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  1. Vincent Fischer

    Ric's accent 🤠😂

  2. Miloš Purić

    but he left the track at 0:45

  3. tobster

    Love it

  4. Jinansh Mehta

    8:13 is that Matt gallagher's voice?

  5. Player#869

    0:58 Perfect timing

  6. DJ_CodNub

    You know who loves Lewis? Lewis.

  7. Sandy Telfer

    So is this the new paddock pass?

  8. Benny Lloyd-Willner

    @17:30 I bet it's Daniel bangin' on a car 😂

  9. Hessatje

    As a Dutch fan of max Verstappen I still have massive respect for drivers as Lewis! What a driver and a well deserved 7 time champion

  10. Sam Li Jie


  11. jaded b

    Discussing popularity contests, is this what is has come to?

  12. Amna Farhan

    Ricciardo is the goat

  13. Benny Lloyd-Willner

    @0:50 nice to see someone else than Will talking jibberish 😁

  14. Snapkil

    Aboot time the masks came off.

  15. Aadil Farooqui

    Kevin.M - The Last Thing I want is to stuck on an Island with an F1 Driver That's so true and bold

  16. Shingai

    Jaw dropping texan accent from Danny Ricc, amazing

  17. Jnanesh D

    Danny ric 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Emmet Field

    Look at that beautiful F1 logo

  19. au51emu

    This would have been cool if they'd shown all the angles.

  20. Brian Asciak

    Yes Lawrence and his new trainers. Sunday go Boots

  21. Ursvs

    After so much time you look kinda weird without a mask :P

  22. Sarah Schifman

    these blokes are 😴 boring...

    1. Ashleigh K

      Only thing that is boring love is you and the comment you made. Nothing wrong them.

  23. Carlos Alfaro

    5:18 🥰

  24. Jack Mundo

    I dont find Ricciardo funny at all. On the contrary, as a Southerner, I find him very offensive. How would he like me to go Australia and making fun of their accent?

    1. methembe nkosi

      He's not making fun of it dude come on

  25. eVCephei

    Thats gotta be the funnest track to drive... Ups and downs and lots of lefts and rights... Its like spending all day at a theme Park as a kid.

  26. The Plankmeister

    Hahaha, Danny's accent on point.

  27. fawkhoff

    Hi, I'm Will, the android sent by F1

  28. shialeto


  29. Carbon M5

    I never get bored of watching this. That Mercedes PU has a lot more horsepower than the Honda.

  30. Prayansh Mishra

    The pure sound of F1

  31. Matt B

    2:57 Lewis goes down well in Austin, ehh?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. Black goku


  33. TheAmazingCowpig

    I mean, Australia is just British Texas after all, right?

  34. keio

    Looking at the comments, Danny Ric made this video, (not literally) but certainly is the biggest highlight of it all 😃

  35. ริน ทัดแก้ว


  36. Guenther Steiner


  37. lol nas x

    Australia makes fun of how bad US is Meanwhile in US you can live free while in Australia you still have lockdown 🥴

  38. Sd N

    Where's laura?

  39. The Don DeLuxe

    Journalist: "F1 releated quiestion" Lewis: "I know Matthew McConaughey"

  40. Alex

    Forget about the Mars space race someone needs to work out how to watch live sport at a reasonable time no matter where you live

  41. Shalabazer The Boltstruck

    😂😂😂😂 they are either going to finish the race or not finish the race. NOW THERES YOUR F1 JOURNALISM brilliant, reminds me of george carlins hippy dippy weatherman giving his last forecast: the weather is going to continue changing on and on for a very long time. I love these two guys 💪

  42. thatdumbgoblin

    Lando: "is it quicker?" *wait till Monza and you'll know it 😉*

  43. achilleas floudas

    Lewis looking tired? Or jet lagged?

  44. John sweda

    Where's your masks not in the Spirit of it and there is still a pandemic and what sort of message are you giving people

  45. IND-TamilGangsters

    Max is walks like who's just comes out of restroom 😂😂😂

  46. Gabriel Dicker

    heard it here first! BOTTAS WINS 2 IN A ROW!

  47. Erik CH

    legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Jordan Gatz

    USA!!!! Go Max!!

  49. Maxim Seynaeve

    Will's 'M' joking had me laughing out loud.

  50. Stem Artin

    Valtteri sounds like me for my Xmas shopping lol

  51. Julio

    Daniel Perez Hamilton

  52. Crupanshu Udani

    Best thing I really like about this weekend warm-up is seeing the two duos talk and have fun, please don't change ever.

  53. Spanlle

    I’m really concerned with the way Hamilton’s losing his memory he might forget how to drive by the end of the season

    1. methembe nkosi

      Result of a certain someone deciding to park his car on his head

    2. Romain Grosjean

      I mean he forgot to pit on time last time out in turkey & forgot turn 1 at Baku so I'd say its been coming for a while now. Concerning tbh

  54. Loiteringrambler

    will looks like an older tom holland with those glsasses

  55. Matt You

    Lol Hamilton was cocky for someone who got given the win

  56. Yassin Allaoui

    Just came back to laugh at kimi

  57. Deamon93IT

    Boy I died with Danny Ric's accent 🤣

  58. Ctrl Alt Dfeat

    Man, the time you saw an actual leg break and snap on F1, will never forget this race

  59. JZ5U

    13:41 JOE WHO??

  60. Sukma Nada Desmanto

    I think Kimi in this video is like Joker from DC Comics. His jokes is totally BADASS. 🤣🤣🤣

  61. Guido Weicker

    Thanks great video, of the Legrand Lauda, which I even had the pleasure to meet once in person in 95 in Sao Paulo Brasil👍🏻

  62. Keith Clunk

    I like Laurence. Glad he's back on the show.

  63. Ameetosh Dash

    10:37 Riccardo American doppelganger

  64. Miguel Gomez

    Finally a race that isn’t at 5 or 6 am :))))

  65. Aron Agmar

    Welcome back to the US everyone!

  66. Yvy Ninja

    Super max🇳🇱✌️💪

  67. Jonathan David

    Anyone else think Will would've made a sick Nathan Drake instead of Tom Holland in the upcoming Uncharted movie 🤯

  68. Kevin Roller

    Daniel sounds silly af

  69. Ice Cream Studios

    16:08 Well well, how the turntables

  70. YT-User

    Nobody: Sergio CHADco Perez: are you his father?

  71. Tom Tom

    C'mon Sergio!!! Vamos Amigo!!! 🌟🌟🌟

  72. Joshua Stark

    I just hate Lewis

  73. Freddie Blancas

    I dont understand why F1 is looking for an American driver, when clearly Daniel Riccardo is a citizen of the U.S

  74. Tom Tom

    Let's go Max!!! All the best from Canada 👍🌟👏

  75. KiKi Sama

    5:20 I love Ferrari

  76. innocent

    Danny Ric's american accent is what we're all here for.

    1. Robert Jackson

      Yes indeed, might have to get dual citizenship! Gawddamn!