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Since 2009 IJF established a full competition calendar which includes 18 events per year, such as World Championships (Senior, Junior, Cadets, Veterans, Kata, Open, Teams) and World Judo Tour (Masters, Grand Slam, Grand Prix, Continental Open, all sharing over US$ 1,5 million prize money). The World Ranking List and the new rules and competition system made judo a more comprehensive and modern sport, boosting audiences all over the world, with a wide TV coverage and sold out events in most of the venues

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  1. Hubris Wonk

    Wakana Koga has an amazing base maintaining side control! Very surprised!

  2. Fart Squirel

    Dear audience.. you're wearing a mask on your chin is ridiculous .. take of for good.

  3. craig thomson

    Great sport for anyone , from old grannies , techniques . Balance and using opponent ' s weight and displacement of body for protection 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  4. Armin

    little highlights to be honest. Why show sports politicians giving the medals? Change the title or the content but this is unappropriate.

  5. darknezz


  6. Mauro Sérgio Cazetto

    The title is wrong: ZAGREB GRAND PRIX instead of Zagreb Grand Slam 2021

  7. ArchAngel Slayer

    almost all gold goes to japan congrat japan...judo is japan

  8. Rykehuss

    This stupid music ruins the video

  9. MiChaelinzo

    Why Ukrainian cry she thought she lost???

  10. MiChaelinzo

    I grew up in Doha and practicing Judo I'm green-brown belt both my world! Now I'm in University! xD

  11. MiChaelinzo


  12. MiChaelinzo


  13. Виктор Курносиков


  14. Виктор Курносиков

    Where's their bow, Ray. a reassuring pat on the shoulder?

  15. Виктор Курносиков

    judo is a multinational wrestling. black belts, the highest qualification, the best in their country, in their weight participate in this tournament. who are these medal winners who do not show equal respect to the Russian winners for their merits among equals. these awardees have life experience and gray hair. there is no strength of spirit and a sense of gratitude to the followers of the great judo.

  16. Francis Silva


  17. Олег Геворгян

    Judo nice sport!

  18. carlos Alex dos coleiro

    Vamos a luta Brazucas

  19. Sweden !

    Judo is life

  20. Daniel

    More of these types of videos please! Loved it

  21. Minja Mirza

    I like japanesse people

  22. Brho Yasoof

    Kguycyx7rxrxrxtcihu tfkctxg icez6lEdby

    1. Brho Yasoof

      Kamakamakosxn die wod e wi1j 1isiwh e ridknfj dudbd eiznqm wodnx eid7xbe dhd ridbe dic wixhbekdntjrijf 9c meocll hsmcynfeih n du nwihc 3 fi nwkc8winfoi291kbdwiejebd e dbsibeid eud e ibsbwnwnxu1jxiejp 8ukwnj j1b u j2 d ,u2bjjjubcfuencudjieueuwh2heueehd e8dbeueuse8ebw sibeb2n3ocjenekoficjekeoficbe cijxhwnkeo uwhbe dj hbrjxiji2j9djnvinn i18ch

  23. Euan Morse

    Really miss the videos of old with the Neil Adams commentary etc and bit more of a dive into the categories.

  24. azzedine filali

    Bravo bravo bravo Pour votre travail formidable sports judo

  25. KomPOTNIY ministr


  26. Oleg Yakushev

    It is very nice that this person Aziz Kamilov has good English language to speak!👏

  27. moe finesse

    IJF bring back the te waza leg grabs!

    1. reigninblood123

      @moe finesse what fundamental of newaza is being abandoned ?

    2. moe finesse

      @reigninblood123 I watched it but I disagree with Neil Adam's. it doesn't represent judo as IJF continues to abandon fundamentals of newaza and tachi waza components

    3. Nidge on Tour

      I would bring back leg grabs and have one leg grab per fighter per match as a compromise. There may be a lot less shidos and golden scores.

    4. reigninblood123

      Apparently this makes fighters bend from the waist making the sport look like wrestling. Neil Adams has spoken on this on Chadi’s channel. Check it out.

  28. Leverquin

    58:00 please explain?

  29. Ronald Antonio Castro Varela

    Wau que impresionante lo de Sasaki, técnico impecable.

  30. 민애옹 사랑̆̈해̆̈

    2:12:40 France lost to Mongolia. The Mongols are very sad and the referee is wrong.

  31. darknezz

    Sasaki Takeshi 12:55 50:50 2:04:27 3:29:33

    1. まめとら

      Thank you for telling us the time of the match for Sasaki Takeshi.

  32. Firdavs Kalandarov

    TJK 💪😍❤️

  33. g g

    kasse trijdi na spinu brosali treti raz eli zametili sudi chto to so zreniem.

  34. Erdenebat Samdan

    2:12:47 it is shame on France, why french judoka suppose to won? The referee was wrong.

  35. Nurieve Souza

    Parabéns, Japão!!

  36. Jo Molo

    En +78, l'israélienne marque au moins 3 waza ari.. Petit problème d'arbitrage il me semble.

  37. Touchofgrey53

    The two French women; Funny, they don't look French at all!

  38. Юстин Винтухов


  39. ann a

    Khusein Khalmurzaev is Ingush from.North Caucasus , under Russian federation. He is as the Georgians from Caucasus are representing the one of the greatest fighters in the world . When the Caucasian s begin to fight you never know what they keep in mind ...they defend themselves and then ..they win ..

    1. Ruben Dan

      Hello Ann, how are you doing

  40. ann a

    Anri Egutidze representing of Portugal is actually the Georgian nationality

  41. ann a

    Most of the great Japanese Sasaki.and Georgian Tato Grigalashvili.fight ...vow...

  42. samu il

    judo is harmful for your soul, it is not only self defense

    1. samu il

      @Farl🐻 have you ever seen an excorcism live?

    2. Farl🐻

      Lol what are you talkin about

  43. Nari Lee

    At 44:00 - 53:00 it is Mascha Ballhaus fighting for Gold 🥇

  44. Максим Иванов

    Денис Виеру ты лучший!!! А лягушатники где ваша совесть???? Чувак упал на ИПОН и выиграл, где совесть????

  45. Tsetsenbuu Tsetsenbuu

    фихалийн барилдаан хэдийд эхлэх билээ?

  46. Caramel Shorty

    und was heißt gs?

  47. Farl🐻

    i love judo!

  48. Caramel Shorty

    was bedeutet tatami?

  49. Mufi Kanya


  50. Liliana Brown

    1:51 the HU, yuve yuveyu in the background. Go Mongolia🇲🇳🔥

  51. 男性森


  52. Andrij Gonchar

    Спочатку конкурс краси, потім дзюдо, те саме у жіночій важкій атлетиці. Сначала конкурс красоты, потом дзюдо, то же самое в женской тяжёлой атлетике. D'abord le concours de beauté, après le judo, ussi à la altérophile féminine. At first a concours of beauty, after a judo, the same in watelifting feminine

  53. Dual Smile

    Sir please it's a huge request from my side (Aditya from India🇮🇳) that show one weight category on the same video to not show it on different video of the GEtwo channel like tatami 1 or tatami 2 and so on. I'm watching 60kg weight category and its changing videos like to first tatami 1 and then goes to tatami 4. We are blessed that you have shown the live matches but please take care of my views on that. Thank you... #judo #JudoHaridwar #loveJudo

  54. Anantsiaq

    Unable to watch the ants on the mat. Why are we not able to see from mat-side? Also, why are people allowed to use those things they smash together? It is distracting and childish. The voices of the announcements sound suitable for a boxing match rather than judo. Let's go back to the dignity we used to show.

  55. Denis BOUDY

    Hello, be carrefull to is speaking, your mic is open ;-)

  56. давид крутой


  57. bd0111

    No finals?

  58. ReyMysterio13_ _

    1:42:10 amazing ippon

    1. EV or not EV that is the question for my next ride

      I have never seen this combo before. It was like a bear hug ouchi gari to a body slam.

  59. Настя Смирнова

    EBINUMA MASASHI в качестве тренера👏👏👏💥💯 60 кг за 3 место🥰🥳

  60. catherine hegazi

    good commentating!

  61. Диванные Войска

    your referees are very interesting people

    1. gamer beast


  62. Clone Neji日向寧次

    Balabəy üçün gelenler

  63. LittleCrazyBolt

    Plein de bonnes surprises côté français avec enfin une vraie relève. Théo Riquin est flamboyant avec un syle qui me fait penser à celui d'Heydarov.

  64. Raul Suciu

    66 kg vieru no 5 3

    1. stvitus12

      Khyar's win is a shame. He should have gotten 3-4 shidos in the main time.

  65. Loğman

    Balabəy Agayev 🇦🇿👍

    1. Sehriyar Haciyev

      Mawallah hallaldi senol oguldu ogul

    2. Clone Neji日向寧次


  66. Геннадий Селин