ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)


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    Half past twelve
    and I’m watchin’ the late show
    in my flat all alone
    how I hate to spend
    the evening on my own
    autumn winds
    blowin’ outside the window
    as I look around the room
    and it makes me so
    depressed to see the gloom
    there’s not a soul out there
    no one to hear my prayer

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    A man after midnight
    won’t somebody help me
    chase the shadows away
    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    A man after midnight
    take me through the darkness
    to the break of the day

    Movie stars
    find the end of the rainbow
    with a fortune to win
    it’s so different from
    the world I’m living in
    tired of TV
    I open the window
    and I gaze into the night
    but there’s nothing there to see
    no one in sight
    there’s not a soul out there
    no one to hear my prayer

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    A man after midnight
    won’t somebody help me
    chase the shadows away
    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    A man after midnight
    take me through the darkness
    to the break of the day

    Music video by ABBA performing Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight). © 1979 Polar Music International AB

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    1. canal do carlim show oficial

      Á melhor música do mundo

    2. Den Plummer

      I've always wondered what Agnetha's reaction was like when frida whispered into her ear now we know. My question which probably cannot be answered is what did frida whisper in Agnetha's ear.

    3. Canary

      ABBA forever till THE END😍😍😍

    4. Kai-kawa

      I can't believe there's a new comment everyday.

    5. Dmitry Rodionov

      The synths in this one are so cool! I love listening to 70s and 80s songs with the electronic elements, they are really unique

    6. Lady Galadriel

      My grandma took me to see the Broadway production of Mamma Mia! in 2007. She loved ABBA growing up and I walked out of theatre loving them, too. It’s a love we still bond over to this day.

    7. Rain Beltran


    8. Чермен Айларов

      Madonna is crying quietly in the corner

    9. Amy Egg

      Watching From Brisbane Australia I love you Abba

    10. Aashish Thanki



        Bruh 43 minutes ago 🗿🗿🗿🗿

    11. No sé Que

      This is the same as Madonna's hung op but that one came out raw

    12. دخان كبير

      Great Song

    13. Ahmed Tag Elser

      What the MUSIC 😭😭😭

    14. E. E.

      0.33 Brad Pitt LoL

    15. foodiemmdk

      It's just too good

    16. tim lodge

      NEW ABBA ALBUM COMING NOVEMBER 5TH -2021 called VOYAGE.....Enjoy

    17. F8 Arthur Santos Oliveira

      I'm here because of Pope Pius' edit.

    18. Piero Garcia

      Que buena canción webon.!!

    19. Yennifer castillo

      Para ti mami que esta en él cielo💔😔💔😔🥰

    20. Maria Fazendeira


    21. Lucas Morilla


    22. Haso


    23. Airi Aoi

      como es que no escuche esto antes ???

    24. andy

      I am wondering how this decades years old song has gone viral again? Are you guys here too because you have heard it on tv recently or insome party? :)

    25. LegendaryKeyboardWarrior

      @1:33 Luke Skywalker enters chat.

    26. Aden Smith

      The greatest thing to come out of sweden.

    27. Alex


    28. Attila Balogh

      Why is not remastered HD? Please, do it!

    29. Alfonso Lòpez

      Siempre es grato escuchar a Abba y las personas que pasan por acá simplemente por qué una parte del vídeo es tendencia en Tik tok, déjeme decirle que lo felicito y, de paso le recomiendaria escuchar más temas de ellos.

    30. peggy plays x

      Here is where we pay respects to ABBA: 💐 ABBA💵📸 🎁 💽 👛 🎈🧸 💐💵🧸📸🎈👛🚩💿💽 Like to give a gift reply to pay a respect

    31. Florencia Erreka


    32. Hào Trương

      Who are still standing here for listening the legend song ,pls lets me know ... October 2021 ...

      1. Attila Balogh

        And they have returned in 2021! Listen:

    33. BLoooDYSaBBaTH

      That bassline is fucking amazing

    34. Sai

      The ORIGINAL, before it was copied by Madonna

    35. Ada Jones Fan


      1. da taci odata

        ok whats ur point?

    36. NorwegianManThatLikesWater

      I really wish Björn would have lived longer 😢

      1. Mustanaamio7

        He is not dead. Go somewhere else to spread your false information, troll!

    37. Valdecir Elias

      Come tiktok

    38. Ariel Moreira

      This shot is good as hell

    39. Kevin Andres kn

      Puro TikToker aquí que cagada

    40. Polyanna Aylin

      Bmy beni buraya getrdi

    41. cottoncandytxt


    42. B E

      Barış Murat Yağcının storysi beni buraya getirdi yine :)

    43. pocat

      im so pro i can beat minecraft in multiplayer I'm rich on all games fortnight and animal game

    44. Adel


    45. ゆめてゃ

      I'm Japanese, so I'm not sure if this sentence is translated correctly. Please tell me a song similar to "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! -ABBA".Maybe ABBA and their songs have a similar vibe?

      1. Andreas Gasser

        Introduction and ending was copied by Madonna (by licence).

    46. Mostafa wael

      This song sounds like middle centurys

    47. Nancy

      Hey! It isn't greek!

    48. Roberto Muller


    49. Jhon Lenon

      Slkk só msc de qualidade esse ABBA

    50. ClausDaBoss

      The best part is that they genuinely look like they're having fun. Edit: it's what makes you forget that this is just the recording of the song in some studio. Like this is its own video by itself!

      1. exotic butter 🍟


    51. Hoài Nam Tạ


    52. oi


      1. hi starlys ☆


    53. Nick Finance

      Absolute masterpiece! My best part is 0:00 to 3:30!

    54. KazoomStar33

      Questa canzone è una leggenda che era un tempo, è adesso nel 2021 e sarà negli anni a venire

    55. Sara Sousa

      Nham nhammm I want more

    56. Willem Jack

      I think this is the greatest band in the history of music what talented artists they are.

    57. H A Z A R D sx.

      Não tô de acordo com tradução da letra, mas gosto da musica

    58. Giancarlo Di Donfrancesco

      I have to thank my mom for endlessly playing this song and, in general, ABBA's songs during my childhood. Thanks mom for letting me know such iconic music group! Legendary, timeless, unique!

    59. Greenpoloboy3

      Music today is fast forgotten. Music of the past is remembered

    60. Octavio Martínez Flores

      I knew this song from my grandmother and from a Madonna song

    61. abbas hassan

      All comments are new but the song before 11 years😂😂

      1. Karla Karl

        42 years

    62. Tldr Vince

      Very 80s going on 70s

    63. Mendy S.

      It has been covered. By Bebe and Ava Original is still the best. ❤

    64. Valerio Mannello

      A parte❌

    65. Valerio Mannello

      Apparte la canzone che è top ma che eleganza e bellezza le nostre mamma ❤️

    66. Mariusz Zimmerman

      Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. There is no other intermediary. May Jesus Bless you, trust Him, give your life - and He will take care of it :pray Convert yourself and believe in the Gospel.

    67. Vyros バイロス


    68. ᆞᆞ

      음악추억도 좋지만 뮤비추억이 좋다

    69. Jose Viana


    70. KASBE

      Fuck to be honest I thought this masterpiece was produced in 2021..

      1. Commander Duck

        Is that good?


      Пик за 0 заходит...

    72. kamil Aşık

      Hacı tiktoktan geldim kusura bakma

    73. Недоаниматорша

      Hello Anybody here in 2021 ? Yes i see

    74. saito Lambwley

      Esta canción trazó el sendero de mi juventud...

    75. şambaz parlak

      I swear this song ruled the world for a while. this never gets old

      1. Razvan Rohozneanu

        @Shahbaaz Ahmed yeah it had such an impact back then. Even Madona had sampled it on “ Hung Up “

      2. Shahbaaz Ahmed

        Was it really that famous those days?

    76. CHR


    77. Benny Video

      Hope to see this music video in 4K like another video.

    78. FOXXY


    79. Luis Fernando Avalos avalos

      Muy buena música era infaltable en las discotecas

    80. Kekeen

      Came here from watching Community for the first time

    81. López Trinidad José Antonio

      Azumakina, después de tanto tiempo...te encontré...

    82. Peter Stephen

      im 100% a hot blooded male & only adore pretty woman which is only natural ; ) but something about this song & video,the 2 girls are loving this one moment in time & so am i everytime i hear them singing this absolutely 1st class quality tune Xx favalosi : )

    83. Walerij Lutsko

      I Love ABBA !!! Cool video!!!

    84. Stoyan Grozdanov

      Продължавате да сте красиви! Благодаря!

    85. Stoyan Grozdanov

      Буш, имаш ли подводници или дЪ карам мозъкът ти нЪ автостоп!? Според тебе АВТОПИЛОТ!

    86. Stoyan Grozdanov

      Да, не можете, да си представите,какво представлява само една Ваша усмивка! Спира воини, няма жертви!

      1. Stoyan Grozdanov

        Но, без да победя АмерикЪ, нямат да се културисам, нито Вие!

    87. maxduda

      I love this song

    88. my plant channel

      Sounds like frankie kao

    89. Silvia Giatti

      Abba ❤️❤️❤️

    90. Gloria

      Tiktok sucks

    91. Bahodir Abdullayev


    92. Alperen Acar

      What a harmony! Whether i am Turkish or not is not a matter or point. This song is fascinating!

    93. The Goat_87

      Where is madonna

      1. The Goat_87

        @Jonas Dahlin Too old bro

      2. Jonas Dahlin

        In school when this was recorded

    94. madT s0ul

      imagina escutar essa musica andando de moto

    95. Matti

      abba im in love with you! ❤️‍🔥

    96. GALVA 0 8 0

      me largue a llorar escuchando esta obra de arte

    97. Tlatzcantecuhtli DiLo

      Esa Madonna plagiando los beats de rolas antologicas!!

    98. Yorman 13A

      Vengo del remix de bezos 🤣

    99. Oliwia Fiolkowska

      well if it isnt the eternal meeting for the people with the best taste in music...

    100. Juan jose Guzmán Cabrera

      Musica sin autotune 😍😍😍😍