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- We do the videos with After Effects and Illustrator.

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  1. Chuan Yeat Hon

    Was hoping mayb you guys can collab with displate for your posters. Really love the art style and wish it can last longer.

  2. Bif Animation


  3. yh


  4. Monster? No. Definable? Never.

    Nihilism: "We're all gonna die some day." Optimistic Nihilism: "We're all gonna die some day, so why worry?"

  5. TheJaniczek

    How do we know that our universe is not a black hole itself? Expanding universe what we see would be an expanding event horizon. This concept was proposed by Dr. Nikodem Poplawski. Interesting concept imo ...

  6. SpudSupreme

    You had me at "scythe lizards".

  7. John Treanor

    Kurzgesagt... you sure know how to make me feel insignificant....

  8. skytec123

    is it possible to lay mirror around a black hole? because black hole's gravity can break the mirror or need too many mirrors

  9. Almondré Whiteman

    Brilliant video. The conditions for animals made me want to puke, so sad😭

  10. Marlon Downey

    Not going to hesitate this time. Missed out on last years calendar. NEVER AGAIN

  11. Speedy Asian

    1:10 oh gosh is that starry night poster glow in the dark? take my card.

  12. F3sion

    Thanks for the tutorial, I’ll make sure to try it out soon

  13. Thatkat

    Ahh yes well we all know were this is goin *me grabs my concealed black hole* SPACE WARRRR

  14. FroskyX

    I will do this

  15. V random

    Damn I wish the merch was accessible to my country

  16. Tasin Effect

    Greenland is safe

  17. Lythaera

    Supporting local farmers by buying local produce as directly as possible cuts down on both factory farming, and the amount of transportation required to produce your food. It also directly impacts your local economy, and helps keep food on the table for farmers and the people they employ in your community! My goal for the next two years is to supply at least 90% my fresh food (meats, fruit, veggies) as locally as possible. Eventually I want my diet to be about 95% local, delicious fresh food :)

  18. Master Oogway

    I like the addition of the tardis just being there 0:35

  19. John Treanor

    Plot twist... Earth was terraformed 200 million years ago by aliens living on Venus and the process destroyed their home planet.

  20. Ali Hassan Mir

    Dinosaurs in this video look like pokemon

  21. nihad bankalath

    When converting it's price to indian rupee it's 2022 🤯 I'm totally surprised

  22. Brié

    Last night I dreamed about the black hole what I see about in my dream is that when you enter the black hole you can only see a one light then once you enter to that single light you can see your other self.

  23. lucas lam

    I feel upsidown.

  24. Alex Lara

    when is part 4???

  25. Rahulkanta Ngangom

    Nice pokeball

  26. Andri Harahap

    what I'm going through actually I haven't experienced, what I haven't actually experienced I've actually experienced, and what I'm experiencing is actually the same time I'm experiencing it and what I'm not experiencing So Who I'm?? -Andri Hamdani Harahap

  27. person or something

    "hey ferb i know what we are doing today"

  28. Aritra kumar Bagchi

    Ok,why are you here ?

  29. Susan Winters

    Can’t wait to try the bacteria milk hmmm

  30. Naruto Uzumaki

    Ishikki be like right now:📝

  31. F Z

    The problem of mankind is that its most intelligent and empathic individuals have the least power while the most arrogant supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies are at the top.

  32. Mehran Alikhani

    Thanks for persian subtitle

  33. Le_mayo

    4:51 How did she get there Edit: timestamp was wrong

  34. Alan J. Ferdinand

    Global warming is like a time bomb for the earth

  35. HolyApplebutter

    I've decided that if brain uploading does become a thing in my lifetime, that I'd do it. Even if it isn't technically me, just a copy, I'd like to give that version of me a shot at the future that I could never take.

  36. Əhməd Cəfərli

    Yes, I can do.

  37. Alessandro Sanna

    2:12 kurzgesagt called it 6 years ago boys

  38. F Z

    WHAT IF....mankind is ancient, like hundreds of millions years old, and evolved on a different planet. They evolved and got advanced enough to have interstellar travel. Also they realized that their advancement will be the source of their destruction. The planet was rendered inhabitable and as a last resort they sent out space ships to other habitable planets, but with a catch. They came up with a protocol that says that upon arrival to the new planet the travellers should set up primitive colonies, destroy all evidence of technology and basically reatart the clock on human evolution. Because if they reached the new planet and lived with same level of advancement, this planet would also be soon rendered inhabitable. Thats why they start from zero and hopefully if the civilization on this planet reaches the same point, the great scientists and thinkers would reach the same answer and repeat it. So mankind has been hopping around on different planets for millions of years and we are the product of our ancestors who arrived on earth and started from their primitive ways.

  39. help me i watched zootopia

    Finally ive been waiting tysm

  40. SolarTides

    I feel really disturbed, by the fact, that (once again) everything sums up to rational behaviour and change of political systems and change of the idea of growth. In every society there are groups who just don't comply. How can we reach these groups. How to persuade someone who is fed up with this topic? (The birdies 11:45 for example). "Nach mir die Sintflut" I dislike the idea of rational behaviour. Because the pandemic has shown, that masses arent able to be rational. People dont listen and people dont understand. And even if they understand and listen, political parties are still political parties with crusty and oldish ideas. When i vote (Germany) the main green-attitude political party, i vote a party which is against nuclear power and has A LOT of leftist (stupid) arguments as a byproduct. We have no political party with an idea of beeing sustainable in the 3 major fields (economics, ecologics and personal interest). "Vote with your wallet" - Got it. I think thats the easiest part. "Vote at the ballot" - Not easy at all. I dare say its impossible nowadays. The reasonable politician shown at 13:20 is a myth. I would vote .. but he/she/they/them is a unicorn. I feel lost...

  41. F Z

    So just looking at the statistics posed here, the expanse of the whole universe and the high probability that life could have evolved elsewhere but we still see no sign of it, is it really so difficult to believe in a higher authority that created mankind for a purpose. 🤔🤔

  42. Gaming Korean

    Elen musk smokin it on live lol

  43. SadJBomb

    thanks for the tips 👍

  44. Elon Musk

    Earth--> Starship -> Mars 🔴 🚀 . . . . . . . . . . 💥 🌏

  45. infinity

    2:23 *SHEEESH*

  46. Longan Lim


  47. P A

    humanistic capitalism

  48. Lucky Devil

    I feel so sad about the fact that such lush, glorious life was destroyed so that WE appeared and spoiled everything we touch.

  49. I_-AM_SALskem

    Thanks for the tutorial! I will use this information *usefully*

  50. Tasteless Opinion

    I disagree. This "explanation" begs the question.

  51. Sidney playz

    Omg the 3D renders are soo cool. Ty for blessing my eyes

  52. Ultimate Awesomeness

    Just some back up plans incased Netflix decides to cancel some of my favourite shows again

  53. Thinknoon2

    hes the quiet kid and every one who watches his videos like this one are the quiet kids

  54. Life

    Dude it’s 4am

  55. Shy Huey

    If you tap Earth's roblox profile when Earth is consumed by the sun: Page cannot be found or no longer exists 404 | Page not found

  56. So What

    have you thought about making NFTs?

  57. DandyAniel

    Please do one about why ligaments and tendons once damaged never heal or don’t function as good as they use to and why bones do

  58. Aaman Khan

    That silly student: "Sir, would have been better if you demonstrated"

  59. newbeeishereis1

    step 1 : say that "someone can beat goku" step 2 : make the weebs mad step 3: wait for the weebs to train to become "powerful" step 4: weebs will find someone who can beat goky

  60. Gordon Ramsay's a donut

    Thanks for the tip! I really needed this. Now...can you show me tips on how to destroy MULTIVERSES?

  61. Avipt

    Just look at Emus, they dont have wings, they have 2 small devolved arms with 1 claw on each arm. Also their feathers are not like normal bird feathers, closer to a....broom. The fact that i will never be able to see what a dinosaur really looked like is...heartbreaking.

    1. BreadHatter

      Emus won a war against Australians

  62. kholgenbilguun


  63. Pro_Snowman

    Why are you watching this🤨

  64. Brenna S

    mine is coming today! (currently 4:23am here)

  65. john hunt

    If we have animals then other worlds should have too ,to just want to seek out the most intelligent beings is missing a very big point ,even on earth, things like fungus could save the oceans by introducing fungus eating plastic to solve the plastic pollution ,advancement can only happen if a new world is studied in its entirety ,not just for its intelligent life ,it don't matter how smart a world is ,even they can make mistakes and overlook the solution stareing at them

  66. Sample Text

    “What if we nuke a city?” The US: *”Don’t mind if i do”*

  67. Immortal Tortoise

    Mr fbi i won't kill universe so don't kick my door

  68. Ragsnas Ramoninus

    Bestellt *checkmark-emoji*

  69. dei vor

    let's work together and close facebook

  70. Caz Walt

    What if some humans survive like 250 of them and they start a new primitive life and after thousands of years after technology has been restored and knowledge about our past has been lost what would the new generation of humans think when they discover our ruins what languages will they develope it's just fascinating to think about it.

  71. Coffee Break Hero

    Maybe type 3 civilization, after being able to understand, perceive and manipulate the whole of their consciousness, just converge into going together into a massive perfect reality simulation supercomputer, that harvests energy from stable spinning black holes. Imagine consciousness in ai form post its own singularity

    1. Coffee Break Hero

      "Those poor primitives with their physics bound lives" they must be thinking.

  72. BrontoKroxig

    I really want It but nearly 30€ is expensive :(

  73. Mort

    "Something thats so obvious, that virtually everybody discovers it, and so dangerous that it leads almost universally to an existential disaster." Anti matter.

  74. Weebmatic

    no one: Anime villains: Hmmm interesting

  75. Dear Leader

    The great filters: flat earthers karens entitled americans LGBT BLM tiktokers

  76. RedSock

    20 million people are just over everything

  77. Fungel Fin

    Homies in the future laughing at this video after they created hyperdrives

  78. Jalreefiplays

    That means we’ll not be Corinteed any time soon finally

  79. Code Zero

    For those wondering: When added together, the Harry Potter books contain 1,084,171 words.