Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass Trailer


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    Watch the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass Trailer and visit for more details.

    This is our Reality and we’re going to save it. We’ve got the best of the best on our side to help us out.


    1. Daniel Johnson

      Who is talking

    2. DFL RyZe

      What is that thang in the background of the end😳😳😐

      1. David Schleifer

        It looks like balaluga from battle cats in 2 form sorry i,m czech

    3. Epic boy

      Give us squid game pls fortnite pls

    4. A Gamb1e


    5. gonenoodles

      .46 is siren head

    6. Charlie PlayzGamez


    7. hunterium

      You should mark where things like vending machines are

    8. DaMonofanboy

      And also what was this thing at 00:45

      1. Anthrofan 03

        Siren head

    9. MonkeChand


    10. Monty Doggy topic

      What tier are y’all?

      1. Monty Doggy topic

        @Chipeeto nice I’m 84

      2. Chipeeto


    11. Bryan Flores

      Already a month ago time go's by fast

    12. fish boi

      5th time waching this

    13. Magicaltuch

      Fortnite season 8 is the best

    14. Skyledgend

      I love fortnites original characters there awesome!

    15. Luminous Gamer

      Fun fact: You know Fortnite China bans Skulls right? In the trailer when you see Torin carrying Fabio Sparklemane, If you look at Torin’s face, you can see her China version. And in the next scene where we see Torin transform into her second Form, she doesn’t have the China variant on. What!?

      1. YoKovac

        You got it from a youtuber right?

      2. kobeplayssweaty2


    16. tyler jg

      Let's get on her knees and pray that next season won't be so serious and boring And not so broken

    17. Rm

      I love that voice tho

    18. ethanrileym

      Woah they added Eddie Brock, Venom and carnage woah, reason was fortnite watched let there be carnage movie and decided to add it in fortnite.

    19. ნარუტო უჩიჰა

      0:46 at the background is a sirenhead?

    20. Sanal Kumar nair


    21. kaze

      I spend way to much cash on Fortnite,Cod and rainbow

    22. QuarterXS

      The Good Old Fortnite Is Finally Back

      1. jakedasnake0424

        True because they did add Kevin back

    23. Free and Ivan

      So far we know that probably all skins in the battle pass are actually good (You can see them fight the sideways) except the queen however I have a weird feeling about Charlotte..

      1. Free and Ivan

        And carnage

    24. Kaystu10

      Was it slone talking or the alien

      1. The One Above All

        The cube queen

    25. Nicola Catalano

      we want the permonface for ps4!!

    26. H3nrik gaming

      Caretaker is ther on the end of the trailer😫😫😫😫

    27. Cloaked ninja

      Can you take your boss in the back

    28. ArtuD2 Nightmare

      Looks like Slone lost the only Army to help fight these creatures…… us She’s on her own at this point

    29. Leon Gfeller

      Ist das syrenhad

      1. David Schleifer

        I don,t know looks like a siren head but he has not siren for me looks like balaluga from battle cats in 2 form. And sorry i am czech

    30. Master Carter

      This might be the finale season of chapter 2 if it is then I might stream it this is like one of the best seasons of chapter 2

      1. Look how she ate that

        It’s not the final

    31. MKS

      Trailer kinda dark ngl

    32. the dark knight never falls

      I knew kevin will cm back turns out the aliens made him

    33. Roccuzzogamer98

      0:31 torin chinese version?

    34. helena

      اللموسم9 الفصل2 العصف اثجيه المحور

      1. فيصل

        ايش تقول

    35. Akshit Srivastava

      Its a w mate

    36. J babbie

      I cant stop watching this it’s just sooooo sick!

      1. jakedasnake0424

        right bro same!!! this trailer is so dope.

      2. ELIUDExe


    37. TheUnluckCat

      Future gonna be like Chapter 2 Season 1 - X Players: " NO OUR ISLAND, OUR OG MAP Bring it back!! " 😭 Chapter 1 Season 1 - X Players: " You're joking right please tell me your joking"😒

      1. bloodsports

        Chapter 1: Epic, give us a new map! Chapter 2: Epic, bring back the OG map! Chapter 3: Epic, BRING BACK THE CHAPTER 2 MAP BACK!!!!!

    38. helena

      الموسم9 الفصل2

    39. Habibe Solak


      1. Habibe Solak


    40. Sheela Satish

      That is spooky

    41. Mayuri Kulkarni

      add mechs to creative mode

      1. Skyledgend

        They are in creative little kid

    42. shadow dio

      0:44 tall fella

    43. Fire King

      Has anyone else noticed that tall thing at the end of the trailer

    44. Bryan Melendez

      0:31 hey fortnite you made a little error

    45. muhamed emad

      Epic games We don't want to go back to the chapter 1we want to develop fortnite !!!!!

    46. SomethingRealYT

      Where is this location and don't say at dirty cause I'm pretty sure it's not there 0:32

      1. Skyledgend

        That is pleasant park and believer beach

    47. Noobinator_83

      At 0:02 you can see a llama to the left of the cube

      1. XxRamoPlays_YTxX

        oh wait u can lmao

    48. Sebastian Stone

      This is so far the greatest season for chapter 2, and if y'all look at the very end of the trailer there's someone that pops up behind them and it looks very identical to sirenhead if you look at it carefully lol

      1. YoKovac

        The caretaker?

      2. jakedasnake0424

        @Sebatstian Stone yessir

    49. FaZerysky

      I just realized 0:46 there is some kind of monster.

    50. zorichi

      Who's the voice actor for the queen? Because she did an incredible job!

      1. Skyledgend

        I don’t know but she is one of the best fortnite characters

      2. jakedasnake0424

        @zorichi I agree

    51. Jeremiah Burrell

      Look at the monster behind them.

    52. Navitha parupalli


      1. jakedasnake0424

        happy birthday but my all time favorite season is Fortnites Chapter 2 Season 4 with Galactus ( the devourer of worlds event.)

    53. Miwomp

      This is going to be nostalgic

      1. jakedasnake0424

        @Miwomp Let There Be Carnage

    54. Jax

      W season

    55. ArtuD2 Nightmare

      I cant tell if its the queen cube talking or the cube assassin

      1. Farhangamerxx

        It's the queen cube.

    56. Aidan Holmgren

      Could that thing in the background be siren head?

    57. TikTok death1353

      Watch the season story trailer then watch the battle pass trailer

    58. Traig jr's master channel

      Yeah we are gonna save are reality!

    59. Ryder Rat

      when you post an opinion on twitter:

    60. Dee Anne Facuri

      I wish you could make all purple Kevin’s explode then we all go back in time in season 5

      1. jakedasnake0424

        that would be interesting

    61. Oma signature

      This season is one of the the season that you just hate pls remove skill base matching becuse at night it is very sweaty in solo duo trios and spuads and also in creative pls makes esey to win games

    62. Shameeah Madarang

      Can I work at epic games

    63. Daniel Morales

      his music is the best thing than listening to my life with the sounds seriously even more fortnite amazes me more with his music

      1. jakedasnake0424

        it’s eerie and I love it

    64. ChickenNuggets

      The season 6 vibes I'm getting from this

    65. There’s gonna be CARNAGE


    66. There’s gonna be CARNAGE

      0:39 my profile pic. : Edit wow I never got likes bf ty

    67. There’s gonna be CARNAGE

      39: my pf pic

    68. There’s gonna be CARNAGE

      3:9 my profile pic

    69. There’s gonna be CARNAGE

      Let there be carnage god damit

    70. Cathleen Walker

      Kevin the cube is back

    71. Insane Matthew

      There is a bug where I bought 6 items from page three but it still says to buy 5 more rewards to unlock page 4. Is it a bug?

    72. Cthulhu Corpx

      Im guessing as from here on, 1 collab in the battle pass, a kymera like skin, and a secret battle pass skin focusing on the story. Saying that I think that since it took 3 seasons until agent Jones was in the battle pass that’d apply the same for the Foundation which would mean he will be in next season’s battle pass. Lets check this once we get there

      1. jakedasnake0424

        true I also really hope Naruto makes an appearance as well as the Foundation

      2. Cthulhu Corpx

        @jakedasnake0424 ngl id expect for next bp or sometime in December for spiderman

      3. jakedasnake0424

        I’m hoping they add the foundation and naruto also I’m highly surprised spider man didn’t show up yet they need to add him

    73. Sprite Cranberry

      Why did I never notice the monster in the background at 0:46

    74. Hurricane

      Ever notice sirenhead in the back ground 00:46

    75. Dj cook fan page

      Can you please fix matchmaking, I always run into people who is 3 times better than me. Because I’m getting tired of losing because people are always better than me

    76. Uprightdock 13

      when is naruto going to come out epic games?

    77. Totally normal person

      0:45 Is that siren head in the background?

    78. Redemption Gamer

      I stayed up after my bed time for school just for fortnite this

    79. MrPineo

      why did you have to change the battle pass layout I liked it before the battle stars

    80. Vipex_Hedges

      You should’ve known we’d return. Me: well, we did because of leaks

      1. jakedasnake0424

        @Renegade Catter lol that is pretty true

    81. Kosta Cabrilo

      This season is so bad

      1. bloodsports

        @jade mushroom fortnitemares is in a few days. it’s gonna feel fresh and less boring

      2. jade mushroom

        @Daniel Olupot it's so boring the battle pass is ok

      3. Daniel Olupot

        Looks good to me 😐

      4. Daniel Olupot

        Looks good to me 😐

      5. jade mushroom


    82. Stefan Begenisic

      Yes Kevin is back

    83. Ali Kesen

      Epic my xp has gone I was on 100 on the battlebas so can I get back on to 100

      1. Julian

        No? Unless you did a glitch and epic caught you then that's what happens but if you didnt then just grind

    84. HocusPocus Art

      I can’t be the only one who hears Charlize Theron speaking as the witch in Snow White and the huntsman

    85. Maria Gaspar

      i love it

    86. Lebron James

      What the is that siren head

    87. kolim jone

      So far I like it because they actually update the game with venom mythics,armored wall, and steamy destroyed and chug splashes

      1. jakedasnake0424

        steamy got recked you should see it

    88. Theron Boettcher

      0:11 - 0:50 Is no one going to talk about that the white hair woman looks like Anna from Frozen?

    89. 頑張れ

      00:46 There is sirenhead!

      1. kolim jone


    90. Hanomohd


    91. jakedasnake0424

      if anybody agrees with me who thinks they should have added cletus kasady as a skin but made carnage the built in emote it could have made the skin a lot cooler and people could role play with him as well

      1. jakedasnake0424

        @bloodsports I agree it doesn’t look like anyone is in carnage

      2. bloodsports

        @jakedasnake0424 I agree but if you look at the Carnage skin, it looks like no one is inside Carnage.

      3. jakedasnake0424

        or they even could have kept carnage how he was and made him a built in emote were he roars just like in the film still a really cool outfit good job epic games 👌👍

    92. SkeletonMan567

      Torin skin is torin jappo

    93. Jai

      Fornites storyline ending will mind boggling


      Everyone tell u your fortnight lvl I’m 73

      1. KeanoLoesoe


    95. Wesley Maksymowicz

      Not bad fortnite not bad I been playing for 3 years now and o got big expectations for this season

    96. jakedasnake0424

      also was that siren head at 0:47 fortnitemares 2021 be like

    97. jakedasnake0424

      I almost deleted the game when I saw toon fish and Fabio sparklemane.

      1. jakedasnake0424

        what made me keep the game was demon slayer Charlotte and carnage

    98. christina casas

      I wonder why we never got naruto,