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    The trailer for Disney+’s all-new adventure comedy “Home Sweet Home Alone” is here! The reimagining of the beloved holiday film franchise will debut November 12, 2021 exclusively on Disney+.

    “Home Sweet Home Alone” stars Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Archie Yates, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray, Ally Maki, and Chris Parnell. The film is directed by Dan Mazer from a screenplay by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell, story by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell and John Hughes based on a screenplay by John Hughes. Hutch Parker, p.g.a. and Dan Wilson, p.g.a. produce, with Jeremiah Samuels serving as executive producer.

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    1. dark lames

      british home alone

    2. staticall

      Investor: Hey, guys, i need to burn $100 000 000, quick Disney: Gotcha! You wouldn't get a cent back, i assure you.

    3. b3ans4eva


    4. b3ans4eva

      Even the AVGN episode is better than this.

    5. Clump Bartleby

      man are u for real

    6. Mike Ledger

      Is this a joke?

    7. Jason Bourne

      I could have crapped a better reboot than this crap.

    8. anton_smallz99 _

      Why does this look like it was made as a fan film? This isn’t real

    9. Jason Bourne

      You gotta be kidding me, this looks so stupid

    10. matt sean

      I hope no parent shows their kids this version before the original!

    11. RussianJackal

      Dude, that poor kid… he is going to be Jake Lloyd 2.0.

    12. Dandy Crow

      #BoycottDisney #BoycottWokeDisney #CancelDisneyPlus #BoycottHollywood #BoycottHollyWOKE

      1. Dandy Crow

        @Director Scarlett If you say they are "useless", means that you are part of the problem and they're not only useful, but NECESSARY!

      2. Director Scarlett


    13. OweeO

      The worst thing is that they’re English

    14. PAL3

      Why go British (especially since this kid is so boring) They should have just gone “woke” and made it a black kid 😂


      Tetap yang paling enak di tonton versi original, jadi berasa nostalgia masa kecil

    16. Limp


    17. Ben Vogelpohl

      Okay, for real, the trampoline thing at the end was pretty awesome

    18. childdayz On YouTube

      How come they couldn’t just get someone to be Kevin McAllister and the other characters this home alone is a rip off

    19. childdayz On YouTube


    20. Ask MiName

      why....why...and why again? this looks so horrible....what is the point to make an even more dull version of ab already great movie? All the parents who take their little kids that have most already seen 1 and 2, are going to be completely bored.

    21. E

      I missed Kevin :(

    22. mikemcneil624

      Signed into GEtwo for the first time in eons just so I could unlike this

    23. Agnes Naomi

      i just wanna appreciate these actors especially the kid. props to you guysss for being so bold, can’t wait to see yall!

    24. Nick Brown

      What are your thoughts? getwo.info/top/video/mn-24KaldaJ4mMY

    25. Стефан

      As this wouldn't be shitty enough, they use British actors, they sound so awful

      1. Crazy Moose

        That’s the dumbest reason to be bad

    26. RC Flugkanal Meier

      i,m sad

    27. Leoluca Randisi

      i dont think it looks that bad i will give it a try!

      1. robbie distasio

        your right absolutleyright home alone 3 4 and 5 were way worse than this. this new one feels more like home alone than the last 3 films and the stunts look great

    28. AzureDragon97

      Did ANYONE ask for this???

    29. Sting 530

      Boring movie

    30. Adriano

      The only home alone I kinda enjoyed that wasn’t 1 and 2 was home alone 5 😂

    31. StainZ

      just a shitty knock off of the first film

    32. ِ ِ

      Ehsan movie from upin ipin

    33. Онотоле Малюта

      Поднять щиты за Маколея Калкина

    34. Dallas Azbill

      My only question is why would they feel the need to make a shot for shot remake of home alone other then for money? Like, thousands of people try and get into the movie business yet there clever and artistic ideas get beat out by pointless reboots.

      1. robbie distasio

        not really shot for shot most of it is different with a couple of homages the vacation plotline and the airport scene were the same the rest is different

    35. Cheeze Whiz

      Hope they like there cash grab $_$

    36. Fireblade

      Why is there a British kid in a movie that takes place in the US. He does not fit in at all.

    37. Snower

      gonna watch this cuz Ellie Kemper, thats literally my only reason lmao

    38. James Young

      So what made them think that they were going to get a positive reaction out of this? Lol

    39. Sin-Gray

      trash disney ruined it

    40. NeoReaper82

      This is so bad.

    41. Argh JayEm

      Home alone 3 looks like a cinematic masterpiece compared to this!

    42. Legomnews 169

      This version of home alone looks god Awful!

    43. chiller13

      Sorry but the is disrespectful. Please don’t go to the cinema. The movie industry has no idea how they can money so they just doing remakes of everything. And… there is only one “Home alone” with Macaulay Culkin. Please do not destroy my childhood.

    44. Mr. Clown

      great movie! gonna put it on my do not watch list.

    45. Giffy Pop

      I think it still looks legit. Of course it's not the same but at least it's not Ace Ventura Jr

    46. Collin Davis

      I actually enjoyed the second an third sequels. After that...not so much.

    47. DawSome986

      I’m only watching the trap scene

    48. Adam prentice

      This looks pathetic. Gonna ruin another classic, shelve it now pls

    49. Incognito Bitch

      Leave it alone**

    50. DJ Nickity-Quick

      Stop remaking everything!! Why do we need a new home alone?? The original was great. Killing my childhood.

    51. Beenet Stuff

      no hate but how are they still making home alone movies?

    52. Irwin Keitt

      Couldn't dislike this enough times 😒

    53. mrattapuss

      1. this looks terrible b. something about Aisling Bea with an English accent triggers my fight or flight response

    54. GipsyMonster

      How many remakes you want? Disney : yes

    55. Stanislav Obrazcoff

      ух как всё полит-корректно, даже хлопчик боди-позитивный :) это ж надо было так "умело подобрать" актёров, что даже трейлер смотреть противно, ищите новые сценарии, не портите "классику", балбесы

    56. Denis Z

      Да прекратите уже снимать ремейки!!!!! Вашу мать.

    57. Sali Mali


    58. Alva Gonzalez


    59. Team Nexxus


    60. Amxn

      yeah i dont know about this one

    61. Thridgy

      Yeah. This ain’t it chief

    62. Вполне Играбельно

      По сей день остаются любимыми новогодними фильмами только 1 и 2 часть "Один дома".... Остальные ужасные. Что актеры, что игра их.... И тут такое.... Даже близко не стоит.

    63. musicaltheatergeek79

      Why are the villains American if it takes place in England? Just another example of radical-leftist Disney expressing their anti-Americanism in this needless reboot. 🙄

    64. OriginalJBone

      Only gonna watch it for Pete Holmes

    65. Manue1

      Can’t wait to see the pansexual black obese on this film

    66. heejin shiu

      getwo.info/top/video/joeXu22wZpiA1s4 Oh la la la - Daniel el Travieso

    67. Munya Chakadini

      I’m sorry but the original just can’t be beaten

    68. Emmanuel Bernal


    69. silverblade357

      PITCH MEETING "So, you have a new movie for me?" "No, sir. I dont!" "Really?" "Yeah. I wanted to take it easy, so I pretty much just used every aspect of Home Alone while mildly changing some character names." "Well, okay then!"

    70. rp78900

      Stupidity at its finest


      Honestly doesn't look that bad don't understand all the hate buy we'll see if it's bad

    72. Eagle15177

      Nah man I can’t watch this.

    73. DSS Max


    74. John Rosello

      This remake looks horrible come on Macaulay Culkin Home Alone it's a classic

    75. Helo Hi

      We need another crusade

    76. Messmusician


    77. Chapter Vi Xo

      Nobody here. Is goinG! To see this!

    78. yogaflame30

      Boy, does that look like stupid movie

    79. nwpgunner

      jesus christ garbage

    80. Kevin Christian kc

      Dislike like youtobe rewind. Why

    81. Jango

      btw this movie is being directed by the guy who wrote Borat.

    82. FlowerOfYoga

      I don’t understand why people don’t like the trailer! The kid seems very cool and talented! And the story is same fun :) I think it’s gonna be good movie 🙂

    83. Maber Gaming

      Dunder Mifflin this is Erin

    84. Julia The Weaver

      Oh, my... This looks like badly cheated homework. Even phrases are the same and sound with similar tone. If the classic "Home Alone" wouldn't have appeared, I think I might even like this one. But there has been too much remakes recently and in the light of this it seems that the movie industry of the West started imitating Dr Frankenstin's work instead of creating new bright ideas.

    85. Aya la Poufssoufle

      Really i prefer thé original version

    86. Thelaptopunderyourbed

      only watching for the kid cause i loved him as yorki

    87. Ste Jer

      A reboot of a remake is exactly what the world is waiting for! I hope it's woke as well!

    88. Kaito

      I think it is funny

    89. That Guy Named Phinneas

      please stop

    90. Arno Messner

      I think there's no need to say that this one is unnecessary? I'm staying with home alone 1+2, thanks anyway for the waisted time for alle the actors and workers on the set for this movie.

    91. Ryu 23 SF


    92. Igor Nikiforov

      I have a tradition of watching one at home 1 and 2 every new year. Stop shitting on my bright memory of these films.

    93. Noor Hussien

      The body is so cute and lovely🥰🥰

    94. MR DIB DAB

      Thanks for ruining my childhood Disney!

    95. Abdullah

      Why did this get approved?

    96. Eeeeioee Yuppers

      Merry Christmas ya bloody filthy animal

    97. Daddy chill

      My Disappointment is Immeasurable and My Christmas is Ruined

    98. Toprak Altun

      Totally cringe