Clean Bandit - Rockabye (feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie) [Official Video]

Clean Bandit

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    გამოქვეყნდა 5 წლის წინ


    1. اناقه طالبه

      Best song ever

    2. SavvySavi

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are some of the only two things getting me through hard times, thank god for music! I love you 💕

    3. DEVIL 1503

      Its 18 oct 2021 I am watching this video from Maharashtra . India 😘😁

    4. Mary Lama

      I'm also single mom. Being a single mom we put all effort and forget our happiness for children's bright future. Mum can do anything for her children. Mom can be loose herself for her children. Hats off to all single mothers.

    5. AZIZ GLIZ

      Wawe 😙😙😙😙

    6. Shubham Sharma

      huge fan of you and yours voice from india new delhi ♥♥

    7. Zainab Zainab


    8. Rhalwi

      My mom is single mom... And I can't stop crying to this song

      1. Rhalwi

        my father died when I was 3 years old, and my older sister who was 9 years old I can't even remember my father's face yet but my mom never made me feel like i lack dad now my sister is a graduate and married, and I'm in college

    9. Rhalwi

      I can't stop crying

    10. Luisa

      🇧🇷🥺love this song

    11. D Lam

      my mother was a single mom. to all them out there . you are a Queen

    12. Maria Mahnots

      So Anne-Marie is actually a big deal

    13. Jazmín Mur



      Still on my early morning playlist song,,,

    15. Shivali Sharma

      I'm not ready to accept this was made 5 years ago

    16. otaku for ever

      No one cares about you if you are listening in 2021🙂👍

    17. Polar 2982

      I liked the song very much🤙🤙💕💕

    18. Meagan Valenti #GrowWithUs

      1st time i heard this i was 28 alone single mom to a daughter and i cried. The song described my life perfectly at that moment and what was in my heart at that time. Now my baby is 6... And we ended up moving out of them projects... For all single moms rooting for u! Ur kids r rooting for u! U got this! And i promise u.. Someone out there cares. I hope single moms see this and it gives them some comfort and strength to keep going. We 💘 you!


      *Don't worry you're not the only one listening this masterpiece 2021*

      1. Alien #3

        😊 kali

      2. Alien #3


      3. Alien #3

        I'm here 🤗

      4. Gabriel Aravites

        Kkkkkkk your country?


        Iam listening

    20. Ankith C R

      I started to listen from 2016/17 and still listening 😌😌😌😌😌

    21. REDEYEZ

      Stop asking who is still here in 2021.We will forever be here

    22. MARCUS JJ

      I can't stop crying while I listen this song. Don't know why...but can't stop myself

    23. Smokiie_

      Never mind you are not the only one who is listening to this song in 2021 ❤️🙏

    24. Н Е    ВАЖНО     KTO   Я


    25. Dulip kawshalya

      A tribute to all mothers 💖❤ From 2021

    26. Charisse Castro

      Best Collaboration Ever< 3

    27. Edna Necio

      hits hard when u have a 6 yr old and this song exactly says how you feel for her

    28. َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲.


    29. Zainab Zainab

      خلصت باييي

    30. َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲.

      الاغنيه الي وراها friends اوك؟

      1. 𒀀𒍪𒂷𒉺𒇽𒇻𒊬

        باع الصورة 🗿😂 مال بطس

      2. Zainab Zainab


    31. Zainab Zainab

      مرو تعرفيه لو اول مره تسمعيها؟

      1. Zainab Zainab

        @َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲. ها تمام

      2. َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲.

        بلي سامعتها

    32. Zainab Zainab

      دائما انطرب على الاغاني الحزينه

      1. Zainab Zainab

        @َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲. 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

      2. َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲.

        مثل اغاني ساجده عبيد 😭

    33. Zainab Zainab

      الاغنيه حزينه وانا ارقص عليها

      1. Zainab Zainab

        @َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲. 😭😭😭😂😂

      2. َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲.


    34. Zainab Zainab

      ركباي بيبي ركباي

    35. َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲.


    36. Zainab Zainab


    37. Zainab Zainab


    38. َMَRِo َِ🇮🇶 𓍲.


    39. Kevin Bryce

      I watched this twice

    40. Kevin Bryce

      Loved it

    41. Mark Turkaly

      Beautiful song

    42. minh lai

      wish all the best

    43. minh lai

      hi all how your do

    44. Tazril ALi

      This song describes the TV series I am currently watching "Maid"

    45. B.2

      This is the second video😎😎😎

    46. lindo pug

      Sono un tuo fan😘🇮🇹

    47. Mohazz Kadenge

      She's far away from her father's daughter 😭daily strangle

    48. シE̸l̸i̸z̸a̸x̸シ

      This song never gets old

    49. Berly Ramirez


    50. IZZ IMM

      I just loved this song 🎵 😭


      *Que o desempregado consiga emprego, que o doente seja curado e quem leu essa mensagem seja abençoado.*

    52. Elina De'amelio


    53. Dorompiri

      Anne marie is the best, from ina

    54. MH covers

      How many people are hearing to this masterpiece every sec🥺❤👉👈

    55. Amisha Baby Doll


    56. devin jackson

      It's true. You can gain the world and lose your own soul but you can also get it back by giving back! Get your soul back and don't let the devil lie to you! All of you rich and famous have the opportunity to take what the devil gave you and change the world for the better! The devil can't kill you if you turn on him It's all a lie. Jesus has the keys to life and death! He decides who stays and go

    57. Jelly DD

      Still one of the best

    58. edjelynpelig

      me listening everyday❣️❣️❣️100xxxxxxxxx😍😍

    59. Ahnaf Tahmid.

      Who loves his/her mother. But never said to mother - "I love you mom." Today go and say your mom - "Mom I love you very much. Sorry to never said yet."

    60. ل


    61. K-Ann Official

      Love these song

    62. Fariz Muhammad Aditya

      Hey there Indonesia.

    63. Bazigar

      Annie Marie voice ❤️and Sean rapping = Rockabye ❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗

    64. Firman Syah


    65. dream မြန်မာ

    66. ds vlogs Best satisfaction videos ❤️☝️

    67. Bella Callista

      18歳以上の場合 ⤵️⤵️(◠$◕)♪❤ ------------THE CASUAL ----------------------GIRLS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 👉 SEXHOT.UNO ❤️ GEtwo: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" GEtwo: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

    68. Chris Shepard

      I love reggae music but it's interrupting her vocals and shouldn't be included. It's literally garbaging up beautiful vocals that can stand alone

    69. I'am SMS

      After 4 years ✌️👍

    70. Adriana Nascimento


    71. Adriana Nascimento


    72. Asd Asd

      Good mom

    73. Asd Asd

      Love mam

    74. rodhannoon

      I love it.. Iam in tears.. Some masterclass 👏👏👏.. Still listening and feeling in October 2021

    75. KISPER

      Romani pe aici?

    76. Lancy Gaming

      Legends are still watching this song In 2021

    77. Lalisaloveme

      It’s crazy how people came back to this song every day, this song is legendary

      1. latif gunduz


    78. 『daiki.』

      heeeeelllloooooooo its beautiful ✨s o n g✨ chuis en crush sur le son ✨R . I . P✨ ✨ok c'est bon je sors . .💃✨

    79. Hassan Mamadow

      Yeaahh broo🔥🔥

    80. Bilal Sltr

      2021/9/15 🥳

    81. Areej Ahmed

      This should be Netflix's MAID official song

    82. Little_ Finger0

    83. Emanuel

      Not cool

    84. Ahmed Yikdiz


    85. Kavuyi Wanki

      I started listening to this song before I ever imagined myself being a single. Now I am one. An only parent from pregnancy to raising the child. This song puts a lot of perspective to my current life.

      1. lilguacamole x


      2. London boi

        So proud of you 👍

    86. Vivian Korir

      Favorite song ❤

    87. Nam V.

      3B next year

    88. Required Optional

      Осыны да ән деп, әлдеқандай қылып, арын сатқан әйелді "ана" атап, жетіскен екенбіз, азғындаған батысты үлгі етсек.. Жетесіз, құл, тексіздер.

      1. Required Optional

        Орысың осыларға еліктейді, орысқа қазақ еліктейді, өлместің күні.

      2. Required Optional

        "For single moms out there", - деп, өздері отбасы институтын әбден құртып, қоймай, енді жалғыз басты ананы аяған түрі. Шайтан десе де аз бұларға. Тозақта күйгірлер. Әмин.

    89. Malika.2m

      jadore et le bébé et trop cuti bref jadore 💝💖💞💕❤💟💗💝💖💖

    90. Charles Show

      This is your only song because you went woke

    91. Poni Howlader

      Legend are watching on 2021 after 4 years

    92. Kingsley Ugochukwu Ani Esq.

      My goodness! Here's me with tears in me eyes, rewatching this video in October 2021. This is gold!

    93. Zainab Zainab

      I am a very beautiful song

    94. Zainab Zainab

      لازم اسمع الاغنيه قبل لا انام❤👉🏻

    95. SuperZay

      I heard this song when I was nine bc myom showed it to me and told me she loved this song. I never listened to it again until today and knowni understand why she said she loved this song 🥺💗💗💗 I love you Mama

    96. reem&jin

      الي جاي من عند قمر طائي لايك

    97. Andri Setiawan


    98. sabrina saharuddin

      Everytime i hear this song, my heart is burning 🔥🔥 can't wait the day i graduated from law school and serve justice for my abandoned mum .

    99. Larry Stylson

      The first love is mom. The first word is mom The first friend is mom . The first nurse is mom. The first teacher is mom. Mom is everything .Thanks mom.