To travel is to explore and to explore is to discover endless possibilities this world have to offer from that knowledge you can better protect the planet...

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  1. Joe Navarro

    Porque el k grava no se lo espanta pobre animalito😥

  2. Kaleab shiferaw

    I'm disappointed ov the camera man

  3. gene raftery

    That fall was epic. It took literal seconds to collide with terra firma.


    He just ignored them

  5. Emmy Sulivong



    Why am I feeling happy to him in that position 😁

  7. garcia garcia

    Mexican soup opera lol

  8. Nefirtiti Gafurova

    Фотограф и его друзья 😍

  9. Sydney Mancuso

    I know Savannah's voice anywhere!!!! 😅 That's her cut out hahahah. She's on a local radio station here in Central FL. But mainly works at Gator Land helping these babies.

  10. brody thornton

    Jesus loves you

  11. Raiden Blade

    It's not a leopard it's a cheetah.

  12. Maria Lucia Cristea

    omule de ce nai ajutato numai teai ris

  13. Soul Reaper -a shadow beast

    These guys are sick man. Playing out cool with a beast is not so cool when you are in his habitat and miles away from the closest hospital near you!


    Trainer Crocs 🐊

  15. Parchenegro

    No more winged rat

  16. blu marvel

    Hyenas ain’t sh*t!

  17. Nam tiến Nguyễn

  18. Hiền nè TV


  19. Diamond

    Cloudy algae pool🤢

  20. Disciple AJ

    You don't mess with Crocodiles or go near them. They're an apex predator with great intelligence and are capable of laying perfectly still in the same spot for days or even weeks in water just to watch their prey and it's habits so they can work out a perfect time to strike. 😵😵

  21. Zakiya Hall

    I'm confused can someone explain

  22. Eunice

    This just proves why I Loathe crocodiles ... they are heartless, they have no compassion for anyone or anything, they are cold and arrogant and totally disrespectful They have no soul, That's the crocodile in the same category for me as the snake & shark. 🦈🐉 🐊

  23. Faustine kigelulye

    Save him please 😭😭😭

  24. E S

    This legit?

  25. Halkat Pari ☠️

    Main tum log ko bhi Tarah Se sharm Nahin Hai faltu Mein video Banaya ja rahe ho ya Upit January am rupiece sakte ho Achcha theek hai main yah bhi Mangi vah lion Cheetah

  26. RG

    When I clicked on the video I thought this was going to be like a safari ride on horseback. But these guys are antagonising the animals. This is bullshit. Its not bravery, it's assholery! You go into their habitat and upset them and call it bravery? Where's your humanity? Travel explore protect my foot!! This is unfair to the horses and the animals that are getting scared of these people coming like predators! There was a bit where an elephant almost charged the horse, but the horse got scared and stopped, and the elephant stopped too, because it probably realised a mutual victim. If one of those animals charges, the human will shoot and then what? You went into their habitat, scared them and when they reacted naturally, you kill. Even if no one shoots, if a human is killed, the animal is put to death by authorities.

  27. Nilakshi Sharma

    Alternate title : People simping on 2d women

  28. Captain America 🤟🏼

    Tell hyenas weren’t ready lol

  29. Henry Evans

    That's Bruce Lee's Zebra doing the self defense back Kick

  30. Audrey Jenkins

    Ok she loves her dogs....but that was very foolish of her to push a wild bear. Like someone said had that bear landed on the inside it would be game over for her..

  31. Cav

    Part 2 please

  32. jenelle bacchus



    I think he is going to kill the rino

  34. Lyssa Sampson

    I'm still sitting here mouth to the floor and eyes wide... 2 minutes later.

  35. D RiteMoLawzBks

    That's just Kevin. He's part of the pride. I thought it was about to get graphic.

  36. Miguel perez Miguel perez


  37. creator SK


  38. nicolas caputo

    Menomale che ce dio ahahahahah chill e sul nu scem inventato da altri scemi

  39. oilimE Noruega

    He/she don't like cowboy hats, it seems

  40. えみ


  41. D RiteMoLawzBks

    Near Lion: "No food yet. Check back tomorrow."

  42. God And Butterflies

    Awww that grizzly has a hurt arm....

  43. Jonathan Montalvo

    How much fake food do you want today Mr Croc? Cocodrile: Yes

  44. D RiteMoLawzBks

    Go ask him, "who's a good boy?"

  45. Ishmail Nganga

    I like the confidence of the king, not bothered by the ugly looking bastards

  46. D RiteMoLawzBks


  47. Homer D. Poll

    Buffalo saying, hey assholes did you hear us? We said move, your eating Frankie! We're pissed!

  48. Gizie Kelemu

    That was just a snack

  49. D RiteMoLawzBks

    They aren't allowed to gandalf the road.

  50. kiran gupta

    How many of you observed Bajaj Autos there in the video...

  51. D RiteMoLawzBks

    No one thought to get better pictures of the white hyena?

  52. ASTRO123

    One less bird turd on my car all I gotta say...

  53. Sanjay Barman


  54. IHATE45. ME


  55. Ара Кандагар


  56. simone

    The end always sucks

  57. Super Butter

    Croc woke up today and choose violence

  58. Hermeson

    O índio chorando !!! De tristeza

  59. Ishmail Nganga

    The hyena laughing even in death, the way they laugh when they spot an injured animal

  60. Raja Riaz

    Good videos 👍

  61. Chase89

    . . Okay, that was awesome.

  62. Ferrari King

    That croc will never live that down with his croc friends.


    Ushlab olsa sikadi

  64. チャンネルよしきち


  65. Cori Raines

    Now let’s do this but with 5lbs of C4 under that board

  66. Royal Design Pythons, O’Rion Jones

    Geez well there’s one way to find out how that one really feels about you

  67. hazel anglin

    Where was the hippo mother

  68. Leland Holton

    Squab, extra rare.