House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max



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    Gods. Kings. Fire. Blood.

    House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.


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    House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max

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    1. HBO Max

      House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.

      1. Iraqi soljer 89

        @Hihi Hiwho u r ?

      2. Atul Patel

        Release Hindi dubbed please

      3. Atul Patel

        Release HBO Max India

      4. eli

        i hope it doesnt get screwed up at the end by the producers

      5. Shubham Siddharth

        Is this upcoming of Games of throne?

    2. Prondolongo

      Don't let this distract you from the fact that they completely messed up season 8.

    3. Cheung Ahfook

      Games of incest coming to home near you.

    4. Sakina Zuhayr

      The witcher

    5. ARB

      O my god.

    6. Ada

      Nah man you guys screwed us over the last time. How do we know this is different? You broke our hearts man.

    7. Tay

      I'm READY!!! Let's Go!!!! House Targaryen!!!!!!!

    8. Chaz


    9. Vinícios Aguíar

      My Love is back

    10. MD sohel hasan

      THE BATMAN - Main Trailer

    11. Atlas Britânico

      Espero que não me decepcionem

    12. Atlas Britânico

      Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, agora simmmmm caracaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    13. Justin Lee

      rewatched the series and the finaple wasn't as bad as the first time I kinda sorta see why they did wa they did.....kinda

    14. Paloma Catalina Padilla


    15. Diehard Outdoors

      HBO MAX keeps on giving!!! Love it! Best subscription ever!!!!

    16. Nikola

      Anyone that would like to see Blackfyre rebelions after this spin off? I think that would be great story. All those bastards, Daemon, Aegor, Bloodraven and misteries that comes with them and events that were happening in those times. Martin created big world, where there could be independent series for a lot of different periods of history. I hope we going to see a lot of them.

    17. hrisha

      I'm sure it will be successful and chic, but without Emilia Clarke it's not right

    18. R.E


    19. Tindata Pollina

      The doctor! XD

    20. {xXx~*hatchetjob§*~xXx}

      *Fear & skepticism abound but "The Witcher"? Really?! It takes more than guys with blonde wigs to turn GoT into Xena Warrior Princess, er, The Witcher, FFS!*

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        @{xXx~*hatchetjob§*~xXx} I don't know who is doing the swords and props, but Michele Clapton did not return to do costuming. And it REALLY shows. And I really know nothing of the Witcher (beyond the obvious hotness of Henry Cavill. 🔥)

      2. {xXx~*hatchetjob§*~xXx}

        @Anjelica Snorcket Lol, segments of the trailer are definitely bordering on gold overload, no doubt some scenes from a large gathering of the ancient & noble Houses of Valyria flexing at King's Landing. If HotD has the same costume design team and armourer/sword designers from GoT then the prequel should be in good hands. There's no danger though of any story adapted from the ASoI&F world being remotely like The Witcher.

      3. Anjelica Snorcket

        Man, those costumes though. They're getting plushy gold cloaks for the city watch. I know ppl are excited for things to be more book accurate, but its starting to look a little Renfaire-ish. And the off the shoulder dresses...😳

    21. opzz xsin

      Love these comments. GoT's ending was so bad it ruined any chance of this show succeeding.

    22. D- Q.

      Will Zack Snyder's Justice League: Justice Is Gray be released on video?

    23. dragatus

      Guys, it's okay. George R. R. Martin actually *finished* this story (I know, sounds crazy) so the producers can use his ending instead of creating their own godawful fanfiction.

      1. opzz xsin

        why does this feel like Witcher

    24. ajith kumar


    25. Ethan Ray

      I have no idea why people hate season 8 so much. Game of Thrones was never about fulfilling destiny - neither Dany nor Jon were ever going to win the throne. This new show is going to be incredible.

      1. Adam Heywood

        Because none of it made any sense.

    26. captain bastard

      Not getting my hopes up for this show, not in the slightest. After what happened with the original series, and the state of entertainment/Hollywood right now? Yea, IF I watch this, its via the 7 seas.

    27. Ha Peenes

      i just realized i couldnt care less

    28. zani

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    29. Dendelin007

      is that a black Targaryen?

    30. Rafael Dwell Dos Santos

      Got vs lotr.. 2022 would be lit🔥 And world cup as well... 🤣

    31. Chris Albert

      Sorry, I'll be watching the second season of the Witcher instead. Maybe I'll catch this on Blu-ray.

    32. vanstraelend

      I tought I was done whit this show,but it feels good to see this.

    33. Ammy Tshabatau

      Really milking the living light out of this narrative. 😂

    34. Mr Nobody

      Please put Arabic subtitle in your app for movies and tv shows

    35. Kaylee Cash

      This is it HBO. This is your chance to redeem yourselves. Good choice on bringing in Matt Smith.

    36. Lonely Boy

      why does this feel like Witcher

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        Cause it looks cheesy?

    37. Bill Blio

      that token black guy with silver hair... my god.. this show is probably gonna be the ultimate sjw sh.tshow ever. hard pass.

      1. captain bastard


    38. Shihoblade

      Who is the black guy? There are black people in Westeros? Edit: on second thought one of the Targaryen bastards was described with pretty dark skin. Nettles her name methinks. So maybe black people have been hanging around afterall.

    39. King Janavar

      WTF!!! Black Targaryen?!! what???

      1. 920 SHIVAM AMARE

        They are velaryons

    40. Squid

      I'm gonna be cautiously optimistic. After all I feel like everyone working on this show knows their lives all depend on how it turns out.


      HBO: Choose your plan. Me: yes, torrent

    42. Monkey Tennis

      Completely pointless

    43. S-B

      Is this written by GRR or the 2 directors who ruined the end of GOT

    44. Shin Malphur

      I saw a picture of two platinum blond haired people, saw the chin and thought “hold on a tic, that’s matt smith” and scoured the internet for information, leading me here

    45. John Paul Hilson

      Young Rhaenyra almost has resemblance with Daenerys Targaryen . I hope it is great

    46. anasha keiler

      I just realized that most of the characters and dragons in the show are going to end up DEAD. So I'm not going to get attached to ANY of them.


      I don't think this will be a hit series.cause GOT became hit series because of Emilia Clarke do if she is not here then low chance.

    48. Pablo Garcia

      Han lanzado la moneda

    49. gopinath m

      Best series of the decade✨

    50. LazyK92

      0:38 euh ok??

      1. captain bastard

        yea.....a black, this show is going to be nothing but an SJW shitfest.

    51. Aymen Kaoudja

      En attente 🔥🔥

    52. Zike na Área!


    53. MrPmc1983 McMental

      Game of Thrones died a horrible and nasty death, kinda like most of the characters but the shows death wasn't enjoyable to the viewers !

    54. King Clips


    55. Abel Alemneh

      I hope it is like the last one realistic

    56. Егор Семенов

      Nice teaser, but why does the dragon have 4 legs? In the books, dragons have 2 legs, while in GoT they have 2 legs. And the Velaryons .... Why are they black? I hope the show explain this, because even in the animation from HBO, Velaryons were typical white Valyrians. In fact, it smacks of hypocrisy on the part of the creators of the series and the HBO bosses

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        @Егор Семенов In S7, Rhaegar's jacket also had a dragon with 4 legs. Point was more often 4 legs than 2. Just saying. 💁

      2. Егор Семенов

        @Anjelica Snorcket i can't remember this, sorry

      3. Anjelica Snorcket

        @Егор Семенов Dude. I literally pointed out two examples in S8. 💁

      4. Егор Семенов

        @Anjelica Snorcket Yes, there were many mistakes in season 1, but in subsequent seasons, there was a dragon with two legs on the coat of arms

      5. Anjelica Snorcket

        In GoT, the dragon sigil often had 4 legs. The one on Viserys' clothes, the big flag in S8 when Dany gave her speech, on her sails....they were super inconsistent. 🤷

    57. DX Shield

      Waiting 🔥❤

    58. Aisha Shaikh

      People in this comment section are literally reacting like their toxic ex used the 'I have really changed' card and I love it!!🤣🤣🤣

    59. Eye In The Sky

      Kinda sounds like Ramsey Bolton!

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        @Eye In The Sky Yeah, a lot of ppl think so.

      2. Eye In The Sky

        @Anjelica Snorcket I know, but he does sound a bit like Iwan Rheon here I think.

      3. Anjelica Snorcket

        Its Matt Smith.

    60. malph123

      I hope this time the dragons are transgender and purple haired.

      1. Camo 4


    61. David O'Shea

      Not gonna watch it just so they can F it up in the end.

      1. captain bastard

        @David O'Shea They already made House Velaryon black, so yea, its going to be an SJW shitfest. Hard pass.

      2. David O'Shea

        @Arthur Abreu Do you think that will stop them from changing anything they like?

      3. Arthur Abreu

        The story this show is based on has already been finished by George RR Martin.

    62. marduk

      Cant you just make a feature film on roberts rebellion?

    63. V Ali


    64. Sr Ros

      Arriba los Verdes 💚🐲✊

    65. Kujtim Rexhepi

      there is no tv show like you made a GoT and we hoping for this one too

    66. mllop aeet

      I didn't realize how much I missed GoT until I watched this!

    67. Mc STORM KING

      And now we all have to act like we don't want to see Jon Snow and Tormund drinking ale at castle black 😂💔



    69. Epicdarkwolf 11

      Can't wait

    70. Kidelect Domino

      A man needs a name

    71. Rameez Iqbal

      No HBO, not making the same mistake twice.

    72. kyla ren

      Im very excited on how the writers will ruin this show for everyone...😊😊

    73. Mrinal Axomiya

      Dreams didn't make them King, Dragons Did. 🐉

    74. Elijah Gacheru

      The only way they would have ended the show was through writing a better storyline, at least let the golden company shine before burning them, like I understand the iron fleet getting burnt to even the playing field. If I was the writer, I'd station the Dothraki forward to meet the Golden Company and see how the Golden Company fair against the greatest calvary, then sneak the Unsullied and men of the North into the city in a surprise attack to meet the Lannister forces. Tyrion would also sneak in with the Northmen and lace the sea with black fire, take some scorpions and fire at the Iron fleet with the Lannister army occupied at the gate, then when all is almost lost, when the Dothraki are retreating, let Dany come and burn them down, and burn the remaining iron fleet who have already suffered many casualties under the scorpions, with the North losing alot of men. Then as the Unsullied are almost defeated by the superior numbers of the Lannister army, the Dothraki(who were saved from the already torched Golden Company) come to their rescue. And a fight ensues between evenly matched Lannisters and a combined Unsullied and Dothraki army, meanwhile, the North move into the castle with the help of Tyrion where Jon Snow and the Hound fight the Mountain and win, they capture the castle and Cercei out of desparation blows up most of the city with wildfire not wanting it to be ruled by Cercei. Jaime Lannister who witnesses what Cercei has done, sneaks behind her and stabs her in the back crying. Meanwhile, the queen is proclaimed dead and the war ends. In the end, Jon is given the North to rule as King, Jaime is made the commander of the armies and Tyrion remains hand of the Queen and given Casterly Rock. The Dothraki, Unsullied and all armies are intergrated as one under a new banner with all the seven kingdoms. Meanwhile, emissaries are sent to the Bank to pay repatriation for hiring the Golden Company on behalf of Cercei and the money is used to rebuild the city. The other kingdoms are given the option to join the new queen or rule as democracies and many opt to join. After Dany is crowned queen, Drogon flies Dany to a place where she finds another dragon egg and Dany hides it and in her speech vows to use Dragons only when the dead return. Later she gets her baby and names him Eddard after Jon's father and the kingdom regains peace once more.

      1. Oswald Thatendswald

        they did Harry Strickland so dirty in Season 8

      2. Junior Pasion

        Get a life

      3. Ghaztoir

        This would have made season 8 good.

    75. Jo Sal

      Seems a bit to soon..... HBO must be suffering withdrawals from GOT

    76. Tân Hồ

      GOT ending is worst movie ever, even if you was trying to turn it into fairy tales show, it's also not good at all.

    77. SanjiBaratie

      Is Dumb and dumber gonna be involved in this?

      1. Cooki3_ Th1ef

        no, they have nothing to do with this project.

    78. Knowledge Earner

      Yes yes finally something awesome is coming😃😃😃

    79. Pramila Nakarmi

      Hope it doesn't end like Season 8

      1. Anjelica Snorcket


    80. mackinleigh. joy

      i have finished got yet wtf happens in the season finale that everyone hates

      1. Cooki3_ Th1ef

        this is only a prequel, you don't have to finish Thrones to understand this show :)

    81. holierthan

      I loved GoT's finale! :D

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        @holierthan lol...baffled?

      2. holierthan

        @Anjelica Snorcket :O I'm baffled! For reals.

      3. Anjelica Snorcket

        @holierthan The book plot is complete. You can just google the Targaryen civil war. Plus Joffrey tells Margeary in S3- "Rhaenyra Targaryen was murdered by her brother, or rather, his dragon. It ate her while her son watched. What's left of her is buried in the crypts right down there." Yet another Targ Queen who doesn't get her throne. Typical GRRM story - they all die. 🤷

      4. holierthan

        @Anjelica Snorcket Got spoilers?

      5. Anjelica Snorcket

        Then you should like the ending of this one too. Enjoy.

    82. Atul Patel

      Release Hindi dubbed please

    83. M Darais

      Directors should prove they have the ending all written up already and cast approves it.


      Finally my one of the best experience series is come ❣️

    85. David Kuhn

      Lets see... how did the original series do once the showrunners ran out of books to base it on... oh yea... so badly that 2 blind monkeys at typewriters could have done better... soo... yea lets do some more of that!!

      1. Gabriela S.

        the book for this one is complete and the new showrunner is a fan of the book for more than 20 years and a friend of GRRM

      2. Anjelica Snorcket

        The plot for this is complete.

    86. Gamerxbetax

      I seriously can’t wait to watch this.

    87. Activelightshows

      This trailer should have more than 12 million views. Lmao

    88. Tim Entenfusz

      Matt Smith returns!

    89. Penguin

      I’ve always wished that the war of dance with dragon be adapted and it’s finally true ❤️ there’s so much curiosity to know about nettles and her dragon sheep-stealer since the book barely talked about her , and who’s the true father of the Queens sons? I can’t wait to find out

    90. Younes Mwayyel

      This is the 200 time that I see it, And I can't get enough

    91. C. Sophia S.

      I've watched this teaser trailer countless times and I still get chills. So hyped 🙌🏾 🐲🔥

    92. A Aron

      NO! Get it through your thick skull HBO, we loved you for the sopranos and other great shows, but there is no resurrecting Game of Thrones. Nobody asked for it, nobody wants it, and nobody is going to get invested in another season of it and you know damn well why. Don't blame the fans, blame yourself. Move on!

    93. Tairon de Oliveira

      Another CGI show with blasé characters and catchphrases.

    94. Caitlin Chavez

      Don’t count me in if D&D are working on this. I’m still mad at them.

      1. captain bastard

        Instead they got SJW's working on it, which is just as bad.

      2. Gabriela S.

        they are not! it's a new showrunner


        they are not

    95. vsx1016

      This will be good. I can feel it.

      1. p m

        I like cute girls

    96. Øivind Hansen

      Nope. No Arya goes to sea, no more Game of Thrones for me.

    97. ወድ ሚካኤል ስሁል

      As the Gojames said "Fak u", we didnt forget abt GOT S8 mfs. Spreading salt over our wounds😢😢