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  1. Brittney ulloa

    Boil them with salt... they taste amazing!! Mom used to tell me to catch them for her as a kid 😂

  2. Kaidyn’s Computer

    Am I the only one who just loves to the name mahi mahi

  3. Nicholas Piscitelli

    And that's a small one

  4. Leg Slapper

    What are those? Are they edible?

  5. Jaxu

    Aren’t swordfish high in mercury?

  6. Jade Stalker

    I must be blind😕that is not a dolphin

  7. Conor Barry

    Good fishing over there!

  8. Jamil 2304


  9. Oli

    Don’t catch Goliath Groupers. They’re a critically endangered species. Plus they’re protected so you can go jail for it.

  10. Oli

    Hope you guys didn’t kill it, Goliath groupers are critically endangered.

  11. Christina Calzacorta

    And now it's dead ...Good work morons..😒

  12. Dova

    theres always a bigger fish

  13. manman forts

    I feel like the in black was eating the whole time

  14. Josh Pryor

    It's really a cake and he's explaining how realistic it is

  15. Dylan Mazza

    I would love to catch one of these they are so pretty

  16. Some Random Anon

    Downvoted because of Logan Paul. He's such a tool and a poser.

  17. Darco from Australia

    Before people start complaining about a hook in its mouths stop For a start fish don't have pain receptors and the hook will rust out over time if not the grouper already spat the hook on the way down

  18. Litilebavee Onoitoga

    They crazy why they left the wood back to the water..They saw what's done to the fish

  19. Peppita Chips

    Next time keep it alive

  20. Jordan Drier

    Is that Eric Haataja I just saw?

  21. Stirwood2

    This thing is so amazing, let’s kill it!

  22. Pake Weleski


  23. Fortinator88

    My man lookin like shaggy

  24. Kane Newman

    Watch Seaspiracy

  25. Potato _cracker

    Tf this guy doing he just threw the log back into the sea 💔

  26. The rule of Two

    Looking at some research, the fish is probably legally allowed to be eaten. Do people forget you can eat fish?

  27. sam

    Holy smokes this guy has to get the bait out with a crow bar

  28. Riji E

    What rod is that

  29. user

    2.53 davis is snogging the camera woman

  30. Colton Fox

    I watched bradley and the editor of this video make sweet gay love on reddit.... Talk about a giant "thumbnail" Prayers go out to this fishing channel, i hope nobody finds out

  31. Catherine Ostmann

    Ummmm these are in sand 😳😳😳

  32. Jo Calt


  33. Jamarion Peart

    The two in the back is it just me orrrrrrr😭😭😭😭😭

  34. Maxyboy010

    I loved Sam's face when he lost his first fish LOL 6:27

  35. hariskhufet

    Jeez that fish might came from some bad scifi horror movie😭

  36. Logan Seguin

    Definitely how I’d catch a shark lol

  37. James Davis

    The best part is he used the grouper as a weight support so he could stand up haha

  38. aMateo tube channel


  39. Nicholas Avila Rose

    Luckiest fish on earth man. Imagine wedging yourself in a log, face first, and you have no arms to get out, then a human on a boat in the ocean just so happens to find you, and save you.

  40. Zed One

    That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen

  41. Grey Area

    Couple of bozos

  42. wally matias

    Mga tanga dorado yan ordinary fish lng yan..

  43. Grant

    Gotta cover up them Penn logos lol no free advertising here

  44. Thiên Quân Hoàng


  45. XDuckxHunterxX

    Show them who is boss lol

  46. Eternal Phantom

    Thanks I'm a 2 and a half year old kid and now I can see how people cut open fish just for their stomach and their families

  47. RIP Saebri

    that hammerhead was probably caught a few times

  48. Aun Ent

    You ain’t getting that in the boat, oh yes hell I am lol

  49. NOturtle

    Kill any tarpon this week?

  50. Juanito Rodriguez

    They were 💋

  51. GodS judgement

    Death to all

  52. potaterjim

    Everyone else: you can't release it because it died of pressure Me: this isn't a dinosaur, no fish were. Dinosaur does not include any fish or flying reptiles.

  53. osvaldo lucas boldignon

    Cuidando dos ovos que depositou . Provavelmente.

  54. Doarman Martinez

    Doug funnie once caught this fish

  55. RaTT Rock

    Fish :excuseme?? strongest man??? Haha Fvck. 😎😏

  56. mark kelly

    Hi What's the rod your using and what class is it Nice fish

  57. notsolucky

    Great video any more kite fishing videos?

  58. Nick West

    Runs out of things to say about the fish.. Seconds of silence.. FIN

  59. random guy

    I feel like doing that repeatedly or landing a good throw would tear that net up

  60. TotalTryhardTime

    Damn, never actually watched meat get skinned before This is fascinating

  61. Josh Jaskowski

    2:50 in and home boy is getting it in the back😂

  62. Ana Kelly

    Jurassic fleas. 😂

  63. Jansen Blyth

    Looks like a 1970s Dr Who extra

  64. erick hernandez

    What kind of fish are those?!

  65. Shirley Fidler

    Baby crabs

  66. up yours

    That def was one massive tuna fish👌👌

  67. Fahad Sharifi


  68. Xx red xX

    That one fish dipped

  69. Zachary Isaac

    I like how he goes straight into catching a fish instead of waiting time just casting and stuff.

  70. Curtis Johnson

    bro kill it first

  71. Hayden Wolf

    Biggest topwater fishing ever

  72. Hayden Wolf

    If you tried just a hook in freshwater you would catch nothing lol

  73. Shawn473

    My man's over here fighting with a man-eating swordfish and they back there having a spit-swapping make-out match behind him @2:52 lol

  74. Zach -

    “wOw thAt’S cRaZy”