From double decker bus to RV in 20 steps


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    How I bought a double decker bus and converted it in five years time into an RV. See how I did all that in 20 steps. I got a lot of questions about the bus, so I made a FAQ on my website. Read it here:

    The bus is for sale. Interested? Contact me. Email is in the 'about' of this GEtwo-channel.

    We did a full interior tour of the bus, that video is here:
    If you want to know the cost of the whole project, that is in this video:

    More photos of the bus are to be found in this Google Photos folder:
    The plans of the bus are for free available in the 3D Warehouse of Sketchup at:

    Volunteers who want to translate my videos are still very welcome! I will add your name to the description of the video you translated, and will add a short text - maybe with your contactdetails? Ready to do a translation? Contact me, my email address is on the 'About' page here:
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    French Translation by Raphaël.
    Polish translation by Mateusz.
    Hungarian translation by: Rómeó Mirkó Gátai

    Intro - Monks - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
    Steps 1, 4, 13, 20 - Get Back - Silent Partner
    Steps 2, 5, 12, 17 - Cancun - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
    Steps 3, 10, 15, 19 - Take That Back - Silent Partner
    Steps 6, 11, 16 - Brother Jack - JR Tundra
    Steps 7, 14, 18 - Good To Go - Gunnar Olsen
    Step 8 - Raindrops - Huma-Huma
    Step 9 - Smooth - Silent Partner

    website -
    facebook - www. bigbuszz
    instagram - onrust1

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    1. Aleksandar Arsenijević

      Very good job! But i think for that engine overhaul is very extreme overpriced...Greetings from Serbia!

    2. Mouse Gamer

      This is genuinly my dream

    3. Lilly

      Could have given us a little more on the final results, man

      1. Onrust!

        I did in another video (several in fact): You commented on a video from 2017..

    4. Peggy Samples

      Now this is a RV

    5. Chris Johnson

      That would be $1,000,000 or more to buy something like that new if anyone even makes such a thing.

    6. Carlos A Cabrera B

      An entire life is never enough to realize your dreams and make happy others. Thank you for share the happiness; is not a big bus, is a big dream. ¡Gracias!

    7. Nathan Bragg

      how much did the bus cost?

      1. NFTelegraph

        @Onrust! subbed.

      2. Onrust!

        That is here:

    8. Yeli ; ] Rom

      Jolie travail cool

    9. The Magic Boy

      What a fantastic bus and build!

    10. FaZe_Buendia

      absolutely amazing, well done

    11. _М_И_К_Р_О_Б_ _М_И_К_Р_О_Б_

      Картина Ночной дозор .

    12. Zaha Naru

      Step 1 : Be rich person

      1. Onrust!

        'Be' sounds passive and unjust. In my case more appropriate would be: Step 1: Become rich person (I worked and saved 25 years before I was able to do this)

    13. Darek Z

      That is so beautiful, when you don't have to count how much everything weight. I've got the caravan, and I have to.

    14. Andrew robb

      The upholstery on the downstairs seats is quite something 🤔 Also perhaps go without that music for the next video

      1. Onrust!

        You're commenting on a video of 2017. You might want to check out the next video(s)..

    15. Idioticcrazybusscots

      this is what i want to be doing in my future, such an inspiring video

    16. Naten Baptista

      Thanks for making a otherwise hour long man-thats-too-long-I-dont-want-to-watch video into just 12 short important stuff minutes.

    17. Tony Green

      I am so jealous, I can’t even afford to deck out a van let alone a double decker bus

    18. maikor3


    19. Mike 739

      This is definitely the coolest object conversion ive ever seen

    20. joshua kosch

      end result showed only the roof. we didnt get to see the whole thing done from every nook and cranny to everything in it. you past right by all the things in the bus with the camera pointed at the roof.

      1. Onrust!

        Yep. You watched 'in 20 steps'. You SHOULD see 'Interior Tour' for that. 😆

    21. Onii-chan

      *Titulo en español: Bienvenidos a Doc tops

    22. alphaser

      Great job, congrats!...

    23. Hayata Dair Herşey 16

      Rahat bir yatak odası yeri varken etrafini kapatmak bebe hiç de kullanışlı olmamış. Yada bu arkadaş emekleyerek yatağa yatmayı seviyor. 🤷‍♀️

    24. WTH!

      The question is what was the price of the bus

      1. Onrust!

        I made a video of that:

    25. anne cameron

      Such a fab bus but disappointed in the lounge area and dining room. For such a big renovation the let down is the relaxation,/ eating area.

    26. S_bb

      اكو عربي

    27. mrmeach1967

      RV? No, my friend. You constructed an RA (rolling apartment) with actual separate living spaces. Awesome!

    28. Bronx Bros. Motorcycles

      I really enjoyed this video, so funny too. Very creative, I'd like one :)

    29. I would love to travel on that RV

    30. Qazi Rais


      1. Onrust!

        E100K exclusive tax

    31. A M L

      When I am ready to do the same for myself, are you for hire? Please

      1. Onrust!

        As I'm self employed, I'm already 30 years for hire. Not sure I want to do what you want me to do though... 😆😆

    32. Col. Hogan

      "He said there were minor technical details to be fixed, but that it was a fine bus..." Changing the engine, for example... Don't forget to tell us who this _"expert"_ guy is...

      1. Col. Hogan

        @Onrust! Thank you so much for all these explanations.

      2. Onrust!

        You're not the first with this comment. But as I said earlier; some problems you just can't predict years ahead. The test was in 2011, the bus broke down in 2015. The expert is still my mechanic and I trust him full. More on this topic in the FAQ:

    33. Jaap Meijer

      Waanzinnig! Wel een zoektocht naar plekken in EU waar je kunt parkeren, maar goed...

      1. Onrust!

        Valt wel mee. Zoeken op Campercontact naar plekken >12 meter levert 500 camperplaatsen / campings in NL op en 2000 in Duitsland.

    34. gojewla

      I am surprised that a vehicle this big only goes up to 255 horsepower.

      1. gojewla

        @Onrust! I am surprised more that it would have worked when at full capacity of passengers. Glad you are having a good time!

      2. Onrust!

        It is underpowered, yes. But we were in Austria, and even the mountains of the Alps are doable. Yes, we're not that fast uphill, but we're on holiday anyway... 😉 And here in the Netherlands, where everything is flat, it isn't any issue at all...

    35. Life Hacks with beau

      Onrust I cant believe you replyed

      1. Onrust!

        LOL. 🤣 Why is that? I'm just human... And EVERYONE with a question gets an answer from me..

    36. Life Hacks with beau

      I LOVE the inside how long did it take?

      1. Onrust!

        The conversion you mean? I bought the bus in Nov. 2011 and it was ready in June 2016. Almost 5 years.

    37. Viking Goddess

      Love the Night Watch in the bedroom. There's an illustry done Terry Pratchett in the same way with his disc world characters. Great job on the RV.

    38. Bebo Ki Roshani

      Waoooo zabrdast from Pakistan

    39. Needa Pinas


    40. House Of Ra Universal Ministry

      What is the mileage per gallon? If you going to take on the road.

      1. Onrust!

        some answer is in the FAQ: (You'll have to do the math.. 😊)

    41. Anja Kleijngeld


    42. Anja Kleijngeld


    43. Planet i Studios

      The video format had such an amateur feel to it, but it adds to it's charm somehow. I'm guessing what all the stuff that needed to be done to convert it though, you didn't really have the time to make it all super polished and professional. Understandable, as renovating anything is a long hard process.

      1. Onrust!

        In fact, at the time of the build, I had no plans at all for making a video. I just made photos for my blog and an occasional video. So when the idea for a video came up, I had to do with the little material I had..

    44. Slots of Fun

      Amazing video . Gutted about engine for you . Thanks great watch

    45. Dennis Bakker

      Great build.. Lauren and hardy fitting in very well That was funny De groeten

    46. Chris Hull

      That is an absolute credit to you !!! Beautiful

    47. Tomas Engström

      So i saw only one pillow in the bed, i guess your wife divorced you after the motor switch? ;) ;) ;)

      1. Tomas Engström

        @Onrust! Hehehehehe

      2. Onrust!

        At the time I used to take my pillow from home, but since I discovered that the pillows in the bus are good too.. 😊

    48. Zo Zo

      Amazing x

    49. Rosa Espinal

      AMAZING!!!!!! Sadly, I could never afford to buy even a school bus to renovate here in the states but if I could, I'd buy a used bus and if I'm lucky would find a double decker somewhere, borrow some features from ur designed bus, especially the children's beds and ur bedroom both of which are gorgeous and kitchen an...heck, I'd borrow all of ur designs and special attention to rolling window blinds and everything. You did such an amazing job and I wouldn't change a thing, why would I, your bus is perfect!

      1. Onrust!

        Thank you, those are kind words. In fact, someone from Russia is at this moment building a 'copy' of my bus. He had similar feelings about it. 😊

    50. Sue Hofkamp

      How clever you are!

    51. Ade

      Excellent fitout! Like the Laurel & Hardy clips, very appropriate. And the engine looks like somebody 3D printed it for you! 😁👍👍

    52. Valkyrie Rescues

      this is truly beautiful professional work! and what an ambition im sure in the begining many ppl where discouraging you. but good for you brother! just a couple things in my opinion i would change: 1 - remove carpets and put wood floors much cleaner since your going on road trips with rain and mud everywhere. carpets bad idea. 2 - stone walls for the bathroom much better. other than that best of luck and keep going!

      1. Valkyrie Rescues

        @Onrust! 1 - oh well if theres a strict no shoes policy then never mind me hahaha 2 - yes yes ofcourse it does well done XD

      2. Onrust!

        1 everybody takes his shoes off. I even had some police officers inside and had them remove their shoes before entrance.. 😂 we find carpet warmer than wood. 2 one wall is of stone, others are tiles. Doesn't that count as stone?

    53. Bram van Keulen

      Hij is mooi geworden

    54. JUGGERNAUT2004

      you and your video reminds me of 2000's , days were good back then.... love your video subbed your channel and you have my support mate great job 😊😊👌👌👌

    55. brat boy

      The music list doesn't help find the music...

      1. brat boy

        @Onrust! you rock thanks!

      2. Onrust!

        You should be looking in the GEtwo Audio Library. It's all there and for free. Especially for you I added the artists in the music list (in the English version of the description - this video was translated in over 15 languages, so if you use a different one, please let me know).

    56. Too young to be old

      What's the plan, too big to wild camp, too big for campsites, too big for tiny little European roads...

      1. Onrust!

        It's not for pussies or wimps. We enjoy it:

    57. Antipodean33

      Where does the range hood over the stove vent out to?

      1. Onrust!

        Right behind it, there is a sliding window. I opened that and I kitted in a small panel with a hole in it:

    58. 01 02

      any time someone is happy with their bus project, it's great for *them,* I know. but with all that space there were just far too many awful ideas..and that was the worst process & tour video of a converted bus I've ever seen, never mind the aesthetics.😐

    59. Nancy Lucas

      Simply AMAZING

    60. Kult Hliba

      Like... just like...

    61. Evan Cyganiewicz

      Do you need a CDL to drive this

      1. Onrust!

        It depends where you are in the world. Here in Europe, you need a bus drivers licence (D).

    62. Es Pr

      You need a big place to keep that thing parked up 😱 nice but no thanks 🙂

    63. Némo kapitány

      Értem szóval nem készen vesszük hanem a két kezünkkel csináljuk. Akkor is szép mutatvány volt ! Amire Én még nagyobb tisztelettel nézek. Mert a kézzel készített dolgok mindig értékesebbnek számitottak mint a szériával készített ! És köszönöm szépen, hogy a Lakóbusz építését is megmutatta nekem. Így legalább láthatom a busz felepítését rajzossan is és láthatom a be épített berendezéseket is ahogy el vannak helyezve. Szép munka volt ! Gratulálok hozzá ! Nagyon tetszik !

    64. Michael Mckenna

      Can you imagine taking a bunch of school kids on a school field trip in this?? They wouldn't want to get off the bus!!!

      1. Michael Mckenna

        Fantastic job mate....lots of good memories for everyone , past and present!!! I live in Japan and the roads here are so narrow that would not be driveable....btw....great choice of bgm....bit of jazz fan myself....60s blue note was the best...grant green, Lou Donaldson, lee Morgan, lonny smith, Horace silver, ....

      2. Onrust!

        Actually... before I bought the bus, it's main use was for school field trips. I could tell, because every spot the eye couldn't see, was covered with chewing gum. 😕 But yes, the four seats on top are still favorite by kids. Even when we are parked..

    65. Terry Wilkinson

      Wtf, so it’s look at the pictures or read the notes. Waste of time, all this fantastic stuff and you shit it.

    66. jack masters

      whats up with the racy 70s porn music?

      1. Onrust!

        it's to lure the porn music experts 😁

    67. Fabrizio Giuliani


    68. Diane Brazil

      hard to watch. ow.

    69. Terapia 3 motorhome

    70. Terapia 3 motorhome

      Pasen a ver mi motorhome

      1. Onrust!

        I like it. 😊

    71. Eva Adams

      Great bus and great video!

    72. Erik Xtrema

      prachtig gemaakt joh ! ik hoop hem ooit tegen te komen

    73. F. J.

      Well that went very fast and hardly saw the end result properly.

      1. Onrust!

        Well, then now it is the time to check out the rest of my channel..! 😊

    74. F. J.

      Sublime... but I would NOT have that air-conditioning/heater in the face of whomever is I front of the sink. Can make you sick. Speaking from experience.

    75. Bertil Wallman

      Hey.. nice creation.. must have been tons of work.. im considering a similar project but with a much smaller bus.. thats why i have a question about the tinted windows.. did you spray them from the outside, with what..? thx a lot.

      1. Bertil Wallman

        Its possible to spray.. with matt clear lacquer to get a frosty look.. i've seen it been used on toilet windows if the glass is clear.. plus, you have the possability to mask parts you not like to be matt, or a pattern.. it's an option and maybe a more cheaper way.. just wanted to hear about your solution.. anyways, thx for your answer.

      2. Onrust!

        Thank you. Never heard of tinting windows by spraying them... (is that possible?). They got a (95%) light blocking film on the outside.

    76. Frederik Stautz

      amazing - happy trips!

    77. Peter Schulmann

      amazing! very good style

    78. Candy Mennega

      To bad I'm not a speed reader!

    79. Taryn Ryleigh

      I want to marry someone who will do this for me.

    80. JQ Express

      How those stuff hold when the bus goes through bumps or holes or uneven road??

      1. Onrust!

        It just does. It's all well fixed. Only once the small closet under the sink in the bathroom was forced off the wall by bad Czech roads. Later I saw that the piece of metal that holds it up at the back, sliced the head off of a screw. I put several screws back in and since it holds.

    81. Roger Carmel


    82. Angel Downing

      Omg that's nice😍

    83. VICTORIA Benton

      You are a wizard! Drooling oh my gosh!!!

    84. Leland Vandervort

      Very interesting and nice luxurious conversion! Just a question on the licence requirements. Obviously at the initial purchase since it had capacity for 90 passengers, a full D licence would have been required. After the conversion, does it class as a D1 (up to 12 passengers), C1 (truck up to 7.5 tonnes) or even B ? (A lot of modern camping-cars/RVs, including some double deckers, now only require a B licence provided there are no more than 7 person capacity including driver). Just curious as to the modalities and any headaches you might have encountered on that score.

      1. Leland Vandervort

        OOPS... because of the length of the vehicle, still need a full D.... :( I had some cool ideas that just went down the toilet ;) ;)

      2. Leland Vandervort

        found the list of categories on UK licences -- I was underestimating some of the weight and/or passenger restrictions ;) (my licence was in obtained in 1987 so fewer restrictions, it seems)

      3. Leland Vandervort

        @Onrust! you mentioned that your conversion went to 11 seats, so a D1 should suffice shouldn't it ?

      4. Leland Vandervort

        @Onrust! I'm 51 years old, but yup.. that sounds about right. I used the C1 last time I moved when still in the UK :) -- In total I have AM, A (restriction 3 wheels, such as Piaggio MP3), B1, B, C1, D1, BE, C1E, and D1E. With the reciprocal agreement now in place it's one less headache off my mind about exchanging for a French licence at least for the next 2 years when the photocard expires. (the entitlements are valid until 2039).

      5. Onrust!

        I checked and I was wrong. We do have C1 and D1 - in the way you described. I think D1 (9 - 16 passengers) only makes sense when you're between 21 and 24 yo.? Otherwise there is no point in not going straight for D. Thanks.

    85. Anton Kjaer christensen

      I Can describe you in 2 words: Big Brain

    86. Drew Miller

      One of the coolest RVs I've seen, other than the one people like Will Smith own. Those are ridiculously opulent, for a motor-home I mean. This one is amazing and then there is the pride of having designed and built it yourself. Good job and good roads ahead! Oh, no washer and dryer?

      1. Onrust!

        Thank you. In another video my wife explains why she doesn't want one: she dislikes that kind of work during vacation..

    87. Cxm_peach

      Man I didn’t think about the stairs I’ve been watching these conversion videos lately because my mom wants an rv but I don’t think she’d like the stairs very much :/ wish there was a way to put an elevator in it 😂

    88. Telekinetic Commie

      This is just phenomenal.

    89. Владимир Борисов

      Как бы посмотреть всю детализацию от автобуса до автодома на русском языке? Я планирую построить такой же Автодом из двух этажного автобуса! Спасибо.

      1. Onrust!

        I don't know - I don't speak Russian. But you should contact Maxim from Moskou, he is busy with exactly that. You can find him here: I wish you good luck!

    90. Par U

      This is fantastic. This looks better than most RV’s that sell for the price of a house. I’d love to do this myself when the kids are a little older.

    91. Аркадий Корюхин

      Как же круто и со вкусом! Вставки из кино шикарны!)

    92. diegos69

      A new one it will cost from 700,000 up to 2,000,000 euros but you did it for less than that! great job! congrats

    93. Kailondo Rogers


      1. Kailondo Rogers

        @Onrust! :o YAAAAAAAY

      2. Onrust!

        ? Excuse me? I never left... 😁

    94. Rick T

      10 wheels just saying lol

      1. Rick T

        @Onrust! you do killer work I'll give you that.

      2. Onrust!

        just saying.. wrong! Eight. The tag axle (which steers, btw.) only has two. (Funny how many people think I can't count to ten... 😁😁)

    95. St G

      Das ist was für eine Großfamilie mit kleinen Leuten. Normalgroße können weder oben noch unten aufrecht stehen. - Nicht mein Ding.

    96. Jackson M.

      The music and production reminds me of TV shows from the 1990s when I was a child. The bus looks amazing!

    97. C. Lance

      Onrush!! This was my first visit to your channel and was very excited about the beautiful transformation of the bus!!! Would love to see the bunk bed that you mention 😴 the place was an absolute palace💯💯 You are a very gifted man!!! I WISH YOU AND YOUR LOVE ONE,A BEAUTIFUL BLESSED , EXCITING JOURNEY!!!

    98. C. Lance

      All that work!!! And waiting and you had the balls to rush and run through the tour!!! SHAME ON YOU MAN!!! FOR REAL!!!

      1. Onrust!

        I made it good with several slow walk through videos in this channel. WHAT? YOU HAVEN'T TAKEN THE TIME TO CHECK THOSE OUT? 😁😆

    99. Cullen Scott

      What i would do is paint The bus once The RV is a bus paint it red because of course that some people would want it to be red And thats The Truth of The matter of fact And i don't want people to get mad at you for not doing that And thats The Truth of The matter of fact And i Love watching how RVs are getting turned into busses And thats The Truth of The matter of fact.

    100. Lachlan Robins

      hey nice work! please do tell about the iPad wifi cam?

      1. Onrust!

        The setup works, but it has some drawbacks. The most important of those is that after a while not functioning, this particular webcam 'forgets' where / who he is. Then I have to take out and connect the laptop to reprogram. That is unacceptable. I was on the lookout for another webcam, but finding one that works without an internet connection is not that easy.. Another drawback is having to remove the iPad. Better is some dedicated device that you can leave on the dashboard (I don't dare with the iPad, I would be afraid some thief might find it interesting..)