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  1. Liam Dix

    Americans dont know when to end a movie...waiting 2055 for scream 100😒

  2. Loco Edit Breakdown

    This movie is underrated! its so beautiful!!!!

  3. WB


  4. vvs_ochoa

    they forgot ab the purple n yellow dog they made it funny

  5. tony banks

    Look at Courtney cox and Neve Campbell's faces. This IS a horror movie

  6. Garrison

    I think the killer will turn out to be Sydney in this one

  7. Russ Skidmore

    Does anyone have anything new, somthing original please.

  8. XIN ‎

    “Hello, Sidney. It’s an honor.”

  9. LennyPanda

    Stop ruining my childhood🤦‍♀️

  10. Minj max Vlog

    Wow wonderful ❤️🥰

  11. SideWynder747

    Ok... Now when will scary movie be released based on this?

  12. Icy Mist

    Can anyone please tell me the title of the song played at 1:26?

  13. Jaiden Brooks

    did Jenna dirty for giving her a trailer death

  14. Aadil Khan

    The scary part starts right at the beginning

  15. Hvikela Vlogs


  16. Viking Actual

    How does he stay so clean? "Detergent companies HATE him"

  17. Eduardo Hernandez

    Whatttttssssss uppppppp

  18. Brandon Ice

    Super hyped for this movie regardless but it'd be alot more cool if it released during this Halloween...😭

  19. KidFuryplays Official

    You know, I really miss Stanley...

  20. sananda halder

    When the little baby is peeing on people hands..and then what happened..and the father!he say.." They are sorry..ok"..I am horrified..😭 baby is only 3 years old..and I love him most than anything in earth... Why........😭😭😭😭...this film is insane..😔

  21. Charlotte Rice


  22. Just Chilling


  23. Zach Wandel

    Oh my stars I can't believe this they are making a movie of Clifford the Big Red Dog

  24. Diego Herrera

    AND SALMON!!!!

  25. Fabian Falcón Brindis

    Seriously, please don't tell me you're making Jenna Ortega here like Ariana Grande in Scream Queens 😒🤦🏻

  26. AJ Taylor

    most people are saying its prob, Jack Quaid richie and Dylan Minnette wes, or one of them with an accomplice,

    1. AJ Taylor

      i mean ya it looks like richie gets his arm cut, but stu did the same to billy...

  27. aug jun

    waaaaaaaasssssssuuuppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp 🤣

  28. SOBERsam


  29. savana

    the movie that traumatized me

  30. Niña Reacts🎥🎬

    wwwwooooooh damn!!❤new Halloween and scream!!

  31. Dre Domo

    This is amazing 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  32. Erich Hollis Kirschke

    The killer is the girl with pink hair “is my guess.” She looks and acts suspicious

  33. BalBahgs

    They literally casted have this movie with Netflix actors smh.

  34. Fantoms Squad

    When I first heard they were making this movie I had the theory that the killer will be Sydney’s kid and I think I might be right

  35. Gabriel Matute


  36. Trevor Williams

    Awww. Come on. Is it just me, or did they give the killer away in the trailer? Let me know if I'm seeing things.

  37. Pachanas

    It's really funny how the way they talk about taking an idea or script and having it come into contact with many people until it transforms into something new reflects the story of the book/movie. 😂

  38. Addison Caudillo

    Y’all kids are about to get scared the way we did in the 90’s

  39. Swahtx-713


  40. Sofian Daoudi

    Now make a new scary movie.

  41. Clone Trooper


  42. Ang Rza

    Only shitty horror movies come out in january

  43. SCP-1369

    a new halloween AND a new scream?? NICE

  44. Majaygocrazy 99

    Movie gonna be lit


    Can't wait for scream 7 when Sydney is a grandmother and still kicking ass

  46. Crumbfluff

    Yas Vanessa from in the heights is here!!

  47. Ken Masters

    Emily Elizabeth looks so bland in this film, just like most women in the 2020s. LOL

  48. SOIBOI69

    good times..

  49. Red Dwarf


  50. dinosaur gamer

    No way

  51. Joseph Meza

    Except now where r Cliffords friends Cleo,T-Bone,and Mac and why doesn’t Emily have Yellow Hair

  52. Sarah Cruz

    Clifford looks like a really big Flamin hot Cheeto 😂

  53. Jason Baker

    2:15 -- not saying the movie is going to be bad, but that broken guitar strum/screech sounds amazing.

  54. RandomJoker13

    Welp, time to bring back the old question: "what's your favorite scary movie?".

  55. DeafBrony ASL

    Never fan of Clifford the big red dog but I will take take this one it look so cute and interesting

  56. James Harding

    Less than four months until this (supposedly) comes out. Sometime in the next month we'll find out whether this is still on course for it's February release and finally gets a second (and hopefully more interesting) trailer *at last* , or just continues to play the "hoping for COVID to be gone in 6 months time" game and is left in the cabinet for another year or something....

  57. Buttermilk Biscuit

    Aight, 2:00 in and I see Gale freaking and Sid not letting her through... If Dewey gets more than a limp, I will lose it.

  58. irvento l o g y


  59. Benz

    Horrors are always the same

  60. Sparty

    It looks more scary then the 1996 and 97 and the 3rd one.

  61. Sparty

    Looks awesome, I can't wait to see it and I also can't wait to see who the "ghost face killer" is.

  62. Brittany Semotiuk

    idk this isn’t sitting right with me

  63. Khatoon Salma

    Wow scream again I love this movie I am so happy to see Sydney again I will definitely watch this movie 🇵🇰🇵🇰

  64. Giraffe

    This looks like shit.


    Another reboot we don't need.

  66. ShadowUnknown 728theUnGiveUpSoul

    I love this movie but i sadly gave a dislike cuz of the song

  67. MyKiara12345

    I’ll never forget scream was the first horror movie I SNUCK in to watch with all my 14 year old friends. Can’t think of ONE movie that was a disappointment They’re allllllll good

  68. BOLLOCKS1968

    I'd watch this trailer ... but I can't be disturbed when I'm vacuuming my room ✊

  69. dvnzrl

    when the real GHOSTFACE takes over.

  70. Mc Fluffins

    Trailer song?

  71. Zlatan The Lion

    I know it's not good for business but as a movie buff I wish all the horror movies released in late September and throughout October. Would make the spooky season that much spookier. Scream, Halloween, The Black Phone, Paranormal Activity, and even Ghostbusters...all look fun.

  72. Angry birds FnaF kid

    Pbs kids will be gone, all of the old angry birds games will return.

  73. Lucky Rodriguez

    Micheal Myers never dies scream never dies wtf

  74. Michael Hocking

    Nice move holding back on the jokes.

  75. John S

    Lol I can't take scream seriously after scary movie, dafuq doofy doing in the ghostface mask looooool

  76. himanv

    Here after reference to the "Clifford the Big Black..." in the new Dave Chappelle Netflix stand-up. haha funny as heck.

  77. Eddie Peanuts 1927

    That Movie It's Going To Suck

  78. Kegan Kerber

    Ghost face gonna be Dylan minnette