the making

    79. anneta

      sono stupendi

    80. Xian Lee


    81. theREALmypawgi

      im a fan of the original and MADCON version

    82. Faiz K


    83. Laura Gallego Sanchez

      La presentadora de azul es una egocéntrica,quejándose porque no puede hablar... que deje a los artistas recibir los aplausos merecidos y cuando el público termine de ovacionarles que valore la actuación, el aplauso del público forma parte de la actuación y debe respetar al público y sobre todo al artista que merece el aplauso

    84. Dhruv the ArtMonkey

      I don't understand Italian but thier expression says it all

    85. Dhruv the ArtMonkey

      Look at Victoria she looks too young and a kid 😂

    86. Sr.Chirin


    87. Rb715

      Lol I thought the song was originally made by the band but it was made by madcon another artist (search him up)

    88. Chloe

      wowwww this was the best

    89. 이성실

      미쳤다 이노래

    90. Χριστίνα Ρούμπη

      Wooow !!!!!

    91. Emilee

      Me just tryna search for comments from over a year ago to see if anyone predicted success

    92. Activities

      I try this i like this 🎤🎙️🎙️🎼🎵🎶🥇

    93. Mohamed Ala


    94. UnicornKnight25

      WHERE ARE THE SUBS?!?!?!?! :( really wanted to know what they said, but damn i cant understand shit of it xD

    95. porpramuk1989

      3 year later sucessed

    96. JluTePaTop

      Так появился хит?

    97. Bocah Otomotif

      Feel zerro sixpark

    98. e type-o-negativ

      0:20 ハリーポッターのスネイプ先生に似てる He looks like Severus Snape Harry Potter

    99. jaffy spino

      2nd Michael Jackson💥💥💥

    100. J. Garcia

      This band will be big. Remember that.