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  1. XAnimazingX

    They better make a character that close the door this time. They can name him Clodor.

  2. The Dudelino

    I'd love a new Band of Brothers from HBO, not gonna lie. This is likely one of the best military based TV shows of all times.

  3. Beannu

    This is where Rick is truly defeated, an Intellectual genius could never win over an Emotional Genius, its just every genuis' kryptonite I guess

  4. Bobby Withers

    Bing chilling!

  5. Kidah Chivaris

    Peace maker will free hongkong, tibet, uyghur. and breakdown CCP for peace right?

  6. Anas Khan

    Please relez in hindi audio 😢

  7. Ian Visser

    Irony that John Cena is the first 'superhero' whose suit doesnt sit tight around his arms.

  8. Jose Garcia

    Nah nah nah, he wasn't even good in "the suicide squad" wtf is going on now. Are they running outta ideas or something?

  9. Brown Fox

    The internet is too big... I can't read it all. - Cousin Greg 2021 I feel the same about youtube. Priceless 😌

  10. dogbisal

    that janitor looks like he's HIV Aladeen

  11. Mads Andersen


  12. Shubham Sharma

    Just remember that Connor Roy was interested in politics from a young age

  13. Akhil Kumar

    I didn't see the peacemaker this whole 3mins video..

  14. moth man

    why isnt this set to Taylor swift


    always favorite Joey .. hey how you doin? 😂

  16. 1970's Ric Flair

    Zhong Xina

  17. It's Harsh

    The vigilante in the mask sounds kinda like deadpool

  18. Ahmed Sarhan

    The most beautiful thing said in this love story is " it's always been you Rach❤".


    Joey and Chanandler that bonding ❤

  20. Amisha Manchanda

    Season 3 and I still can't see curry

  21. Amit Paul

    We already have The Boys. Don't need another one. lol

  22. 珂 张

    the role is so fantastic

  23. Rahul


  24. Roza Sakenova

    Nope, won't watch it without Sam. I'm not fond of SJP acting and Carrie's character was always annoying for me.

  25. anadin0612

    Ooof ...

  26. Itz Tapas

    Who is the actor?

  27. BA HET

    A kid getting killed by a gun in a school is the price of freedom... but the state will not allow an abortion. 😳

  28. sgt lamancha

    “Oh Greg, you polyglot genius.”

  29. Axel Blaze

    It really was a teaser

  30. fanis gelis

    Jong Xina

  31. CHAOS

    John Xina

  32. V.G. Castle

    So that's the reason why he lost to Roman Reigns...had to make a series. Good for him though

  33. Alexandre FG

    I can't accept that Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox are almost 60 or even that Jennifer Aniston is more than 50.

  34. Shadow gaming


  35. Junior2697

    Can’t wait till The Rock and John Cena cross paths

  36. Kristoff

    This is retarded and I wish I never clicked this video

  37. Shane- O

    It gives me a woody just knowing it's only a few months away!

  38. Barik ramdhani

    Can’t wait to watching

  39. Undisputedly Mediocre

    wait there is a csgo reference in this trailer...

  40. Indah Hari Murti

    Where is Samantha? 🥺

  41. Nybooboo Kitty

    El segundo capitulo de Veneno me rompio el alma

  42. Cas

    I always loved the way they love

  43. Team Kadima

    Peacemaker vs Black Adam John Cena vs The Rock for one last time at Wrestlemania

  44. Funny Guy

    John cena killed it in suicide squad cant wait to see more of him in his own show

  45. LEO LEE

    Are the four girls straight?

  46. Sai Bhalke

    It just fell through for the first few seasons

  47. Velimirius

    Best duo

  48. TheLoque77

    Still a better love story then twilight.

  49. Prondolongo

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that they completely messed up season 8.

  50. That Rad Guy

    LOL when they go around the roundabout and the song lyrics in the background are "going in circles", that was a choice that was made and it was the wrong one 🤮 🤮

  51. Ken's Ken

    I don't understand how this is funny🤦🏻‍♀️... And their acting is so exaggerated.

  52. Dax Bermejo

    This looks awesome. Haha can't wait.

  53. Isa Abushi

    Long live the king 👑

  54. Shivgonzales Akhtarsingh

    Love CENA just protein face

  55. Santiago Maskaraque

    Hiroyuki Sanada Mon Ami ..El Sámurai consideraba el combate como una extensión natural de la Fuerza y la tranquilidad de Espíritu y se entrenaba para aceptar y superar a cualquier temor a la Muerte Fiel a su Señor en el Arte de la Guerra nos enseña a Destruir al enemigo desde Dentro ..Shalom Maestro -

  56. Joell_Barbell

    Dune was so BORING.

  57. Enrique Castro

    esto se parece muchisimo a un caso de la vida real que paso en españa, incluso el documental esta en Netflix, se llama Caso Alcàsser, o sea esta serie es basado en eso o que?

  58. Mike Arsen


  59. Gulbuddin Dewan

    jOhN XInA

  60. D Praveen

    Best duo after Walter white & Jessie pinkman

  61. t c

    Taiwan #1

  62. Meme Man

    hey this guy is somewhat similar to XHONG ZINA - some weird dictator or something like that

  63. Cheung Ahfook

    Games of incest coming to home near you.

  64. Sakina Zuhayr

    The witcher

  65. Yadoo

    Have this as my background on my PC best to do homework to not gonna lie

  66. matt Lee

    bing chilling

  67. Navi Kadur

    The movie will go down as a flop......

    1. Israel N.J

      You don't even know it's a tv show and think you have the credibility to say something? Lmao But a lot of people confuse it with a movie because this show looks like a film, a high-budget cinematographic production, and I doubt that the show will flop, it's got a very good number of views for a tv show.

  68. justez witika

    John Cena is my Favourite WWE wrestler turning to one of my Favourite Actors Ive been watching WWE since I was 6 im now 14

  69. ARB

    O my god.

  70. Fox Mulder

    This looks really bad.

    1. Israel N.J

      Snyder bot detected.

  71. deepa karki kathet

    Her smile,her laughter,her personality she was a bright light taken away so early💔😔🙃

  72. Tia Ryan

    Looks like a mediocre comedy.

  73. DE

    watching meg stalter be serious about something is such an out of body experience

  74. elvis aidith

    @0:59 the guy looks like ted mosbey

  75. mauricio krebs

    Ive seen this movie 245 times

  76. cnmmd qiuoo

    from someone with "first-hand" experience. 🤞

  77. Rumela Lahiri

    Straneger Things meets vampires in the Dark