Hi my name is Bailey Sarian and I am here to talk about True Crime & Makeup. YES its an odd combination, but I couldn't just pick ONE topic to focus on, why not mix them both together?

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  1. Laura

    Watching these from a country where it's ilegal the Death penalty or even stay in prison for life gives a new perspective

  2. beccy emerson

    I love how Bailey cant say the word horror 🤣

  3. Alexandra Pieper

    Why did they not bring the dogs into his house?

  4. Elizabeth Fitos


  5. Brittany

    You are the Babish of makeup! I’d love to see your entire studio and how you break down your makeup so effortlessly

  6. Lindsay M Schoenfeld

    Your makeup is FIRE. I was Medusa last week lol but nothing like yours!

  7. Christina

    I'm from Madison, WI (only 45 mins from Milwaukee) and I remember hearing about this story as it was first breaking! It was all anyone could talk about for days, some of my teachers in hs even spoke about it during class. And when the slenderman movie came out it was banned from theaters here. P.S. you pronounced Waukesha right but you're not supposed to pronounce the L in Milwaukee haha ifkyk

  8. Hayden Rei

    Awwww 🥺 When Bailey thanked us for watching her videos. You are SO very welcome, Bailey! Thank YOU! 😭 (Aw, love fest!)

  9. Mindy Hilton

    She shouldve re-created her hairstyle from one of the Dark History episodes. She even says it's her Medusa hairstyle.

  10. Britney Achanta

    Express VPN- IS THIS WHY IT ALWAYS SAYS YOU’RE POSTING FROM FRANCE ON FACEBOOK?!?! I always thought it was because you had someone that lived in France doing your social media stuff lol 🤯

  11. Gen Lazer

    How much do people make with over 5million subscribers..?

  12. Madd E

    SOUTHPARK IS ON NETFLIX😱😢 i wish i was in the UK😩

  13. Brittany

    If you ever get rid of your theme song, I’m leaving you!!!!

  14. pieceofshit

    I like how Ate Bailey just Throws her phone around while she advertise Casetify😭

  15. Melissa Prevost

    You literally did the Halloween theme song haha.. But, yeah, Google gets me like that all the time... I have never heard of this story, Thank you for it.

  16. Danielle Wright

    I would

  17. TerriLynn Puppe

    That looks is spot on. Some day I may get somewhere near that nice. The colors my 12 year old younger twin daughter and I are in love with.

  18. Faith Ambrose

    Listening to you explain boardgames, highlight of my night. LOL

  19. Briana Cunningham

    I feel like I'm at a sleepover hearing crazy stories. Love you Bailey

  20. Breyana Anderson

    Have you heard of orphanage 🤣😂 omfg you are awesome with how you speak your mind

  21. Amber James

    The sheriff probably did things to her and killed her 😭 poor darling

  22. Leanne Massari

    Bailey, Matthew Hopkins would be screaming ‘witch’ at you in a heart beat hahaha

  23. Kenzie champagne

    Honestly watching these videos help me sleep at night lol the facts and her voice are super soothing ❤️❤️

  24. Allyson

    I busted out when you said I sat with that for a while

  25. THE BEST HACKERVIRIOUS on IG Tested&trusted 💯DM

    *Best Service* ☝️⭐️ *Big thanks* 📩🆙⭐️🔝

  26. THE BEST HACKERVIRIOUS on IG Tested&trusted 💯DM

    *Best Service* ☝️⭐️ *Big thanks* 📩🆙⭐️🔝

  27. Kris

    I just saw that headband at Spirit Halloween and almost bought it. Not because I want to be Medusa and wear a painful headband, but I wanted an excuse to do this makeup look and then say that I was going as Bailey for Halloween.

    1. THE BEST HACKERVIRIOUS on IG Tested&trusted 💯DM

      *Best Service* ☝️⭐️ *Big thanks* 📩🆙🔝

  28. Paige Taylor

    Those sunglasses killed me bro!! I love you

  29. Ja'keia B.

    Call me negative or whatever but I've never liked people that are just too friendly or too happy all the time... people that was like that always turned out to be fake,or mean or just something..never trusted a person that's always smiling either. It creeps me out.!!

    1. THE BEST HACKERVIRIOUS on IG Tested&trusted 💯DM

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  30. Robin van der Veen

    Have you ever done, or will you make a video about Lawrence Singleton?

  31. Pia Pia

    The music: 🌸 💕 ☺️ The story: 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 🔪 🪦

  32. Kate Macmin

    Never heard of this case before but it was absolutely wild! What an awful man!

  33. Mistica Aguero

    Are you wearing hair extensions? If so what brand? Your hair is POPPING

  34. Joeuana Estalani

    Melendez Brothers, next pleaseeeeeeeee🥺

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  35. Law & Order

    You know what else is pseudoscience? Believing men are women and women are men.

  36. robert blackshear

    If I'm wrong 😑 sorry 😢

  37. robert blackshear

    You look like the lady that took money off that guy that killed his famiky . Your her right . Just without makeup 🤔 huh.

  38. The Traitor

    "She started a jewellery business" Me: *Looks up from the earring I was making* I swear I'm not a vampire

  39. Ryan Thompson

    Hey guys…way random but my finance of 3 years is bailing on me and has a rose gold .75 carrot oval cut lmk

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  40. Michaela Christine

    This is kinda a stretch, but she looks like the goth girl from that criminal minds episode with Gavin Rossdale

  41. Corrie's Book Nook

    Noooope. Clowns bad. Bad! Always. Thanks Pennywise. This story has always creeped me out. Because Gacy was such a smooth talker. And well, that clown suit.

  42. Becca


  43. Melissa Buckley

    Part of me wonders if they let all this stuff slip because of homophobia. Like they were just thinking they didn’t want a part of it.

  44. maddie_animalov3r 2020

    I say new Or-leans all the time now because that’s how Klaus mikaelson says it

  45. Em Moonchild

    It’s so sad 😭 because a lot of johns childhood was kinda like mine it happens way to much. He honestly could of done better tho, he should of got help tho.

  46. Courtney Larsen

    Bailey I’m down to go undercover 🤫🤫 we can take them down and save the kids😓

  47. amber semona

    So freaking cute Bailey!!

  48. Cathryne Tompkins

    I’ll always love her !!!! 💕

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  49. Grace Luczak

    My grandma grew up in his neighborhood and said he was an election block captain in the surrounding neighborhoods. Like they were people who just say hey did you vote yet and if you haven't do you know where the nearest polling place is. But my grandma grew up right around where he was an election captain.... she had no idea until recently....

  50. Stephanie Aleman

    okay but it's her at 21:46 saying "but the lie detector test determined, that was a lie" like she's Maury reading out a polygraph test 💀

  51. Heather Horton

    Bailey you’d make an awesome Bride of Frankenstein! I’d love to see your makeup look and costume for her!

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  52. Sarah

    Wow the police were really determined to have this guy out of jail! I’m 3/4 in and the poultice has had so many chances!

  53. Kerima Nasilasila

    Toy box killers was one of the worst!! Those poor girls. I could feel their pain when you was describing the assaults

  54. Ling Ling Jasso

    Bailey you’re the best part of my week or at least one of the best parts I love your videos so very much please don’t ever change you’re so sweet and I just wanted to let you know I think you’re beautiful on the inside and out you’re a very special human being and thank you for making videos for us

  55. Kelsey Farr

    I can’t believe that this was before your little theme song came LOL I went to say the bababa 😩

  56. Val Hipkiss

    Sorry , the silly antics turned me off listening to you . Sorry mate

  57. Nur Halimatus Sa'addiah

    Please please please do the case of Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa. She died in Malaysia, cold case. Lots of political involvement

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  58. Lexie

    I learnt about this in history at school this year in Australia, I’m in year 10

  59. meghan gibson

    LOVE THE LOOK!!! I wish I could do my eye makeup that amazing

  60. TerriLynn Puppe

    Almost 49 and it's like I know nothing. So an amazing video, thank you both ladies.

  61. lowkey righteous

    She's wonderful 😍

  62. Carolina Marchese

    Has anyone mentioned/noticed that Dark History skips Episode 2?

  63. Letyzia Estrada

    I have a question about your sponsor, knowing police track the killers, rapists and other horrible people’s phones to see if it matches up with the crime scene… if they get this app, a lot of cases could go cold if that was the last resort.

    1. THE BEST HACKERVIRIOUS on IG Tested&trusted 💯DM

      *Best Service* ☝️⭐️ *Big thanks* 📩🆙🔝

  64. lowkey righteous

    I can stare at this broad all day

  65. Savanah Elliott

    “✌🏼😙✌🏼…. Okay sorry” Same


    Once again, this would have less impact if the police did their job right.

  67. Eron

    Bailey never know 😂😂😂

  68. Kellina Ackermann

    I wish police would watch Bailey because then they would learn some tips, & what history not to repeat.

  69. Kendricka Williams

    Bailey: “he works at KFC. What kind of science were they doing there?” Me: “cloning chickens?”

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  70. Alex Welsh

    you always tell the stories so perfect so glad you told this story, my connection personally is my uncle has a photo with john himself at a birthday party as he was the clown for the party back in the day… absolutely crazy! none of the kids were missing from that party but still crazy! love you bailey!

  71. Misty Birdbush

    Another plot twist.. her boyfriend (who happened to also have a day off that day) killed her and has his son lying for him with an alibi. Didn’t want her obsessed with him anymore (wedding dress/ rings) or his wife knowing about it as she says her marriage was hunky dory.. so he says hey come meet me in the barn for a blowy and he knocks her off. And takes off when Todd and the son were driving for help. I mean, boyfriend wasn’t ever wanting to leave his wife..

  72. Anne Alexander

    Well Taurus are always eating tho just didn't expect it to be people

  73. Jen VP

    his neighbor, an old woman, would complain to him about the smell coming from his house but he would brush it off as a sewage problem. she even complained to the police about it when they would come by

  74. Eun-jeong Hwang

    What makes this vid even better is that I I'm watching this while on a long drive from LA and it's a full moon with a lot of fog 😩

  75. Dawn Winther

    I saw the episode that ID tv channel did about Nanette yesterday. I knew l had heard about this horrible and tragic case before. Poor woman. She seemed like such a loving and kind lady. I pray someday they will find the one(s) who killed her, and bring her soul justice. 🙏

  76. Ellen Epps

    Brings a whole new meaning to “down to clown.”

  77. Hiris Arreola

    Hey Bailey You’re so gorgeous… I love watching ur videos. September just wasn’t right without you 😭 I just have to ask what hair products do you use. Your hair always looks so full and beautiful.