► Imagine Dragons - Believer (with lyrics)


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    1. Urban Trip

      They would like a video with lyrics, what song?

      1. Labh singh

        @Angela Barkley this is not classic??

      2. Farahtotounji

        Itz pretty music and nice chanle :D

      3. Ysabella Césaire

        Savage by aespa

      4. zozo.mode🤍💍


      5. Anant Mehta

        got emm

    2. Rsrao Rao

      understanding=000000000% but... enjoying=100000% i love this tune and song very much🤗😍😍💖

    3. cake n bake by rangi

      Yo And

    4. Joseph ff


    5. Yogita Mahale

      Legends Listening this music now 👌


      My ferviot song

    7. 『xPaiiinx』

      This song gives me bear vibes, and if it gives me bear vibes, then it give me Freddy vibes- I don't even understand my grammar.😃

    8. Rafika Aktar

      Lyrics.70% Enjoy.101% Understand. 000% **** I love this song

    9. Emma

      Soon good

    10. Doraemon YT

      This is awesome 👍💖 Believer lyrics...

    11. 06 alin Anwar


    12. Mosom Shanaha

      Iam fan this song thanks you for song you upload

    13. Hemchandra Phatuwali

      this is my favorite song

    14. Ghennadiene Peters

      Shut up shut up gray

    15. John Taylor Bush

      This is 1 of my favorite songs

    16. My RANDOM stuff

      Pov: me at 3:00am listening to this song and planning to murder my fictional character.

    17. Nisha Kamesh


    18. Mario González

      I like

    19. Rebeca De la torre

      I love this song so fucking much it make me sing🎶🎶😱🌈💖💖💖 so if you want more subscribe to him🌈😅❤️💖

    20. Jitin Kumar

      i dont undertand this song but ilove this song


      October 2021 ✌️

    22. Tigerstar

      I love this song!

    23. meme o1

      Dorian theme song...

    24. Arshiya Sheoran

      Where are you guys from🌏?

    25. Sara Elghachi

      cool wow

    26. Sachin Kumar


    27. Nupur Upadhyaya

      i am listening in 2021 but listen first time in 2020

    28. Loretta Kavanagh

      Do not ever listen to the song when you're trying to get relax

    29. chaman lal


    30. Pak Tech Gaming

      I recommend u that whatch this song it's a gaming song u will imentsily satisfied If U listens song whith headphones 🎧 Song name , 7ruh7h save me

    31. lilian rubaale

      wow the beats are good dam

    32. rubyann de leon


    33. Gagan Kitchen

      Good song

    34. AB ESPORTS ♦️

      In samsung ad

    35. Łambø ØP

      i learned the lyrics of the song frm this video 3 years back and i still remember them

    36. Sumon Shahnawaz.S.S.C. 91

      Ghggghhhhghhhgjhjghhhghhhghhhghhhhghjghjkkjjjjjfhfjhggggjghgjghjgjjgjfjfjsjjshsjdjfjjfjfjf he gjfjjfdhdjjfhfhfhfhfjffjrjrjjgjfjhggugu go dbbshdjfjdjsjsjsjfjcjjcfjjddjjdjfdjjdjdhjdkdjdjdjtujfj BB skncncnvjjsbghfjfikscbjccjhfruskfbfbhdjdiehruthtnznsncbakcbbcnchcjrjksncncbcbcbcbakdbgjrmzbdnckajbskcnkdkaakbanmapainhnaytnrndnkdbbelaenzjxjjxdkkjddkdnfjxlmbbnbdhdhsbsbneleverhdhdbbdndklwlsjrioejdkkfkfjfnfjfkdkfblwkjcjfoeksbdheurywpdnfjjfkfdkskkfjfjfjjgjgjgjfdoo

    37. Gudla Raji


    38. NoObMaStEr70

      I saw this vid like 2017 I think but I i believe I was like 6 or 7

    39. earth is my planet

      let the bullets fly, let em rain

    40. Jhace Mangalino

      Omcim See more....

    41. Talluri Kishor Talluri Kishor

      After 10 year we will meet right here🔥🔥🔥

    42. ana carla

      MDS, I'm Brazilian, I love this MSC kaakakka seriously and so you can't forget, you live in another country and it's nicer for oxen and

    43. luzmila mendoza reyes

      no me inporta que sea de ace 4 años es linda la cancion me encataaaaaaaaaaaa💟💕💞💓💗💖💝💘💌

    44. Chloe Jewel

      I love this song 😍💖💖😍😍💖💖💖😍😍💖💖

    45. Omega

      #Omegarule #1 I'M NOT BELIEVER I'M SEEKER

    46. Euphoria


    47. the one you will never be

      inspirational ⌐■_■

    48. Aditya Singh

      This lyrics is too easy

    49. AK Gamer FF

      Op bro

    50. AK Gamer FF

      OK bro

    51. Elaina zwicker

      Idc of what that do

    52. Vanessa Holsten

      I love ur song

    53. Elif Nur KESKİN


    54. Zaralby Khaula


    55. Zaralby Khaula


    56. Kalpana Khandelwal

      I love this song

    57. bangarevva hiremath

      Another 2-3song is one n English song is bals

    58. Aceネ

      This one of those songs that is part of internet history

    59. namshy kp


    60. Parwez Quraishi

      Loki bhaiya ka pura setting dikha diya Tu toh

    61. bangarevva hiremath


    62. bangarevva hiremath

      Yes " believe r"

    63. Bhupe Kumar

      Nice song

    64. shiva ram


    65. K.karupasamy K.karupasamy


    66. Nadim Hassan


    67. Erika Casillas

      i love it wow

    68. BR 02 MB

      Is the best song👍👍

    69. Tech Vegan

      If you found my comment, then you’re BELIEVER

      1. Tyyah


      2. stylo queen ✨💫


      3. Z A N Y A

        Why not!

      4. Tech Prove


      5. teacher you forgot about the homework


    70. YTKcyber

      So cool s And bad

    71. Claudia Fernanda Parejo


    72. Syed Orangzaib

      Hentai songs pls

    73. Start Games

      I love this song

    74. Start Games

      Like this song

    75. Zackiya Edwards

      Make more videos.

    76. Oanh Nguyễn Thị Ngọc


    77. Shani Krishna

      Super song

    78. NOmoreBSplz Btrue

      This has become my signature song.

    79. shahd Albalushi


    80. shahd Albalushi

      I loooove believe



    82. ducanh dau


    83. محمد الأسطورة


    84. Meriem Bouzi

      I love the song

    85. Darshan DP

      legends listening after 4 years

      1. Darshan DP

        ?? ?? ??

      2. JaCKhaMMer

        @Iulian gheorghe Salahoriu why u noy ?

      3. Iulian gheorghe Salahoriu

        I’m noy

    86. Anna Lozovich

      I'm Russian but I like singing it without lyrics. I know this song well and I can sing it without music.

      1. Anna Lozovich

        And I know it from lyrics videos

    87. SSgames

      No matter how many times I hear this song but I love it ❤

    88. SSgames

      This song is a bit like breathless

    89. Bautista Bautista


    90. Bautista Bautista


    91. Bautista Bautista



      I love your songs

    93. TOY2SHO

      "...but they never di... lividibidividdid"

    94. Delaigomes Gomes

      Pain pain I made a song of a tt of it

    95. a

      Que guapo cuidate persona Gsp asi vale Guerrero amor fea lo aga

    96. Adarsh_singh

      first thing that i listens this song so many time but I never bored😇😍

    97. Nilima Gandhi


    98. KKK3079

      The time you didn’t know that this song is there and getting embarrassed in front of friends that I don’t even know such a song

    99. Lennon Chaney

      Or me pam zu zu zu ka ka ka

    100. Lennon Chaney

      Or squid game