have you ever seen a yellow laser?

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    have you ever seen a yellow laser?

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    1. Nathaniel Kenney

      Heh heh…pp laser

    2. Andrés Rocha

      Imagine a balloon filled with hydrogen

    3. Tine Resnt

      What’s that lightning thing he shines the lazer into at the end?

    4. Johnny Williams

      Me:(sees lightning) RISE KING GHIDORA RISE!!!!!

    5. Elrond McBong

      If you thought, light sabers are comlex...

    6. • ArTxSpAz •

      *Laughs in Fireboy and Watergirl*

    7. Tim Magee

      Can we do lasers in LN2?

    8. Stratus

      dude pulled out that one Solar Beam spell

    9. BARIN B


    10. Blocky

      Where do you get this lazer

    11. Hxs Zilla

      this guy have irl lightsaber

    12. Just_Daniel

      Orange or yellow are my go to lightsabres

    13. Hopmah208

      He gives me the "I can't believe you've done this" vibes

    14. osmacar

      It's the jedi sentinels laser pointer


      that is like beam

    16. віктор Калитин

      How about orange one?

    17. Phil Mish

      Fork off

    18. lakky king yt

      This guy would be topper in maths and seince

    19. Shelton Willey GRAFFITI

      Bois we made it, pee laser

    20. Qisto

      I thought it was the color gold

    21. Kaze

      Can you take your han trough it

    22. Edit Time

      Ray thanks you for explaining

    23. Akatherealone

      I have no clue what this man said all I know is that is one beautiful laser

    24. nonchalant mandems

      You know, I see this and am like 'How in the freakedy frick nuts have lightsabers not been invented yet'

    25. Oofulous

      U sound like the kid from home alone

    26. Woo Six

      Yellow chem XD. Don’t shine yellow into your eye

    27. Zach Plays

      His strongest one is the invisible

    28. Kokomi simp

      I like your words funny man

    29. ツFredi

      Yeah, I wish these were more common. Yellow/orange lasers are beautiful, but *so* expensive compared to other ones like red and green

    30. Giovanni Tajek

      It's the holy laser

    31. LLG

      When you touch the light does it hurt

    32. ryan vermilion

      I know this might sound stupid but can lasers get so powerful where they hit eachother and deglect like a lightsaber

      1. ryan vermilion


    33. DebzLife


    34. BandaidBoy

      I understood the first half of the video

    35. Generic Rat

      Yellow lasers wth is that a those are the 5 year old laser stuff i rlly wanted to see black lasers

    36. Dolphin Edits

      The force is strong with this one

    37. Dawidh Yeshua

      Nerd but cool laser tho

    38. David Gvir

      Now I did

    39. Godzilla

      Damm thats a great lightsaber you have right there

    40. Xorberax


    41. Phia

      Piss laser

    42. Devdoesitbest

      I understand nothing about this but it's still so cool

    43. Joe Medlen

      Now I can make Orokin traps from Warframe

    44. Lucas Kloen

      This guy is general grievous of the laser pens

    45. Lord Puddingl

      Oh shit that's cool

    46. No one

      The real life version of lightsaber s

    47. Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan

      You’re a Jedi Gordon!!!!!

    48. Axel Troy Sugiarto

      Put yellow glass on a white laser

    49. superfly

      Now that is a yellow laser. For me its more to amber really

    50. Dragon Chazzy

      It’s reys light saber

    51. Snore

      "It is strong enough to pop a balloon" Bloons TD6 Dartling gunner: "Write that down, write that down!"

    52. wetbedbandit

      I saw a really shitty one in star wars


      Who remembers rays lightsaber

    54. Abd Wafi

      Woah, yellow lasers looks so cool!

    55. Unknown U

      Yes but creature rarity colour is blue

    56. Shelby Creed

      But can I touch it?

    57. anonymoose

      This dude can go complain as a Jedi with one of these lol

    58. Rey Gregorio

      Humanity is becoming a jedi

    59. Seth Rune

      For some reason this reminds me of Star wars just in a more scientific way LOL

    60. The LazyAlgorithm

      If he hadn't blocked the beam when bringing that camera closer, we would have seen what most Jedi's see when they die.

    61. spooky

      The only reason we don't see those many is because of how rare yellow kyber crystals are

    62. Brody Varnado

      How did you get it please

    63. Lord Buttsauce

      piss laser :)

    64. Dick Diamonds

      Have I ever seen a yellow laser? Yeah I dubstep

    65. Just Egg

      Real life terraria npc

    66. generic brick

      How much r they

    67. Kxpe GT

      Laser can make you blind. But i wonder if he point the laser at the camera and we are watching the video, are we gonna go blind?

    68. Furbrey

      So basically if you tape it to your head your the vision

    69. BigXchicken


    70. Artichii


    71. Okay AndI

      I'm gonna nod and pretend to understand that. But thanks.

    72. TUHUS


    73. Entity 261

      I dare you to but your ballz in front of the laser i promise it wont hurt ive tried it

    74. Kajetan Miliankovic


    75. Nahidur Rahim

      NileRed style

    76. Moomoomilk

      Did you walk through it… again

    77. Breadskate

      How big can you make the beam? Can you get bigger kyber crystals?

    78. SK1DZZZ

      I have not

    79. CowboyBen

      no idea what he just explained but he was right: it is really cool

    80. aola wili

      I honestly love it when you say “pretty cool right?” At the end of all your videos 👍🏻💯

    81. rando man

      How much are some of these lasers? I'm really interested in a nice cyan or yellow beam. Could you help me find a source?

    82. Kenyetta Moore

      I don't know much about lasers so dot judge me but can u put it hand in front of them?

    83. T.A.L

      how much.

    84. Yash

      I got motivated to learn my light chapter 😂

    85. DXway Boltz

      If only i had a friend like you

      1. aola wili

        Da looks like light saber sheeeaayewagdsh

    86. dylan Lussier

      I guess it would be hard to make a yellow light saver.

    87. King

      where can i buy

    88. Sam Like

      Warren Graham

    89. MinoProd

      Is this real GEtwo 😶

    90. Juhkewzy

      Please keep putting all your energy into things you love

    91. Enoch Earnshaw

      Where do you buy these

    92. Guesty gaming

      Light saber

    93. Nala


    94. Joinkable

      I like your funny words magic man

    95. Cama

      Can't find any selling online for normal laser prices... sad

    96. mr jellie


    97. jimmy _animation

      Its not rare

    98. Hashem Ahmed

      Da looks like light saber sheeeaayewagdsh

    99. Quantino

      Have you ever seen someone so smart like him? Me neither