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  1. Sathyabhama Nair

    I need 😭😭😭😰😢😱😨

  2. Lisa Ammons

    What about Explorer cuisine

  3. Jovelyn Sotto

    I love you baby....

  4. S.A Channel

    Very good

  5. J R


  6. Rithivk rosen

    Kutti super

  7. anis

    Aawwww sooo cuteee!

  8. Louise Goldsmith

    Kids should do this more often it makes them appreciate the work that gets put into the food they eat I hated to eat anything my mum made me when I was a kid and now as a adult who can cook I love trying new foods and I don't mind cooking

  9. Shree Ranga

    Super Baby

  10. Mariangela Russo


  11. Пашли Нахуй

    Такі самостоятельні будующе за ними

  12. Asia Money

    She scared me when she had that knife but its obvious she was very well trained. She'll be having her own cooking show very soon

  13. Florent Kastrati


  14. Essence

    It's the knife for me🤷🏿‍♀️

  15. verakul

    Хозяюшка,лапуля 😙😙😙

  16. Faith Khanyile

    Ohh man this cutey🤗💖,love her to how she fits into the drier😂😂😂

  17. Marie anabelle Revel

    Une petite fille fait la cuisine💖

  18. J R


  19. Zia's kitchen

    So cute😍😍😍

  20. Priya Saha

    2nd chef Kobe(Rose) lol

  21. Mildris Plested

    Small mama is already the world chief babyr

  22. Loretta Adusu

    I love how she eats everything ☺️😍🤣

  23. Y A R A🦋

    She is living her childhood and this is very beautiful

  24. Rup Ahmad

    So cute

  25. Nosh Cute

    God bless you 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  26. Y A R A🦋

    Take care of things, clever, beautiful, gorgeous, and pills 😘

  27. Unknown

    So short answer is no

  28. Y A R A🦋

    Your daughter is beautiful and wonderful. I hope when you grow up, you will read a comment ❤😘

  29. Billie Brown

    I'd eat that but with more cheese

  30. gao

    Ohh noo😂

  31. Saraswathi Kani

    So cute baby

  32. Y A R A🦋

    She is beautiful, wonderful and serious masha allah❤🇲🇦

  33. SLW 04

    This child is so awesome and has better skills than me. Not once did she cross contaminate her spoons. Me on the other hand😏

  34. Gwladys Chloe

    I love the way she laughs she's cute

  35. Amarjit Singh

    So cute baby girl 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  36. Christina C.

    Omg I LOVE her!! She is the cutest little thing!! 😍😍😍🙈👧🏼

  37. Asilbek Jorabekov


  38. Samrah Jatt

    Oh no how cute voice MA

  39. Duchess Valerie Marrs

    What parents let their babies play with sharp objects like peelers and knives?

  40. saturnino adame

    Aww so cute omg

  41. Pritideepa Behura

    So cute

  42. Lyne Moreen Marza

    So cute

  43. Raiyan Hussain

    সুন্দর ভিডিও ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে উৎসাহিত করার জন্য গালি গালাজ করবে না জেনে কমেন্ট করে জানাবেন না লাগলেও জানাবেন না লাগলেও জানাবেন না করলেও চলে যেতাম না

  44. Esther Asukwo

    In Nigeria parents will tell you that 2yrs old knows nothing 😎

  45. B

    The noise she makes when he says " don't drink that one please" hahaha

  46. c bell

    This is an easy recipe… this is Brazilian sour tapioca flour. Wth? Lol

  47. Lucas McEvoy

    I have 4 kids 3 of which are girls Quality time Great job pops!

  48. Quy Mai Thi

    Baby đáng yêu quá ❤👍

  49. Ujjwal and rimjhim Singh


  50. Ellen McIntyre

    I don't remember having toys like this. I read a lot and I colored but I didn't have toys like this Rose is one lucky girl

  51. Munira Yakoub

    Good baby😍

  52. Ana dominguez Charles

    Unbelievable how this little girl is able one second choose the best pumkin in the store...

  53. س مری

    وووووویییی قوبونش برمممم

  54. Abigael Andese Kenga


  55. Naviya k.B B sec

    Super cute❤❤❤

  56. Heniska Heniska


  57. Lima Manila

    Dad: „Dont drink that 😅” Rose: “mmhhmmfff 😤”

  58. The_I.Khan

    roasty the little dolphin

  59. Amit Sharmaji

    Amazing child ❤️

  60. unique world

    She is so cute, but when thrown the strawberry 🍓 in the dustbin, I am very 😡 about it

  61. Asker Asker


  62. Asker Asker


  63. Beyoncé 'ThE bRoNzE dOsSeR' Windmill

    This has been missing for 2 generations!!

  64. sella wati

    Anak anak bolehasak juga ya dia comel bangat

  65. Rashmi Kc

  66. Rashmi Kc


  67. Glynis Smith

    I love this. I have gut issues. Do you have videos for that

  68. megan 007

    How I wish that all the kids growing same at her age would be like her,applause to the parents who raised her being an independent child❤️❤️❤️

  69. Noelia Oyola de asencios

    Esta chiquitita me encanta va preparando y va comiendo es una ricurita

  70. Amit Sharmaji

    So sweet ❤️

  71. Maritza Ruiz

    OMG she is jus adorable alil old lady. She constantly reminds me of the best day of my life my oldest made me breakfast in bed at the age of 5.

  72. D Moore

    I babysat my niece at this age. One day, I wanted to sleep some more. So I woke up before her, set out her breakfast on the coffee table with a sippy cup of juice. I also set the remote down for her. She would wake up before me and wake me up to make breakfast or climb in bed with me. Since she had to pass the livingroom to come to my room, she spotted the food on the coffee table, and instead went the sofa, turned on the power button on the remote, preset to Cartoon Network. She ate without ever coming to my room, to check on me. Somehow she knew it was for her. I guess the sippy cup was the clue. I never told her beforehand. I did that each time from then on. She trained me

  73. merman lovings

    I am so fortunate to have moose bones to make bone broth with!!!

  74. momshie Con's Daily Habits

    Teaching her in a house hold choires is really great 👍👍 teaching her in an early age to become independent ... Very good

  75. Suranjan Pal


  76. Ayu Kanita

    Ayu 🙏🙏😀😊

  77. Mahi Shaik


  78. Quirky Quips

    Pretty darn amazing to prepare lunch & lemonade but can't yet pronounce the words. Is it wrong for me to now be famished? 🌹 You go girl!