I make good music.

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  1. L F

    How this music don't have more views

  2. Aman Ansari


  3. sachita Kanhye

    Super 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. Arvind Sharma

    I am hungry now and my name is yashvi

  5. Royal King

    Listening this after aryan khan's arrest... 😂


    King Khan

  7. Elnatal Taye

    Once I listened to this masterpiece i just can't stop listening to it. This is amazing

  8. Sai Ramishetty

    Dinamma idekkada mass ra mawa

  9. Amy Andrea

    He is a human Jesus! First time I heard Jesus sing I am so lucky😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗

  10. Ravi Raj Pathak


  11. Aju Thomas

    Any legends watching this in October 2021


    *Aaee! killed it!*

  13. Yogesh Kumar

    Next song reccomemdation : Fafda Jalebi ft. Jethalal😂😂


    I love this song

  15. fejzulova rubina


  16. Gherraf Mabrouk

    01 Januray 2022

  17. Arora Heena

    this song gives goosebumps !! Terrific music ! jalebi baby stuck in my mind

  18. MAD ARA


  19. Dj Freeman

    Me: I just want to eat it Her: ummmmmm I don't know Me: Just let me, baby

  20. sevimli Ayşenaz

    Wow good morning

  21. Mart Abbet

    Abaana bakikuba

  22. ohood al.sanibi


  23. jacob jackson

    Did you just ruin red dead music?

  24. Pyagrl*16

    Dude is super hot.

  25. Mario Kartz11

    dude fairouz enevr sounded sooo guuud

  26. pro commenter

    it shows Relationship between indian's and their foods me " yeh rishta kya kehlata hai " 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🔥🔥🔥

  27. Girija Modugade


  28. Prachi Bhatt

    Finally got this song !!!!!!!! Searching for so long !!!! Yay

  29. Skykaith

    Yes jalebies are for everyone Like to eat but take care That don't eat that so much or ur teeth will be Bad 😅

  30. Priyanka Parihar

    This is me talking to a jalebi

  31. Maryum Anas


  32. Ace

    Let down you should of add french verse in ✋

  33. àl spãçeshīp 7886 👽

    Jethalal will be like - daya let me see it jalebi baby I am wanna eat jalebi baby 😂😂👌 Champak chacha - are nahana jaa nahane 😡😡

  34. Hemlata Patel

    Shayad iska kitchen mein Janam hua tha

  35. Sarah Al


  36. Study ONLY

    Is he also Indian?

  37. Zayhab Zahir


  38. هاي🙂؟

    هل يوجد عرب😂😂😂😒♥

  39. Matluanga Ralte


  40. Slowed Music

    2:26 😈 😈 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Tiktok Perest

    Tick tock

  42. Md Onikul

    I love dis food. 😋😋

  43. Zak Hussain

    ndnds snsns sssndndn nnsnn

  44. Shafnariyas Aman


  45. Hazel DMello

    Will you act as Jesus in a movie???

  46. Yuzo Hassan

    Bole Chudiyan x 500 Dollars = Young Shahrukh The only formula I’ll ever remember

  47. ᑌᔑ ᗷᖇᝪᏦᗴᑎ



    Op song

  49. Satria bintang Bintang


  50. Pankaj Jha

    Yeah, It's Trending!!!

  51. Edson De Freitas

    FORA BOZO !!

  52. Adi Plays Channel

    Even Tesher deserves a song like this for making a too good song

  53. Arts,Games and More

    Jalebi jalabi 😄😄😄😘

  54. Andreas Sus

    So cool

  55. Moustapha Hayek

    the arabic lyric is : stay at home ... now i'm in love

    1. Moustapha Hayek

      its from a very famous Lebanese singer called Fayrouz a very well known song from my home ... Lebanon forever

  56. Ayoba

    I FINALLY FOUND IT THIS MASTERPIECE I see it the first time in a genshin edit Now im addicted OH FAQ

  57. iNsUrGe ExTeRm

    Bro they are listening ur song but ur not getting any credit

  58. Furious Game Kiawen

    1.25x speed, do it

  59. Mahfuj Rizon

    Srk 👑

  60. Miami

    i love it .I keep singing all Day when i woke up lol

  61. 『TK』 GaBi

    Români pe aici? Btw: best music

  62. One Seven beats

    Nice selection of songs🔥

  63. aisha kakar

    I like the song coz i know Indian and ya

  64. bhavy pandat

    0:47 amazing

  65. Ibrahim Bilal Haye

    dude barfi and jalebi so good I eat all these mithai

  66. NXT Studio

    omg osm popshit bruh

  67. hit master 2

    New song like this getwo.info/top/video/qp3Eu66kmomIu9I

  68. hit master 2

    Its cool in hindi😄😄🎶🎧

  69. Zed Theleader

    I like your company in this remix.

  70. sarita sarita

    we have the same but it's name is zalabia in Algeria

  71. RAISHA AHMED.......

    It's october 2021, let's see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece >_<

    1. Shaik Fahid Mohammed Minhaz


    2. Shubham


  72. Cyclers Job

    Love u

  73. Khatija banu

    My biggest flex is that I knew this song b4 it got fAmOuS

  74. Kanishka Kedia


  75. Ngalunyi Shupao

    Legend of Indians r back 😎


    It's for Indian 🇮🇳 bcuz it is in our mother language. 😁... But favourable & favourite for every one

  77. rahul singh



    BACKGROUND MUSIC FROM DORA AND BHUJI getwo.info/top/video/f4Tcl3hsqqZ9k5s

  79. Constantin Geredeco