Dark Skin & Getting Married | Stand Up Comedy by Saikiran


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    "These are some my of thoughts. If they make you laugh, please share and subscribe as I have more such jokes. "

    DISCLAIMER : This video is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to cause any offence to any individual, community or legal entity.

    Written & Performed by Saikiran - A Comedian from Hyderabad known for his Clean Comedy. He writes and performs comedy in English & Telugu.

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    Venue Courtesy: The Habitat, Mumbai
    Directed by Anuj Mehta
    Edited by Anuj Mehta & Ishaan Doshi
    Shot by Anuj Mehta, Santosh Kardak and The Habitat Videography Team: Dishang Popat, Vivian Castelino, Harsh Shah & Vriddhi Sawlani
    Sound Recording by The Habitat Audio Team: Sreejith Menon, Swarada Bodas, Seigen Moopanar
    Sound Mixing & Mastering by Varun Patil
    Special Thanks to Aakash Mehta & Counter Culture and Funny Side Up

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    1. shilpi banerjee

      We watched his show in Bangalore last Saturday .. not one cuss word, not one crass joke - but the entire audience and us were roaring away in laughter! So enjoyed and you so rock Sai Kiran!

      1. newbie

        I just miss Banglore 😭😭😭 Stupid Covid 19

      2. Sharty Farty

        @N O F A P P E R • 4 days ago He was comparing the colors of "rice and curd", "appam and stew", "idli with coconut chutney" (he is talking about how being white and fair is "supreme" in a funny way --- and he is using these as examples because they are all white). Or if you are asking about what he said after that, he said "no matter what you eat the end result is still brown" ---- meaning that you are attempting to eat anything that is white because of the "white supremacy" LOL, but regardless of what you eat your poop will always be brown. Then he is trying to cover up in front of the audience by saying "skin skin skin...." to say he was talking about the skin.

      3. Neeharika D


      4. rennishj

        Stand up co.wdians do whatever they can do get a good laughter. So if you don't like cuss words, you are in the wrong place

      5. 𝑮𝑶𝑳𝑫𝑾𝑰𝑵𝑮

        @Jafman Stfu Jafman you "genius", cuss is in the dictionary go check, also its the internet, not your grammar exam.

    2. Soch Badalo with Modicarian AANCHAL GHOSH

      Very true & heart touching

    3. Soch Badalo with Modicarian AANCHAL GHOSH

      You r awesome👏👏👏👏👍

    4. Chakor gaand wala rakshas

      jo karamjaliya yahan hass rahi hai wo sabse gandi hai

    5. Wenexus

      When I heard you the only thing I thought was if humor had a face then it's this face.

    6. Ketan Damle

      You are brilliant. Far far better than most stand up comedians. No cuss words no overacting just brilliant humor. Just how it should be.

    7. Vinay kandula

      👌👌👌crazy dude...enjoyed a lot

    8. Nishant Raj

      It doesn't make me laugh how can you laugh

    9. Srinivas office

      Really Good

    10. Something Special

      Every word were bullets 🤩

    11. Manpreet Kaur

      What a content, God Bless

    12. Akanksha Singh

      Ara yr beauty resides in heart who said everyone' like white skin❤️Ara meri jaan u are smart the way u are❤️❤️

    13. Sikho Sikhao

      Really amazing

    14. Phoenix Rising

      Well done 👍

    15. Saroj Sachin

      I like it so truth' 😀😀😍🥰🥰

    16. Rohit singh

      Love you bro👍😊

    17. Ritesh Jain

      Humour and Sarcasm at it's best.

    18. Naresh Karnam


    19. ENGLISH FACTORY - Aamya Sachdeva


    20. Farhana Qureshi


    21. Asietosh Autar

      The Ultimate truth has been spoken 😑

    22. StYLiSh ArT❣️ and  CrAfT ❣️

      Awesome talk..🌹

    23. Jibin J

      It is not funny ....

    24. ZBN

      I am a fair skinned person but for some reason dark skinned people look cool to me tbh

    25. JAGA

      Make fun of other people is very easy but own is very difficult.Hats off👏👏👏

    26. Sahlah Thafseer

      My mother was a good mother..she was great mother for everyone but she wanted to become a graaand mother😂😂😂😂😂😂

    27. Mosses Ross

      Oh god 😂🙈

    28. Aishwarya Pande

      Bride and Bridesmaids Sangeet Dance 💃 getwo.info/top/video/aKrczHmrdH-q4NI ❤️


      Great work sai. Excellent humor

    30. Arnold Schafernaker

      I'm fair

    31. Md Tasleem

      Rain 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    32. Divyam Choudhary

      Amazing :)

    33. Javier Cooper

      Why all Indians talk like apu?

      1. __

        It’s called an ascent

    34. vcfirefox

      self diminishing jokes

    35. kumari delgoda


    36. Subhankar Das

      Dude you are too good.. awesome 😂🤣

    37. Anvi Tiwary

      They really don't care about us....the song is really match to your words

    38. rahul Chakra Borty

      True people of our country don't like dark skin people

    39. Rahul Kumar Singh

      his pain just have me half dead.

    40. Bhutanese Beatboxer

      Haha 😂 That's the truth 😍🤗

    41. Mamunur rashid

      He has just told the cruel truth in a funny manner.


      This video really motivated me a lot ... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Ajay Patil

      Why to make fun of Hindu gods..every stand up comedian will do this just to get craze for their show, but its not acceptable

    44. Vikas Kumar

      Bro you are truly awesome, tell the truth is not easy. You did and I appreciate your words...u are really lucky guy...

    45. Peter Lobo

      Ur right sir even bollywood makes heroes and heriones white and vilianas dark

    46. Experienced Otaku

      2:50 it sounds really good at 2X 😂😂

    47. Syed Arif


    48. Comment Voice

      Dude we wear white it's our tradition, and another thing didn't u see any of our actresses. Ok take even me I am white but wear only blacks, red and white

    49. premasish ghosh

      You are one of the best talented stand up comedians I've ever seen, lots of love for such an amazing performance ❤, hats off to you man👏

    50. ashok kumar

      Sooooper speech ,you can over come any problems in life. May God bless 🙏 you.

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      Your videos are very informative. Keep it up #WHITEWHALEHOLIDAY

    52. Vishal Patial

      No way these are jokes. I dont know how come people are laughing in the audience. Kinda strange audience...

    53. Don Roa

      Respected Mr.SaiKiran Sir, you make the people laugh so much, but, all throughout, you may not believe, I was almost in tears bro!!!!!, your narration throughout was so realistic, I have developed so much hatred on this society. But now, gone are the days bro, even girls prefer dark skinned guys & now gone are the days of IITs,IIMs and even NRIs., girls now a days prefer to stay in India than fly abroad. Times have really changed Bro... I hope you are now really married and must be living in India hopefully... Would love to meet you in person bro. Have a fabulous day Saikiran.your speeches are simply the most outstanding!!!! & so realistic!!! At some point if time I even envied your dialogue delivery & ur ability to grab the attention of masses...In total, you simply Rock!!! Bro...

    54. Abhi Prithvi

      Why he is saying that he is dark.. I don't think that he s dark..

    55. Adithya N.M

      You are looking like Sunder Pichai in age 25.

    56. rousdee shabaan

      I am darker than you

    57. Deborah Srividya

      A very sad truth has been told in a very funny way and acceptable way ever ... Hats off Saikaran !! Excellent...

    58. Vinay Gautam

      The only SC I subscribe...Dhansu saikiran

    59. Sabari

      I never toxic stereotypes could make me laugh so hard.

    60. Shubham Gangwar

      I was going out from the class and one of my classmate shouted "ha be kallu kahan ja raha hai" in front of 60 other classmates.🙂thank you for nice words artharv gupta. I'll never forget how much you bullied me

    61. Deborah Harris

      It doesn't mattered !! I'm dark skinned ! I did not know that I was Black , until I went to a White school !!!!!!!

    62. THE NATURE


    63. THE NATURE

      Nailed it 🤠🤣🤠🤣🤠

    64. THE NATURE


    65. Syed Waqas


    66. Linang Yaying

      i hope this racism come to an end in india. btw bro. love for arunachal pradesh..❤❤

    67. Ayesha Khan

      You are exceptionally talented!

    68. African Humour TV

      The only channel I know to drop one video and reach 100K subscribers big up visit Africa one day

    69. Simply Areeb

      It is not the colour but the face figure. World's sexiest man is dark coloured.☺️

    70. kolluru bharathsimha

      Anna nuvvu super telugoniva love from vizag

    71. SHINRA

      When he said 1:33 i laughed as fast as i closed my mouth afterwards.

    72. GOLDY AK

      Pain inside him😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

    73. Fashion cue


    74. nanate ali

      Well done dear that was fun to watch thank you so much. I wish you well in your life God bless you 🌹

    75. Radha Adinarayanan

      Toooo goooooooooood 😂👍. Thoroughly enjoyed... please post more videos like this

    76. Iman Fatima

      The guy I love is Black🙈♠️

    77. nush S

      This is so true. Dark skin. That is what my ex-mother in law specifically said to me about her son when I agreed to meet with her son in person, after we had chatted online via matrimonial match. She had the most concerned voice telling me her son was dark - I was in shock that a mother could say this about her own son. I held my response which was we are south indian - what color were you expecting? Any how does this matter? I realized I was about to defend her own son but thought that would be rude. I thought he was super handsome! Yes we are divorced, but not because of color. Great Job SaiKiran - you spoke the truth - PPL need to hear it and understand how unfair, narrow minded, destructive, and hurtful their beliefs, words, and actions are.

    78. Sun Dil ki


    79. Manisha Parekh

      He is very intelligent thoughts

    80. Manisha Parekh

      He is very intelligent thoughts

    81. S. U. K.


    82. Casa Grande

      The science of skin color - Angela Koine Flynn - GEtwo He is perfect for his climate and nice looking ,if you move abroad you'll be appreciated dark skinned men are seen as beautiful in the lands of Tanning creams hence the term "Tall dark and handsome" ,Gig

    83. Merin Biju

      It's too good😂😂

    84. Anuj Ekka

      Nce done. u bond us till end

    85. Shabana Fathima

      Black or white, God finds us beautiful. And that settles the matter.

    86. Nisha Sharma

      Great performer you are

    87. Suchana Karim Minju

      Why the audience was laughting😒😒 He tell harsh true of society 🙂.. I am poor and dark that why everyone even my parents worry about my marriage 😄😄

    88. Nikhat Zaidi

      Waaaoo, bowled over🙊🙉🙈💯💕

    89. Mobile Legend ShadowAssassin1990

      Audiencea are so lame!!!!

    90. Learn with Shipra Banotra


    91. Ayush Thumbarathy

      This is just sad bruh.......

    92. MCO FF

      Amazing superb lovely live you sai


      why there is no more of his content

    94. Ashish Savardekar

      Hatts of brother😊😊😊

    95. Gargya Anjaan

      "This is melanin, not....."You'll just have to watch this to discover this gem!

    96. Kavya Singh

      Amazing I laughed so badly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    97. Janmayjai Purohit

      Very nice . seriously bitter truth of society

    98. Vikas Kumar

      Bro, I can understand your feelings, you are right about the society...with you bro ..

    99. Elly Ramadhani Sipayung


    100. Dreamygirl

      Hatts off to Nelson Mandela 🥺🥀✨♥️