If you like extreme lasers and incredibly high voltages in a convenient short video format, this is the channel for you! This is where I'll be posting my short clips and smaller projects that never made it into a full video on my main channel.

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  1. Mr. Bruh


  2. gamingoose

    Forbidden light bulb

  3. Nathaniel Kenney

    Heh heh…pp laser

  4. amayichu内山

    You look like the actor of green goblin but younger.


    What cyan or kyan

  6. WindshadowMVP

    Red is The coolest!

  7. Moraine45

    Anyone else notice the slight out of sync audio?

  8. Bryan Bello

    I could almost see Thor…

  9. joshua ben olivan

    So this is how it feels to be color blind as George

  10. Andrés Rocha

    Imagine a balloon filled with hydrogen

  11. rfretehb

    bro I've got that same little table

  12. jnold001

    Oh shit I didn’t know you were white

  13. claresse montoya

    ive seen a cyan laser in roblox

  14. Please Stop It Hurts

    This guy could litterally build a fucking time machine holy fuck

  15. Jeturo5


  16. Tyler

    Where do you find something like this? I need it for a syfy film set!

  17. M O

    Why am I having the work "berserk" echo in my mind ?

  18. Tacospaceman

    “Pretty cute, right?” Holy hell, it is now, my heart is full lol

  19. Fetstol lotstef

    Why his eye look like a psyco.

  20. theREALfishdoctor

    I didn't know that light sabers were real

  21. big boi fisher

    That’s cool

  22. Izi Wi

    This is what humour has devolved into

  23. loot pad67


  24. Mango 17

    This person: u gotta look at it with goggles Me watching this video without goggles: :,)

  25. Phisic

    I was waiting for the cap or slap guy until i saw that this was styropyro.

  26. Monkey king

    When see thor.

  27. ussosweed

    Where can I buy it??

  28. anoon

    Put down a lemon and I can tell you what color.

  29. Tine Resnt

    What’s that lightning thing he shines the lazer into at the end?

  30. Ustain

    This man has made lightsabers

  31. Max Shabura

    This is the kid who in 3rd grade who invested in Russian oil drilling company's then when you had to build a little house for school project everyone used Amazon boxes while he used the money he invested to buy land and proceed to build a full scale concrete castle

  32. sen3or febe_betero

    Quem penso na ponte do squid game no começo

  33. MrHoneyBS


  34. soyyoluca

    Hah, jokes on you, I'm already colorblind!

  35. Gautam Nag

    That is the coolest thing I have seen today

  36. Wan Yusof

    You can get that in Amethyst geode

  37. Iv Mo

    MAD Carzzy is that you?

  38. Beans


  39. Damon j787

    Light saber

  40. veerain Kenam

    Rip headphone users

  41. Ra the Sun god

    Outloud I said “OH SHIT”

  42. Tristan_081

    What's your most powerful laser

  43. Trichia Cudmore

    It's a light saber

  44. Justa Guy

    Can’t wait for the video where he summons a portal from the 69th wormhole.

  45. egh

    Ima buy a laser. And point it at-

  46. Just an Awkward DDLC Fan


  47. Trigo Quezada

    I got some things right about the colors

  48. TheFoxKing

    Interesting you big Nerd

  49. Jaden Cortes

    I like the green one cuz its my fav color. I wish i had a lazerbeam. But not the one that burns stuff


      Its my fave to lol

  50. Sus

    The ballon is frisk going through the lasers

  51. Dax Marshall

    How bout that kitty? Is kitty your lab assistant?

  52. Luke Skywalker

    I have one too, but its thicker

  53. chel

    this man is so endearing in some ways

  54. PsychoticBovine

    Deez particles on ionized nuts.

  55. Corey

    What if you drink it

  56. GCD

    just wana say the light saber fights would be epic yes i know there are others issues

  57. DR 7

    Led: Touches the C O L D W A T E R The C O L D W A T E R: NUCLEAR MELTDOWN EMINENT

  58. Johnny Williams

    Me:(sees lightning) RISE KING GHIDORA RISE!!!!!

  59. FuzzyThoughts

    If by cool you mean horrifically lethal, then yes, very cool.

  60. Izi Wi

    This could easily be a meme

  61. Alex Putkamer

    They look like mini light sabers

  62. Beloy Gamer

    Him:what the storngest laser? *Casually passes through the lasers*

  63. Logan Belley


  64. Captain Keyes

    Please buy an iPhone. Android quality with a subbase like yours will not end well.

  65. Awkward Playz

    those minecraft lighting rods must be doing lots of work

  66. Matty

    How can you not love this guy!

  67. Taylor Wisniewski

    *Causally builds Tesla Coil*

  68. Nico

    Meanwhile in Palpatines room on the deathstar:

  69. Lovely Toblerone

    I guess this wasn't that cool.

  70. Hellz Nomad

    Ah yes, the nerdy white guy.

  71. That Guy

    This has some pretty cool art potential

  72. Gomito1234

    This man lookin like willy wonka

  73. bebeh

    why do i find him attractive, like please yes talk more about this even tho i might not use it later

  74. wharfe dale

    You remind me of a male real life equivalent of Dora the explorer

    1. wharfe dale

      Jokes aside I do love your videos

  75. Raniero Valenti

    i dont wanna be colorblind

  76. Clermont Florida

    Lucky you didn't get frostbite on your tongue and break a tooth. I thought the electricity stunts was dangerous

  77. Erik Tannert

    ,,Oh, youre on fire, let me help you!"

  78. Shadid Mosharraf

    I didn't see the negative so for a second I thought you were going to evaporate your tongue or something

  79. Killian Peters

    It's Alive!!