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  1. Vusal Alicanov

    Where is Azerbaijan reaction?

  2. Lautaro Moreira

    F1 officials in 2010: "The F-duct is dangerous, we can't let drivers steer with only one hand" F1 officials before the 90's: "Look, manual transmission haha car go vroom vroom"

  3. Gábor Miklay

    We can learn the term: "Racing incident" in a lot of different languages, can't we? 👋

  4. Adrian Arcelo

    Max complains about kerbs 24/7 lll

  5. Zivai Chidhakwa

    I love Formula 1, but I just hate how they never address big issues like this one. And this video is just hyping up Hamilton. At least add more flames to entertain us fans who can't watch in person, and just tell the truth, Hamilton is wrong

  6. Houki Chan

    Me came here after Casper and Jackson clash in F1 2021 "Braking Point" game story campaign.

  7. MRB_

    Where is Antonio Lobato from DAZN Spain?

  8. balf1111117373

    If your past 50% of the race and a team mate catches up with another he should be let through. He’s clearly running at a faster pace

  9. Marcio Reis Filho


  10. The holy Niller

    Danish Translation: And there is Hamilton attacking again. He's diving in on. Oh oh oh. And theyre off. And thats Goodbye Verstappen. Big crash

  11. Gentle Ben

    Gotta say as a Hamilton fan from day 1 it's been great to watch

  12. Prashanth S


  13. XNico07


  14. Garin Akbar

    We need this team to win again this year, still a lot of races for them to do so, easier said than done but let's be positive shall we?...right?...go go Williams

  15. NascarAviationDude

    US Coverage Of F1 Utilizes The British Coverage On ESPN

  16. yallow rosa

    did Lewis knock at the door of Max? He actually took off his rear wheel ...

  17. Ricardo Rodrigues

    Silverstone 2021.... Hamilton show im what can Hapen..... Somente show this video to Redbull bosses..... They cry all the time.....

  18. Cool RR3 Guy

    wait... latifi won a race?

  19. The Eastern Horizon

    This was best race ever

  20. M Grasso

    Hamilton is a BAD LOSER!

  21. Daniel Ashworth

    Imagine if anyone but Hamilton did that

  22. Liam account

    james hunt and niki lauda ??

  23. etienne rheder

    Dis is not nice cars

  24. F1 Hub

    The guy ahead of Verstappen was miles away

  25. Wise Old Man

    f1:turkish is a joke

  26. mick mcgowan

    Why don't you talk to all the X team mates of lh and see what they say about aggressive driving

  27. J L

    Best Driver on the grid right now

  28. Preben Praktik

    Hamilton as all englishmen do just cheats

  29. Joshua Temitayo

    Max has never for once been sober or sorry for his aggressiveness and honestly it doesn't take much to see the type of person he is. Hamilton gave him a taste of his own Medicine on Sunday.

  30. Mackensie Turner

    Love how lewis was acting in the German gp, even though bottas gave him the win lol

  31. Zeky Sabido

    Top 10 biggest F1 kachows in 2019

  32. yallow rosa

    0:47 Who is Jonathan?

  33. el deivid

    Use me as a “this-race-got-me-into-f1” button if you want

  34. Mark Raahauge

    Verstappen being a Vuck Vace

  35. Mark Raahauge

    Verstappen being too aggressive - again x 7

  36. Jason

    From Leclercs onboard you can clearly see how Lewis did it on purpose.

  37. Dr Fredostein

    Ocon has the right to unlap himself, Max didn’t give him any room and just squeezed him like he wasn’t there and turned in not giving him any room. Why does he not get blamed? Especially for his behavior afterwards

  38. davel101

    I look at this in the following way. As Max couldn't see Hamilton due to the design of modern F1 cars, Hamilton is in control of what happens. It comes down to this for me, as Max couldn't see Hamilton, how could Max avoid the accident? Hamilton oculd have / should have done what he did during the sprint race and back off. wI do think it was a racing incident, but a very dangerous and expensive one. I aslo think that Hamilton isn't used to not being the quickest and his usual calmness was missing at the start of the race.

  39. Understated

    I forgor 💀

  40. Shuvro Chakraborty

    Lewis snarkymilton. i hope he looses this year. i hope he looses to George next year also.

  41. MR Kriff


  42. Rohan Mudi

    Hamilton 😡😡

  43. KangKung

    Kenapa Hamilton sering melakukan itu? Albon, Rosberg dan sekarang Verstappen 😌

  44. Pablo Salomon Montes Arcon

    Finalmente Max recibe un poco de su medicina. Tantas veces comprometió los campeonatos de Sebastian Vettel

  45. Fred

    He didn't somersault over the line tho, did he

  46. Rishad Braganza

    Could you post the title (and artist) of the track playing in the background?

  47. Shadow Racing

    I love the fact Max crashed and Lewis won! It is fantastic!

  48. Otto Jablonka

    I want to see him win again

  49. Paul Silas

    What they are doing is playing pyschological games on Max Verstappen. F1 is vouching for Lewis Hamilton.

  50. Crystal Starr

    Max should race in NASCAR if he want to drive like that

  51. Henry Mark Binahon

    You could say this was a MAXterclass

  52. TheBlue028

    This is just insane imo, in the event of a collision the driver who was in the wrong or made the error that caused the collision should be held responsible regardless of how big or small the error. The ONLY time it shouldn't be penalised is when the driver is not responsible for the error like a mechanical failure. This whole era of 'racing incident' is just bizarre and 100% will end up being abused if it hasn't already.

  53. Nicolas Garcia

    If i was in Christian Horner shoes i would make a teamradio to Pérez: " "checo, You must hit Lewis hard enougth to put him out of the race, You Will get only 10 SEC penalty, that is affordable and suit us very well for the championship figth".

  54. Rushikesh Ware

    Nothing from India 😢

  55. LaVieEstBelle

    J'ai pas capté je truc avec Leclerc

  56. blue man

    Real f1 fans know they were told to collide to promote the brand new mode on f1 2021,' Braking Point! Out now in stores! (New tracks coming soon!)

  57. Dominique Rowan

    This is my favourite season bc of the mercades halo design

  58. Shen Ch.

    Dom toretto APPROVED

  59. Jeremy James Atkinson

    What about Spanish?

  60. Patrik Johansson

    Totally agree with your version of the incident. Very detaild in-depth analysis.

  61. Xiancy Casabar

    2012 Alonso's active years and I watch with my father since I was a kid

  62. Jakob Sloth

    GEtwos algorithm is very funny sometimes

  63. VGYT

    I’m not a fan of #44, but he has to be better than Micheal.

  64. pg

    This is very exciting. Could you please ban the turbos ? It would make for greater, closer racing and therefore more spectacular.

  65. Jepppo


  66. Jepppo

    italian translation: MAX GOT KICKED OUT WHOAH VERY VIOLENT

  67. VGYT

    Pure Champion!

  68. Takaedza Chirowodza

    Rosberg should have taken the APEX

  69. Manuel Sousa

    *Mazepin’s* *Awareness:* -1000

  70. Marko Gelic

    Super, increbile

  71. Darren Jardine

    44 has opened the door for 33 to the exact same thing, reward versus punishment? 44 moved to within eight points of 33. Having been 32 behind at the start of the weekend. I fully expect even more fireworks moving forward. You would've thought that with the massive amount of experience that 44 has, he knew exactly what would happen when he put his front wheel he did. It was reckless, desperate and dangerous. A do or die move. Red Bull failing to score at all in the British Grand Prix, Mercedes now sit just four points behind.

  72. DKING

    Where is it in Russian?

  73. Bonako Kgopolo


  74. Marko Gelic

    George fantastic qualifyng, Hamilton spectacular, super

  75. Namaste1001

    Perhaps all these people who are closely involved with F1 know its rigged and are trying to keep a lid on it, hence their "racing incident" conclusions. Have people forgotten how Nico parked his car at monaco so Lewis couldn't complete his lap, thus preventing him from getting pole?