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ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence

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  1. iangamer 2701

    just perfect

  2. Flamenky Fany

    El super resume de bobicraft resumido XD

  3. Narayan Das

    Pls add 1.17 in mcpe minecraft pocket Edition

  4. Erel Dude

    Imagine at the end Steve was in hardcore

  5. TostyMcTost

    I want that on spotify !!

  6. CatBoy2072

    Will you download the part 2 of this song? 😂😂😂

  7. Juice

    You should make the squid able to emit light

  8. Acynical

    Please Minecraft Im Begging You, Please Make a Bedrock Edition Overhaul to make it look and feel more like the JAVA edition of Minecraft

  9. Israel García

    Well Mojang Minecraft caves&cliffs part 1 Steve alex

  10. Brad Schaefer

    Since the Swamp is getting updated, I hope the Badlands also makes it in

  11. h

    R.I.P Steve, 2009-2021

  12. Kenzo Gaming Brawl stars


  13. 03N0AT0M27

    1:02 cap

  14. Cristal_espinosa uwu

    Después de 10 años... Me lo recomienda youtube

  15. Charles Taylor


  16. Abrahamproxx

    the most beautiful Minecraft song I've ever heard :'D

  17. Олег Щербина

    похоже с меня скоро начнёт сыпаться пыль

  18. Rex522


  19. Haruki_Nitro

    Epic song

  20. Gavin Brown

    I wish minecraft was really this expressive

    1. Gavin Brown

      I wish they would make that animated cave thing with the minecraft logo at the end the title screen

  21. Brandon Garcia

    Wait we're still on part 1?

  22. Thaumoking

    Steve gets bullied by the local wildlife

  23. smilrush

    I have problems whit my acount for minecraft

  24. aiman amani

    Mojang pls ban dream in minecrfat dream so mad pls!

  25. GamerBoiYT

    the goat scream is so thicc

  26. sfsd

    Lol steve afraid of lama

  27. Muhammad Saad

    Bravo! Saved

  28. Ismail Razaan

    I love the new generations it's so inspiring I wanna tell my friends about this

  29. Giancarlo Rivas


  30. Свалка Информации

    Cool song! And you will make a song about WARDEN and AXOLOTL?

  31. Super EZ


  32. Kostas

    "For God's sake goat..."

  33. {}LoLka{}


  34. Panda

    The goat made me laughed loud at school when I watched this

  35. just a friend


  36. nawbie

    This song is so catchy

  37. Genoveva Abarca


  38. josias recuenco

    i love minecraft

  39. Jack The Slayer 7220


  40. Galazy Comics Library


  41. The Gamer

    I'm weating for caves and cliffs part 2

  42. MI TV


  43. 𝕋hat 𝔽erb 𝔾uy

    Admit it: *This is the most wholesome thing you saw today*

  44. Chill Dogs

    It's cannon Steve is terrified of goats.

  45. MI TV

    Well the Minecraft community and cooder are doing well

  46. Aer Ca

    pobre steve con las cabras xD



  48. Marklou Toal

    Should've kept it as the chillager

  49. Si Ho

    Copeer golem ai Vot copeer golem

  50. 🌸User🌸

    When your in a test, sitting next to someone: 0:09

  51. MI TV

    I am wating for part 2 caves and cliff

  52. Jakub Jačanin

    nice song

  53. Rhett Prichard

    Idk why but my realm is keep having weird generations with floating trees idk how to fix this other then make a new one

  54. Blake Savage


  55. Techny3000

    I LOVE IT Props to the artist/s

  56. zombinoly 04

    Very nice

  57. Dylan Tweed

    screaming goat is the best part of it all

  58. Chris Smith

    A shader and resource pack like this would be awesome

  59. Facundo Cruz

    I love this ❤

  60. Ismail Razaan


  61. Giancarlo Rivas


  62. P24p1

    Minecraft video: Has shaders Minecraft: no built-in shaders me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  63. Angel Zaid

    just spectacular mind😎😎😉

  64. Soda Black

    Now Minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2 musical

  65. Tobíáš Ďuriak


  66. Cranberry juice


  67. Giancarlo Rivas


  68. Red Vega

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 0:24

  69. Si Ho

    Copeer golem

  70. Fausto Amaro

    Is this because Miguelgammer Dont have he channel

  71. Karetiz Games


  72. daniel Pihera

    all the added things are bad ngl :/

  73. Frank 5599

    This... this is what WANTED! 1:04 Please make the glow squid GLOW!

    1. Francisco Pulgar

      Optifine exist, You know that?